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And you, you are the key.

You have to wake me up at some point, tiger, to get in touch with those who have been tricked by me to imprint and learn their orthodoxy. Zer will wake me up, too. This is double insurance.
Then when we almost mastered the orthodoxy, destroying those’ God’s imprint’ orthodoxy naturally belongs to us. This is whitewashing.
If you want to destroy these "god marks", you have to be a 100% earth-made and unique weapon like a hydrogen bomb.
Although these "God’s marks" are "scars" left by God, they are still stronger than imagined. Before the case of Monty, I think it is necessary to use such weapons to be sure.
It’s probably unrealistic to consider that the mature period of the fairy fruit is still far away to send hydrogen bombs.
So you have to find a way to send a weapon to the other side of the wall through the exchange of materials between the two sides.
So what weapon? I hope it’s a nuclear bomb
The small one
The main point of the last part is this: I want to detonate a nuclear bomb behind the wall, which is equivalent to killing several monty’ God Imprints’ and then get the orthodoxy after they are washed white.
Please calculate whether the power of a small explosion nuclear bomb can be close to that of a hydrogen bomb.
Don’t worry, I shouldn’t die
After all, I am a unified person.
Finally, please remember this plan point.
I can’t know.
Kunlunxian can’t know
No one can know that this is a trap except you.
You can’t know that’ this may be a trap’ and’ Lin Chong is setting a trap’ has a link message.
Once I and Kunlun Fairy have corresponding associations, they will be scared away by the bifurcation in Kunlun history.
Finally, if I am endowed with immortality and cannot withstand the power of nuclear bombs, my will will take effect. You must help me find the second highest in Kunlun.
Of course, this possibility is very small. I want to make a plan
By the way, I can’t write you into the Kunlun History Institute. You can decipher the orthodoxy I will give you with your own wisdom. I think you can probably ask Five Blessingg after you know the topic. I have a hunch that this may be effective.
I have a good feeling because of the’ third-rate family’ attribute.
Finally, when it’s time to detonate, you can say a fire in he hle in my ear.
With Lin chong-yi fire in he hle
After the huge fireworks exploded, the different walls were repeatedly rolled up.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-nine Embrace the nuclear bomb man
So-called gambling
It’s the four high marks of God that want to contain Lin Chong, a high way of this world.
Exchange orthodoxy is also possible.
But where can they go if they take the Kunlun orthodoxy?
Taoism can be lost, but it should be taken with itself.
By gambling this world to build a’ boundary’ Kunlun fairy soaring ambassador.
There is no heaven in the history of the immortals in Kunlun.
They built this’ boundary’ just to fill it.
They will naturally become the gods of Kunlun immortals!
However, if this world does not have the promise of Kunlun Fairy to soar and achieve the fairy, it will still be a little less than the real achievement of Kunlun and Gaotianting.
But this is not a problem. Sooner or later, nine true fairies will listen to the rising will and can’t help but promise that at that moment, the world will become their god throne, and it will be stable
Is there a unique root property in this stuff that has mixed the four orthodoxy of other worlds? That is, no matter what the big deal is, they will sell themselves to the original God to make a deal and then’ sell’ the whole immortal Sect out to join him. There is always a landing in the fairy court.
This is millions of times stronger than the daily whining in the virtual battlefield.
I would also like to thank this world for going to the battlefield of creation to find God as a guest
Unless you invite the wolf into the room, haha
The four gods are all imprinted by this idea. Once the Yue Luoxiang community has drawn up a fairy jade book, it can attract Kunlun immortals to soar, so it is forced not to show the wolf’s ambition. The inscrutable appearance of God in the past has been thrown to the outside of the cloud nine to reveal hunger and thirst.
But when Lin Chong was sealed by Lin Man’s argot.
Lin Chong’s mind plans to detain the branch and context of Kunlun history because of the high attribute of "third-rate family"
In the past, once we changed the four orthodoxy, we should be aware of it.
The mighty historical trend ran through their cognition like a thousand crossbows.
All this … It’s all a trap!
This world is high with’ whitewashing’ their malicious invitation.
They feel that finding out the harm is because the world is high and pretends to be false.
The high … Actually holding the idea of mutually assured destruction they fooling around!
Four wounds were completely blown up.
Blow up the whole township of Yueluo with rotten meat, dirty blood and miserable cries!