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At that time, the whole house was surrounded by a battlefield.

Sudden shelling made zombies and joint brigade all leng one.
Then the gun broke out and excited the joint brigade.
"This is shelling, this is the sound of howitzers."
"There are people in the city. There are people in the city."
"Ha, ha, ha, the lucky ones behind the zombies, the lucky ones behind the zombies are going to die."
"Why are people in the city fighting with each other?"
When the joint brigade heard the shelling, they knew that the lucky ones in the city were very excited.
{End of chapter}
Chapter 543 Half bereavement was beaten away
Although the joint brigade knows that there are living people in the city, they don’t know what happened in the city, so they also have some doubts.
Zombies are obviously affected after hearing the shelling.
So the zombie group identified some zombies in the direction of Lin Ying.
Lin Ying asked gorillas and prosperous wealth to go out and stop these zombies, while he asked the shadow guards to continue to attack those half-bereaved.
Kill him while he is ill.
At this moment, Lin Ying asked Liu Zhaoxin and his comrades-in-arms to constantly manipulate the cannon and slammed into the building over there
Hiding behind the building, half-mourning, shivering with fear
Lin Ying, their firepower is too fierce, and they have hardly fought back after these half-bereavements.
The mourners tried to organize the charge, but Liu Zhaoxin’s shells always fell accurately and blew their team apart in the middle of the mourning.
Then they will be baptized with heavy J and Qi ā ng, and when they rush to the front of Lin Ying, Ji will die almost.
Half-bereavement leads to team attack and death.
There are also a group of half-mourners hiding behind the houses. This group of half-mourners is surrounded by a strange-looking zombie who is respectfully waiting for his order.
This half-mourning is these half-mourning big brother Wang.
All the mourners around looked at their leader and waited for his order.
The zombie leader is unusually strange. Half of his body is covered with scales, and the top of his head has a horn-like corner, while the other side of his body is as smooth and tender as a baby.
He looks so good that people can’t help looking at him.
This half-mourning sullenly looked at Lin Ying’s broken teeth on the bungalow and giggled.
"Eldest brother, they robbed our territory and the army, and they also killed Xu Meng. Xu Meng died a miserable death. His chest was blown to powder and his head was smashed by a gun. You must avenge us." A half-bereaved leader cried with runny nose and tears. If you don’t look at his appearance, you can absolutely believe that this is cold-blooded and half-bereaved.
The half-bereaved leader heard that his chest was constantly fluctuating and his eyes almost burst into fire.
Later, when the leader was half-bereaved, he gritted his teeth in a hoarse voice and said viciously, "I will pay for this revenge. I will cut them to pieces and make them sashimi, so that they can watch themselves being eaten by bites. They will pay for killing me today, pay for killing them fiercely, and pay for taking our territory."
Hearing this, the half-mourners immediately echoed, "Yes, we must let them know that if we provoke our field, we must eat them in pieces."
When these half-mourners say h and hen, their eyes suddenly have a look, and the shadow disappears at this moment when they are attacked by Lin Ying.
Listen to the hands around complaining about half-bereaved leaders, then look at them and rush towards them, and the film guards will order, "Let’s retreat and leave here first, and then we’ll get into trouble with them when our team grows."
With that, the zombie leader ran towards the city with the remaining half mourning covered by the wall.
After he got the order, he also retreated towards the city by blocking the war with buildings.
The shadow guards also tried to chase those who fled and lost, but they were stopped by Lin Ying.
Since ancient times, it has been said that these half-bereaved people want to escape. If they are pursued, they will be hit and killed if they are dying.
Besides, the terrain in the city is complex, and the forest shadows are easy to get into danger because they have no experience in street fighting.
Moreover, if the film guards want to eliminate the semi-mourning, they must use heavy weapons to destroy their narrow cities. If they don’t pursue them rashly, they will easily be killed.
The shadow guards stopped chasing and then cleaned the battlefield to count the casualties.