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"About six hours"

People are getting more and more silent and working harder. Ji Xinghe is always infecting people who have worked hard enough.
And told people, "Don’t learn from me. I am old and have a light sleep. You are still young, have a good rest and keep your spirits up. We still have a lot."
People respond to reverence.
There is a certain difference between this kind of reverence caused by seeing the truth and the reverence caused by hearing various deeds before.
Just like the blue star, people all know that the alien environment is very bad, but some people can only understand how bad the alien environment is after they really come to the alien, and then they can understand the pressure that the blue star is stable and peaceful.
In private, I have the first person of the federal military, Ji Xinghe. What kind of pressure is it under to be able to do this day after day … desperately?
Federal Samsung will be the Galaxy-level mecha Ji Xinghe, who has not chosen to sit in the clouds and enjoy the past achievements of all beings, but is as hard as we are.
Very nice!
Ji Xinghe doesn’t feel so good now, because he has repeatedly given gifts to God’s armor and failed.
Moreover, I have received many gifts from him, and God punished me. Strictly speaking, Chinese biomaterials have not been promoted because of his gifts. The test results are exactly the same as before, as if they had never been given gifts.
"What’s the problem?"
Su Chuanyun and Lame are both very urgent, which is more urgent than Lame, because Su Chuanyun Ji Xinghe has carried out driving tests many times in the process of giving gifts to God’s penalty armor, and successfully mastered the biological materials to control armor.
That is to say, Su Chuanyun can go to war.
But he got the glory of the strongest mecha in the Federation, but he still couldn’t see the hope of participating in the war. Even if he drove the glory, he could show that his combat power had exceeded many before him.
It is not only the reason for the increase of performance parameters of the mecha, but also the increase of operating ability after the transformation.
It can even be said that driving "glory" is the strongest independent group except Ji Xinghe.
But Ji Xinghe didn’t let him go to war for a simple reason.
"If you go, you will definitely face the orangutan with gas empire, and it is very likely that you will die and your mecha will be captured without gas at the level of Zhenbei King."
Lame wants to say that he is not afraid of death, but he can’t bear the consequences of’ glory’ being captured by the empire.
So he asked more than once
"What’s the problem?"
No one told him the problem, but gradually he felt that there was some emotion in the eyes of Shen Mu and others.
So he became white.
"Transform the glory. After I wear armor, let the old man give me a gift for glory!"
Chapter 699 should not be organic armor
Cattle and horses can’t accept gifts because their intelligence level is not enough, and birth and gift are the most important spiritual will.
So how can biological materials without consciousness successfully accept gifts?
This truth has been known from a research group of Shenmu, but they didn’t stop the experiment of Ji Xinghe, because Ji Xinghe can always work miracles.
In fact, Ji Xinghe is really preparing to create another miracle.
Emperor Wu III was able to inherit it from Emperor Wu II, which originated from Emperor Wu I or the third article, and gave it to Adakang himself, but he didn’t die physically like Emperor Wu II and Emperor Wu I and still had the’ divine blood’.
Combined with the fact that Emperor Wu III found this way of inheritance through the neural link device, Ji Xinghe inferred that Emperor Wu III had mastered the ability of names such as "Qi avatar", "Neural link avatar" and "Spirit avatar" similar to the armor separation technique.
It doesn’t matter what the name is. What matters is that it gives the hope that Ji Xinghe, the god of punishment, doesn’t have the real spiritual intelligence to give God a gift.
However, reality tells him that he can’t work miracles this time.