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"It’s the old man, it’s all of us. The old man comes to respect the old man!"

"Respect the old man!"
All the guests in the bar, including the bartender, raised their glasses and drank them off
"To fill the wine! Let’s respect the independent group again. "
"and its independent group."
"And all the mecha."
"And all the soldiers."
"And those doctors, scientists and chefs who go to different stars …"
"To the federal! To our human Federation! "
Today, the surge in sales certainly didn’t make the bartender laugh. It was when he poured and mixed drinks for his guests that he mixed himself a glass of hard liquor, commonly known as not going home tonight.
Popular science popularized the rank system, and the guests noticed the unusual state of the bartender in the noise.
He frowned and asked, "Brother, why don’t you care?"
When the bartender stopped talking, the guest suddenly slapped the bar. "What do you mean?"
The bartender suddenly laughed. It was because he laughed with bitterness that could be clearly perceived.
He didn’t go home tonight with that cup, and he seemed to hesitate to drink it, and he seemed to hesitate to say it.
But … What’s there to hesitate about?
He looked at his guests with two strange eyes and whispered in the noisy bar
"My brother’s name is Tian Qi, a mecha who got six Venus. He … died in this battle."
After a sudden silence for a moment, the two guests who just seemed to be about to send food raised their glasses to the bartender.
"To your brother Tian Qi"
"And all the victims. They brought us victory."
The three of them were drunk at one gulp, so they all laughed.
The bartender cried when he smiled, which was in sharp contrast with the bright smiles of his guests and many faces of Blue Star in the bar.
Bartender is not a case. Many people cheer for victory, and many people, like bartenders, are sad and tearful, crying or silent and quiet as if they were dead because they received the news of relatives and friends’ sacrifice.
Not only can they not cheer and smile because of victory, but many people can’t go on working and live a normal life.
Just like the blue star, there are days, nights, sunshine and rainstorms at the same time, and there are clouds, ice and snow, and thousands of miles away in Wan Li …
War can bring victory and peace as well as death and despair!
The alien cheers have stopped, and the sadness has been suppressed.
Everyone is in their positions, and each department is carrying out post-war collection or training day after day, or preparing for a war, or attending a mass funeral, or queuing for psychological and physical treatment or …
Some of them may envy ordinary people who are cheering and drinking in various ways in the Blue Star, but they will not complain about them at all.
Because each of them knows some people who really want to go to war in another planet but can’t come to it for physical reasons.
Because everyone of them knows that those who can’t come to the alien are taking part in this war in an ordinary way. If there is no stable blue star and no productivity of those people, how can there be weapons and ammunition?
Because each of them came to protect those people, among them were their relatives and friends, and all of them made up those people.
"Did Old Qin tell your baby that he was safe?"
"Not yet. Communication resources must be very tight these days, and so on."
"Not afraid of worry at home? You can apply for communication resources directly. "
"If you don’t die, there will be no death notice last words and you won’t be sent back. What’s the hurry? Others need to talk to their families more than I do. "
"I’m sorry for my low consciousness."
Lao Liu apologized to Qin Tonglian.
"Talk about unconsciousness"
Qin Tong continued to do everything with the wave, leaving the maintenance area to see Liu and Shen Mu, and they repaired and transformed the mecha for the independent regiment.
But what he really saw was not the independent regiment’s beheading of mountain armour, but the 40 Duke armour and four Prince armour captured by the independent figure after World War I.
Only from the value point of view, these 44 mecha are much higher than the independent regiment’s 300 armor.
If the transformation is completed and handed over to the mecha who can exert their performance, it will surpass the other four independent groups of the Federation in terms of combat effectiveness.
If it’s the former Qin Tong, you don’t need to worry, let alone watch this.
Who dares to rob the independent group when it is riding the Milky Way?
But now …
After winning the victory, Qin Tong was as worried as before Tu Yuan.
Like him, the independent mecha, Harris and Jiang Yun, and others, including Lame and Su Chuanyun, failed to realize that this prehistoric victory might bring great changes.
In this change, there is not much he can do, even if he is the ace mecha and the deputy head of the independent regiment. He didn’t even go to the meeting, but asked Jiang Yun to find out the news for him. He stayed here to guard the independent regiment before he got his money back.
But now he has some regrets. It’s too hard because of his anxiety.
Waiting, Qin Tong finally saw a brisk walk, and Jiang Yun quickly got together to make a small inquiry.
"What’s the situation?"
"Not so good," Jiang Yun replied in a low voice. "They want the old man to be a commander in the theater of the sixth base. According to the rules, he will be responsible for a theater."
"No.6 base war zone?" Qin Tong couldn’t help but raise his voice and quickly press it. "Is there a war zone? Isn’t it a waste of martial arts to let the old man take us there? Are they crazy? "
"It is indeed a war zone. Otherwise, what is General Tu Yuan responsible for?" Jiang Yun sighed and corrected, "They didn’t let the old man take us, they let the old man go by himself, and we still left the war zone of the Mountain of Gods."
Qin Tong suddenly smiled.
"They are really crazy."
"They’re not crazy."
Jiang Yun shook his head tone nai analysis.
"In the first world war, we broke more than 1,000 imperial mecha. If the Earl Armour of the Eastern Guo Cilian’s intelligence against the Milky Way Army was finished by us, there were still about 1,000 Marquis Armour left, and most of these imperial mechs that we broke were seized by us. They felt that they could do it even without the old man. After all, there was Li Yuanba.
And ….. You know, there are many people who don’t want to fight for a long time. We have occupied the war mark canyon and now we have completely suppressed the empire. Our mecha forces are stronger than before. Now it is the most likely time for the empire to negotiate with us. "