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It seems that the old man and his family have been communicating in this way.

Lin Ying looked at the building and combined with the situation of the community she detected yesterday, she felt that she could change a way to trade with the old man
So Lin Ying said to the old man, "Grandpa, I’ve thought of a way. Do you think it won’t work?"
"Here’s the deal. How about you give me an armored car when I rescue your family?"
Lin Ying has no waves, but it is relatively simple to save the old man’s family.
It is necessary to clean up the zombies in the community and then kill them to the twentieth floor to pick up his family.
In this case, it is estimated that it will not take more than one day.
The old man hesitated when he heard Lin Ying.
Looking at the old man, Lin Ying also has some doubts. "Didn’t you save your family? Now I can rescue them and then you give me an armored car. It’s a good deal. "
Those lucky people with the old man also looked at the old man with an awkward look.
The old man looked at his companion and then at Lin Ying. "Well, young man, the purpose of our deal with you is not only to save my family, but also to save their families."
After hesitating for a while, the old man bit his teeth and said, "Why don’t you help us get all the people out and give you our armored cars and cannons?"
After that, the old man turned to his companion and said, "What do you think of Saner?"
The middle-aged man called Saner nodded and said, "We will do anything to save our family."
Others also nodded their heads in support.
Then the old man said to Lin Ying, "What do you think of this proposal?"
Lin Ying counted the number of the other side and found six people.
That is to say, Lin Ying and others have to clean up at least six buildings.
But it’s a good deal to save these families and get a batch of armored vehicles.
So Lin Ying said to the old man, "That’s a deal. I’ll help you save your family and then you give us your armored car. Now let me see your armored car."
Behind the old man and a few people smell speech suddenly face changed.
Look at a few people Lin Ying frowned.
At this time, the old man said to Lin Ying, "The guy wants you to rescue our family armored vehicles, but you can’t watch it now."
You are so powerful, in case you see our armored vehicles and want to hack us, we can’t even resist, can we? "
Hearing the old man’s words, Lin Ying frowned and stared at him.
The old man was stared at by Lin Ying unnaturally, but he still stood up and said, "Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to rescue our family. We’ll give you armored vehicles and cannons immediately."
If we can’t give it to you then, even if you kill us, we can talk. "
Lin Ying laughed at the old man’s words, "This is what you said. Don’t regret it then."
The old man rushed to nod "no, no"
Lin Ying said to the old man, "So now tell me about your community and what buildings you people are in, so that we can act easily."
When the old man and his companions heard Lin Ying’s words, they suddenly told Lin Ying excitedly about the situation in the community.
Lin Ying intends to trade with the other party, and the whole team will not be able to leave today, so Liu Xiaoqi arranged for everyone to return to the light rail.
And Lin Ying left a cannon fodder trio, a Yang Bo group and a Sun Tiecheng group of six.
Lin Ying of others brought Liu Xiaoqi back.
Entering the community to save people is in the way.