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The old man among several people came out and said to Lin Ying, "Don’t panic, my friend. Well, I think your team is large and I want to make a deal with you."

Lin Ying looked at the old man and said, "You have the wrong person. We don’t buy or sell people."
When the old man heard this, he was stunned and quickly explained, "You misunderstood that we are not buying and selling people. I want you to help us call this community and pay for it. We can give you a batch of weapons."
Hear the old man Lin Ying glanced at the old man some doubts.
Is there anything wrong with this old man?
Although the occupancy rate of this community is not high, but the area is quite large, there are still many zombies. Besides, it takes ten days and a half to recover a community.
And the old man paid Lin Ying a batch of weapons. What weapons can make Lin Ying pay such a price?
After weighing the pros and cons, Lin Ying waved her hand and said, "I’m not interested in trading with you. You’d better find someone else."
When he heard Lin Ying’s words, his eyes dimmed and he quickly said, "Don’t you look at our weapons? Maybe you will change your mind after reading it? "
Lin Ying shook her head and said, "I’m not interested. We’re in a hurry now. We’re in a hurry to recover the community."
When I heard Lin Ying’s words, the eyes of the old man’s companions were dim, and his face was full of disappointment.
The old man gritted his teeth when he saw Lin Ying’s attitude. "We have cannons and armored vehicles. Don’t you consider one?"
Lin Ying was shocked when she heard the old man’s words. The old man said that the weapons turned out to be cannons and armored vehicles, which is a good thing.
Now Lin Ying, they are preparing to meet Qing Muyang. They originally planned to find a few anchored vehicles after they got to the national highway.
But now the old man, they have armored vehicles, and Lin Ying doesn’t think it is necessary to let go.
Armored vehicles hit zombies with thick skin, just like playing.
Thought of here, Lin Ying became interested.
But Lin Ying, they are now on their way to meet Qing Muyang and don’t want to recover the village when the waves are coming.
This makes Lin Ying very entangled.
If it were someone else, they might have robbed the old men.
But Lin Ying is not the kind of person who bullies. Even in the last days, he is still very principled.
The old man saw Lin Ying hesitated and looked at Lin Ying nervously.
Both sides looked at Lin Ying and the old man waiting for their decision.
Lin Ying looked behind him and they found that there were still more fighters on their side.
Lin Ying herself is a trio of Liu Xiaoqi, cannon fodder, Yang Bo people, rhubarb five people, Sun Tiecheng six people, and Jiao teacher. There are actually more than 20 people.
His lucky ones can also kill zombies, but only for self-protection and sneak attack.
Although those people didn’t count, Lin Ying’s reality is already very strong.
Jia Linying controls a group of animals again. If it weren’t for zombie tide base, there would be no problem.
Lin Ying and his party have strong fighting capacity, but he is not arrogant.
If he makes a deal with the old man, there will be a lot of waves, and sometimes something will go wrong.
Wanted to think, Lin Ying still shook his head at the old man. "To tell the truth, your request is very powerful to me, but I am really in a hurry to trade with you now."
The old man felt very disappointed when he heard Lin Ying’s words.
He showed all his cards, and Lin Ying was not tempted, so there was nothing he could do.
Lin Ying paused. "Since you have weapons, why don’t you try to clean up the community yourself?"
The old man gave a wry smile. "To tell the truth, we moved here after the tent was occupied nearby. You let us take hoes and hoes. You let us take guns and cannons."
We have seen guns and cannons, too. We know nothing about them.
We can’t touch these zombies without guns.
I think some of you have guns, so we want to make a deal with you, but "
The old man said here is shook his head and said no more.
He was disappointed that Lin Ying didn’t want to trade with him.
Lin Ying wanted to think about everything in his eyes and said to the old man, "Uncle, to tell the truth, I’m very interested in your armored vehicle. How about we do a sleeve deal with him?" For example, how about I exchange some materials with you? "
After listening to Lin Ying’s words, the old man shook his head firmly. "If you don’t change our armored vehicles and cannons, you must help us recover this community."
Lin Ying wondered, "Uncle, why do you have to recover this community? We cleared out the light rail over there. There are no zombies in it. You can live there. It’s better than living in a cave now. "
The old man said, "My wife, daughter-in-law and grandson are all in the community. I can’t save them until I recover this community."
Hearing the old man’s words, Lin Ying became white.
{End of chapter}
Chapter 491 Trading
Lin Ying suddenly thought of something and asked the old man, "Uncle, it’s been so many days since the end of the world. Is your family still alive?"
In the last days, so many days, the old man’s family members are estimated to have become zombies.
If they tried all their strength to recover the community and found that the old man’s family had become zombies, wouldn’t the old man lose?
In this way, when Lin Ying and they also wave, the old man also suffered huge losses, and both sides were not cost-effective
When the old man heard Lin Ying’s words, he suddenly pointed to a high-rise building in the community with some excitement. "Still alive, still alive. You see that the 25th floor of this building is my home. Did you see the sheets hanging on the window? That’s my son hanging out yesterday. "
Lin Ying looked in the direction pointed by the old man and found the room he said.
Lin Ying can see that the sheets are written with words.
"Dad, we can’t hold on any longer."
Looking at the face words, Lin Ying finally understood what the old man was in such a hurry to trade with Lin Ying.