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The mountain wall inlaid with chains vibrates as if it were going to collapse.

A long time!
Mark glanced at the crumbling mountain wall after collecting the vibrating gold chain.
Just as Mark was about to leave.
After collecting the vibrating gold chain, a mural on the mountain wall, which has lost its bright colors for years, attracted Mark’s attention.
In the mural, an oriental girl lies quietly and peacefully with a strange color in her arms.
Mark suddenly one leng.
One second!
Generate, a psychic force, wiped out the thorough traces of murals like an evil wind on the wall.
Do you want to pit him to dig a hole in a grassland in Dongguo again?
His main occupation is the New York Bureau of the FBI, not a grave robber.
Going into the tomb once is a trip to see a novelty.
But again?
What’s the difference between that and digging a hole?
It’s better to do this kind of work that harms people’s longevity less.
Mark turned and left without lingering.
However, temporary Mark picked a flower on the other side that was watered by red blood.
This thing can connect life and death and bring the dead back to life?
Are you kidding?
And the woman in the mural is holding something. What is it?
Isn’t it just dried and comparable to Pu ‘er tea cake?
Is mark the kind of person who will do whatever it takes to get old and die?
To be immortal is to pay attention to science.
Not just fooling around
Put out a tea cake and want Mark to dig a hole in Dongguo grassland?
I think it’s beautiful.
Once Mark arrived in Dong Guo Zheng Xian, that guy must have known for the first time.
When the time comes, you will meet directly and divide it into half!
Maybe he’ll also take a few distinctive charges himself …
He is a man of status now.
What is he doing here to dig a hole?
Just because Richard doesn’t love himself doesn’t mean others don’t love themselves.
Mark suddenly smiled and looked at his position before he left. vogel said, "This channel machine has been erased by me."
Vogel didn’t explain the question, but said, "What was that?"
Mark smiled and directly hung the flowers on the other side in front of vogel’s eyes and said, "Do you know this thing?"
"Lycoris radiata?" Vogel is wrinkly to knit the wrinkle thought for a moment looking at floating in the palm of Mark’s hand, fiery and enchanting, and the flowers on the other side are not sure to test the way.