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The three Ji Xinghe Li Jia separated themselves and got up successfully. Prince Jia was driven by Ji Xinghe’s higher degree of control.

They staggered and rushed to the king of Zhenbei.
King Zhenbei was really startled as Ji Xinghe had expected!
It recognizes that the separation of armor is beneficial to the completion of communication links, and the mecha needs to be reformed to a certain extent, and it must also be a federal mecha
Where do you want to get Ji Xinghe armor? The separation has been upgraded.
But by having the ability to perceive the external atmosphere, Zhenbei Wang quickly reacted.
It’s dead. Four sons didn’t come back from the dead to seek revenge on it, but were manipulated by Ji Xinghe’s air force armor.
Poor anger arises.
There are reasons why Ji Xinghe was scared, and there are also reasons why Ji Xinghe controlled their bodies.
"They’re dead. Why don’t you leave them alone and manipulate their bodies?"
When the king of Zhenbei roared, he never hesitated to penetrate into the body of Ji Xinghe.
But at this time, it found that it had just formed a’ spear’ and there was no’ spear point’ at this time.
It’s like the head of a gun was cut off.
What happened?
The king of Zhenbei thought of the reason in an instant, and it was also the reason why he didn’t dare to fight against the Star River in the sixth stage when he reached the seventh stage.
There is a qualitative gap between the ability to have gifts and the ability to get them through gifts, which is called by the imperial royal family that characteristics can only be obtained through inheritance rather than gifts
So the question is, can a spear stab someone without a spear?
Ji Xinghe once recognized that Li Han was stabbed to death by Li Han because his virtual reality mecha failed to cut off the spear in the battle.
Later, he thought that he could understand that the real world mecha warfare is very different from the virtual world combat, and he later had the strength of Qi.
According to the theory, the North King of Zhenbei can still stab Ji Xinghe to death.
However, the theory is not equal to the reality, and the king of Zhenbei is not equal to Ji Xinghe.
As King Zhenbei told Emperors, Ji Xinghe’s talent is equal to that of my father, your grandfather, Emperor Wudi I.
Without the spear head, the accuracy of the gas stabbing gun is better than that of stabbing into the heart of Ji Xinghe.
Feeling this, Ji Xinghe smiled more.
After all, the North King of this town is greedy. If he chooses to stab himself in the head with a gas gun …
The gas that lingers in the body quickly gathers in the heart and then rotates.
Like a meat grinder, stabbing the King of Zhenbei into the gas and crushing it thoroughly is like being smashed by Ji Xinghe before.
All kinds of gas can’t be seen by the naked eye. After being smashed, the state is somewhat like the nuclear radiation that keeps entering Ji Xinghe’s body and returns to the source state.
And then absorbed by Ji Xinghe
A long time ago, he suspected that the strength of qi was similar to the’ northern ghost magic’ in martial arts novels, and believed that all orangutans with qi could absorb its body qi.
Later, he discovered that Kazeman couldn’t do it, Dong Guo Cilian couldn’t do it, and Adakang couldn’t do it either.
Why can the North King of that town do it?
You can’t do it. I can.
It took more than 90% of the gas to recover at an incredible speed, and the king of the north of the town came to attack Ji Xinghe. The gas was not like an attack, but like helping Ji Xinghe.
"What is this?"
Town north king also felt this surprised anger out.
"northern ghost magic"
Is still stuck Ji Xinghe tone easily out "do you want to learn? I’ll teach you if you want to learn. "
King Zhenbei really wants to learn from what he sacrificed today, and finally failed to kill Ji Xinghe. Isn’t that the real killer to get this power?
But it knows it can’t learn.
During the gas-gas exchange, the dialogue was extremely short, and the three faltering princes crossed not a long distance and came to the side of two mutually stuck dead armor.
The former Ji Xinghe is now dead.
But now the North King of the town thinks it’s going to die.
Three Wang Zijia stretched out his arm at the same time, like the three Duke Jia who locked the moon and the moon before, locked it to the mecha of Zhenbei Wang.
They move very slowly, but the slower they are, the more flustered they get.