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"Star God will spread his power to people, and you will see the power of Star God connect its power in series until you can’t drive it, and then your star array will run."

"Together" Cheng Jinzhou said to himself, he felt that the bright spot in front of him seemed to be really connected into a continuous strip.
Suddenly, I heard a "Oh" in my ear, and then I opened my eyes and landed heavily.
Father Li Zhong grabbed him and laughed. "Mr. Cheng, congratulations on having your own star array."
Chapter one hundred and forty XingMeng library exchange table
Cheng Jinzhou floating half curiously looked at the roof less than 2 cm above his head.
His hands and feet can dance at will, but all the movements of the star array can’t produce an effect similar to the ground unless they are stimulated.
"If you want to turn, you should give yourself an angled antigravity. If you want to increase the altitude, you should make the antigravity star array reverse force higher. Remember that if you want to maintain your current altitude, you should ensure the antigravity star array to start. The most important thing is to pay attention to your own star point at all times. If there is no star point, you will fall from it. If the altitude is too high, you will die." Mahlon mumbled. He felt that he was very passionate, but it was hard to understand.
"I have a star?" Cheng Jinzhou leaned over to see Fang in a good mood.
It is enough for him to be able to pierce the star array and change his physique now. He can bear three stars and 6 kilograms of anti-gravity. If he is just suspended, two stars are enough to consume two stars and one star every hour for more than five hours, which is actually more durable than an airplane.
Cao Feng, Xiang Xin and others congratulated Mahlon for checking it again. Cheng Jinzhou clapped his hands and left.
Li Zhong stayed behind and warmly said, "Mr. Cheng, if you have time, please come to the temple again."
Cheng Jinzhou’s hand gently supports the roof. If the balloon is caught, it will slowly fall down and say with smile, "I won 22 thousand silver, so you are not afraid."
"The temple is most afraid that there will be no astrologer to win money." Li Zhong laughed.
A crowd waited for Cheng Jinzhou to shake his head and say with smile, "I borrowed 12,000 pieces of silver, although I finally won the money and actually gave it back to you."
"Don’t you get the star array as you wish?" Li zhong mirth is not weakness.
"Mr. Ma is really amazing" Cheng Jinzhou is full of joy and can’t hide it.
He finally chose the anti-gravity star array, which requires his body to bear two stars to generate 5 kilograms of power-it is already bigger than his current weight, so he can fly to the middle easily. If he needs to accelerate, he can bear the body very high, and three stars can generate 1 kilogram of thrust. Except for direct horizontal flight, there is no problem with humanoid hot air balloons.
It only takes two stars to achieve this level. Not only Cheng Jinzhou, but also Feng Dai Yuanyuan feel that they have reached the limit, not to mention that this star array can achieve a high level with the demand for star power-even if it is more expensive than ordinary first-class star arrays, it is worth the money.
Li Zhong looked at Cheng Jinzhou and laughed heartily, then slapped Cheng Jinzhou on the shoulder. "If you have any experience, you can directly publish it in the headquarters of the astrologer or several journals of the sanctuary, and many astrologers will like it."
"A certain certain" Cheng Jinzhou was hit and flew up and quickly fell down.
After seeing off Li Zhong, Mahlon, Dai Feng and others, they all left. After a while, Cao Feng was left in the kung fu room, holding his wrist and laughing. "Mr. Cheng, I’m going to try on lenses. Do you go there sometimes?"
"That together" said Cheng Jinzhou, jumping and walking like a moon walking. The anti-gravity star array has weak mobility but strong auxiliary star array.
Of course, if there is a demand, Cheng Jinzhou can erase the star array and re-engrave it. It’s just a hassle and it costs some money.
Cao Feng is a standard star warlock. He was born at an early age and was discovered in a gifted school. His apprentice successfully obtained the star array and became a star warlock. Then he chose his research direction according to his own wishes.
It is hard to understand Cheng Jinzhou’s joy in facing the Star Array.
Mathematics is a cruel subject, which opens the door to talented people, but it is like a trap to ordinary admirers. The tireless pursuers rarely succeed, and most of them leave after being stabbed and bruised.
Cao Feng is a successful man. Cheng Jinzhou is lucky to succeed with the help of external forces. The remaining gentlemen can wander around the periphery of the Star Magician Tower and live a life with only dreams.
The smoke in the research room can smell thick sulfur through the door.
Jin Xi seems to bury his head in front of his eyes and carefully pull out the impurities in the glass one by one. His star array is complicated and a little unknown interference will affect his operation.
The glass workshop is valuable, but the effect is not as good as expected. After moving here, the raw materials are changed to produce glass, which is different. The real convenience is that there are several glassmakers who can help.
Although they are not astrologers, they are not necessarily weaker than those who study astrologers all day in terms of single technology.
Cao Feng went straight to the workbench after taking the door and went to the avenue behind Jin Xi in Cheng Jinzhou. "It’s been a long time since Mr. Jin."
"Mr. Cheng is back. I heard that you carved the star array?" Jinxi put platinum tweezers on the table and got up.
"It seems that the news is always faster than people. Look," Cheng Jinzhou pulled his shoulder a little and could see the blue star pattern.
"I also heard that your temple won a lot of money to let Mahlon, the old guy, personally array the star array for you? How do you win? "