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Adacon can’t kill it directly, even if it chooses to disobey military orders, because it is the grand duke of the empire, and even if it is guilty, it should be punished by the emperor himself.

And these punishments definitely do not include killing it.
At the level of Marquis and Duke, except for the crime of rebellion, they almost all have death medals.
But it’s just death.
Their fiefs, power and so on will be seriously affected, and their titles may be deprived.
And what is the so-called dead gold medal after losing the title?
If you really want to kill it once, how can you try it again?
Brave promised to come.
Then there was a fight in the cockpit. He wanted to mobilize his relatives and guards.
Imperial big noble didn’t support private forces, and even princes like Adakang didn’t have the strength to form their own private armies.
However, they can all set up pro-satellite camps with different standards. When they come to different stars for battle, they carry pro-satellite camps, which are generally composed of mecha.
A total of 60 mechs in the brave pro-Wei camp are all aristocratic mechs, with 40 barons, 16 knighthoods and 4 earl-level mechs.
Are composed of its fiefs or surrounding nobles
It is worth noting that two earl-level mecha owners were originally members of Berrossi IV’s pro-health camp, but after Berrossi was captured, the earl of these two empires took refuge in the brave grand duke for the first time.
Judging from the paper strength, the brave pro-Wei camp is stronger than the Xinghe team.
But Yan Yong is afraid that it may not be the opponent of Ji Xinghe. If it is first broken by Ji Xinghe and its pro-Wei camp faces the federal fire to attack the Xinghe squad, his mecha can’t gain absolute advantage in the attack.
The field is doomed to be wiped out.
Choose to be cautious and brave, which limits contacts and mobilizes more noble mecha.
The Marquis of the two empires chose to respond to its call-up and took their own pro-guard battalions to prepare for the battle with it.
This mobilization affected the empire’s attack on B72 highland to a certain extent, and the Marquis took on a certain degree of command because of their bravery.
However, the main command is borne by the monkeys with aristocratic status. They all hide in a relatively safe position to command the command post. This influence is not great. Adakang, the supreme commander, chose acquiescence.
When Brave was ready, a familiar mecha appeared in B72 Highland.
They don’t know the name of this mecha. It’s called General Jia. Otherwise, Adakang, the imperial general, would probably choose to kill Ji Xinghe himself.
Seeing that Ji Xinghe had no time to rest after the continuous battle, he once again drove the general armor into the B72 highland battle, and his brave eyes suddenly burst into joy.
"Ji Xinghe is slower than before. He chose the mountain instead of the mountain to support their defense, which means that he definitely has physical problems."
Brave is not for Adakang and Roche, but for himself.
In the face of such a Ji Xinghe, it needs this way to increase its confidence. It must be said that Ji Xinghe’s armor-piercing strength has reached a new height.
"The mecha mobility is weaker than before and has not been repaired."
Brave, continue to observe and continue to increase your confidence.
Adakang is getting impatient. "Then kill him quickly."
Brave driving the mecha left the bunker and ran for a distance along the trench with the ceiling, and then joined up with its pro-Weiying.
In the process, the other two Marquis also completed the settlement. Each of their two pro-health camps has 40 mechs, which are also composed of aristocratic mechs, but there is no earl-level imperial mecha.
Manyong didn’t say any nonsense or shout any slogans. He directly led the team out of the bunker and appeared in the battlefield. He ran as fast as he could, aiming at Ji Xinghe, the first line of defense in B72 Highland.
The Marquis of the two empires then moved, and a total of 143 imperial noble mecha Ji Xinghe launched a charge.
It’s not just their battlefields that have been charged by imperial mecha towards Ji Xinghe or intercepted when Ji Xinghe charged.
A rough calculation of Ji Xinghe led by his team of seven mecha will face a siege of less than two hundred imperial mecha.
The imperial command changed its strategy for the first time and mobilized more mecha to rush to the position of Ji Xinghe.
Ji Xinghe, the team led by him, needs to face the explosion of 300 imperial mecha.
If Ji Xinghe retreats, the gap left by Ji Xinghe will be broken through by them. In terms of so many imperial mecha’s combat effectiveness, they can directly break through the third line of defense in B72 Highland.
The fourth line of defense can’t stop them.
If Ji Xinghe doesn’t retreat, the transfer speed is relatively slower than them, and some federations will pay a very heavy price here.
Ji Xinghe Qin Tong, the new ace mecha, will die here.
"Ji Xinghe, how would you choose?"
Adakang looked at the changes in the battlefield and curiously asked if he could hear it. Did the imperial orangutan have Roche?
Ji Xinghe couldn’t hear it, but Ji Xinghe answered it.
Dressed in general armor, he decided on the brave position and chose the charge mountain without hesitation.
But what shocked Adakang and Luo Xu was that Ji Xinghe charged the mountain alone. The original vault of Ji Xinghe and seven mecha around him actually saw Ji Xinghe continue to defend the first line of defense.
"There is fraud, there is definitely fraud."
Roche didn’t like the surprise, "Give me the courage …"
"don’t connect it"
Adakang suddenly interrupted Roche with a cold tone and said, "I want to see what Ji Xinghe and the federal card are."
Roche was silent, but after all, there was no brave retreat
At this time, the brave charge also found something wrong. No matter how powerful it is, it is impossible for Ji Xinghe to dare to face them alone. More than 200 mecha launched a charge.
Is it a tug of war?
Or do you want us to gather in closer formation and make artillery attacks when the distance is closer?
Manyong also feels cheated, but he is not afraid.
Because it has a large number of mecha, there are also many vehicles equipped with anti-missile unified military equipment to follow them in charge.
Seeing that Ji Xinghe went straight to the mountain and then the plain area rushed to his own Federation, the fire attack against them was weak.
Bravery suddenly produced a strong confidence.