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Up to now, the Yingling Parliament has been officially established, and there are more than ten people in Yingling, which is consistent with the organization at the top of the tower.

Ji Xinghe (Emperor), Xingyue (King Solomon), Li Yuanba (Li Yuanba), Tu Yuan (Huaiyin Hou), Andy (Emperor Gaozu), Li Han (Zhao Long), Su He (Sima Qian), Shen Mu (Luban), Tang Qiao (Loki) and Ji Rongxinyue (Champion Hou).
It can be more like Qin Tong. They can all join the Yingling Parliament, but Ji Xinghe seems unnecessary.
Mechs like Qin Tong and others should remain pure and should not have too many ideological burdens.
Li Yuanba and Li Han are different. They are really better than Qin Tong. A little ideological burden will not affect them.
Yu Jirong Xinyue …
Ji Xinghe seems to be just playing with Ji Rongxinyue and Xingyue. Although he knows that Ji Rongxinyue is very sensible and strong, Ji Rongxinyue is still a child in his eyes.
Root didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter.
After the replacement of Ivanovich as commander-in-chief, Ji Xinghe suddenly relaxed a lot. Those who are eager to get angry have completely understood Ji Xinghe’s attitude. I can give you gifts, but don’t bother me to join the war and line up one by one.
Inexplicably, it’s a bit like the challenge of the former horse and the Milky Way, which makes people feel stressed
This is also one of the reasons why Ji Xinghe was so tough when facing Ivanovich.
Easily come to the western theater of the Xinghe River to give gifts to people.
The first gift object is Chen Xun.
He was injured two months ago, and his condition is getting worse. If Ji Xinghe had not left for another star, he would have returned to Blue Star for treatment by now.
After the first period of environmental gifts, the state of Chen Xun was already good at that time, and people were amazed.
"If I had known it was so easy, I should have tied Mr. Chen to the worse gate and let those orangutans treat him."
"That can be the same? One is an inflatable treasure, and the other is to become an inflatable treasure himself. Speaking of which, can Mr. Chen inflate us? Inflating will not conflict with the brain-computer interface. "
"Tut tut that Mr. Chen has worked hard. Brothers come one by one … Mr. Chen, why don’t you ask the old man if he can strengthen your waist first?"
"I think you want to strengthen your waist with gas."
"Hehe, I really want to, but neither do I."
"If you don’t, I’ll help you get rid of it?"
After the arrival of Ji Xinghe, the atmosphere of the independent group was restored. Three and a half years ago, although some people could not, people alive believed that they were still watching.
The former strong support is not supported now, and the old man in their mouth can hold on
The second recipient of the gift was Liu Mian, who also succeeded, which made Tang Qiao very envious.
However, he and Ji Xinghe were very bad, and he was not sure whether he could successfully accept the gift or not.
In the process of this gift, Shen Mu and Lao Liu arrived smoothly with their machine maintenance team, and came from the battlefield of Shenshan. Shen Mu brought the fourth generation of Xingyuejia of Ji Xinghe.
The battle is finally going to happen again.
Independent regiment was divided into a mecha squad: Ji Xinghe, Qin Tong, Harris, Lame, Su Chuanyun, Left Hand, Jiang Yun and Alva Wang each led a team.
Alva Wang was a successor before blind sacrifice and an independent regiment. Ji Xinghe, an old man, had joined him before leaving the independent regiment. Although the number of Venus was relatively small, his strength and command ability were not a problem, and he was allowed to be the captain of a mecha squad 2.
The empire also made a positive response to the challenge of the former Ji Xinghe when he was preparing to lead the team to participate in the war.
Seven days later
People are a little worried when they hear the news.
But Ji Xinghe is not worried at all. He has some regrets and can’t see the gift for the blind.
Chapter 572 Xinghe against Xinghe
When the alien sky just lit up, a golden federal mecha appeared on the barren land.
walk alone
hold a knife
It’s not surprising that there is a federal mecha or an imperial mecha, and it’s not uncommon to investigate the mecha alone.
Rare is to make the golden painted mecha.
Her body is different from the sun, and the orange earth looks like a different kind of beauty.
There is another weird feeling because she has six arms.
There is also a sense of coldness because she holds six mecha combat knives in six arms.
When she appeared alone on the edge of the imperial occupied area, she was discovered by the imperial investigation unit, and the panic spread in an instant, even to the headquarters of the imperial transition base
"It’s Ji Xinghe, the younger brother, who inherited Ji Xinghe, the mecha, the man."
"He’s coming. He’s coming towards us."
"I’m sure it’s that man, Xingyuejia."
"Is it a name? If the name comes, is Li Yuanba coming? "
"At present, he has been found as a person and he inherited Ji Xinghe Xingyuejia, but Li Yuanba mecha has not been found."
"Immediately unite the Shenshan war zone. I want to know that Li Yuanba is not there."
"Li Yuanba is now in the battlefield of Shenshen Mountain and is participating in the war. He didn’t come to our theater."
"All the names are one person?"
Grand Duke Taowucha, the new commander of the Imperial War Mark Canyon Theater, is now a general like Yi ‘nan. After a short period of panic, he suddenly had a wild hope.
In the past three years, this star, the moon, the armor, the gods and the mountains have killed all directions. From the time Ji Xinghe divorced the star, there was no gold star, but now there are 21 red stars.
It’s not horrible.
And the empire’s known intelligence did not drive this mecha, and the man’s identity information office, the Ministry of Empire, called this federal mecha by name.
He never preached on the battlefield, like Li Yuanba, Li Han, and Jackson, and he never boasted during the battle or said something about liberating slaves, that every orangutan is equal, and there should be no nobles in this world … and so on.