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"Then why don’t I run?"

With the independent regiment charging, the anti-Xinghe Corps charging has high-speed maneuverability, and the general encounter of frontal collision is about to appear.
"You can’t run when you fight."
"My driving was shot in the head by Overlord Armor and Duke Armor. After the maintenance, they gave me a visor. The orangutans can see me and they will definitely want to kill me."
"And those Marquis A and Duke A, they will definitely want to get enough military skills to kill me to make them truly meaningful. Even if big noble has become a duke, he can get a marquis title for his family."
"I really can’t run if I don’t run."
Liu er’s heart struggle and incomprehension reached an extreme.
But it still didn’t run.
Born in an imperial noble family, it still has a superb talent and should live a glorious and splendid life, but because it is covered with white hair representing ominous, its family will be destroyed and its life will be ended as a slave.
Until one day it heard the pre-recorded propaganda from the federal mecha Yang Yang.
What orangutans are equal and born free … It doesn’t believe in anything.
It almost has a sentence, "I am Ji Xinghe and I will kill Emperor Wu III."
At that time, it didn’t believe that Ji Xinghe could do it, even though Ji Xinghe had the title of "enemy" in the empire.
But it gives it a hope, like a light in the dark.
Ji Xinghe, human beings can’t defeat Emperor Wu III, but they have mastered the gift power. Ji Xinghe, if you give me a gift, I can kill Emperor Wu III.
It was liu er who chose to defect. The real goal was to get the gift of Ji Xinghe and then give the power to kill Emperor Wu III.
It thought that it would take a long time to kill many of its kin before it could get the gift of Ji Xinghe when it waved its weapon at the Earl Armor, which was driven by its kin.
And before that, it will take a lot of time to get the opportunity to drive the mecha and kill its kin continuously.
It is very likely that the battlefield will be killed by its kin because it is unable to drive a better mecha.
This is a very slim hope, but it is the only hope it can seize, so it chose to reach out and grab it.
But it didn’t expect that Ji Xinghe would give it a gift so quickly, let it drive the broken-array-level mecha and take its independent group name to the war …
Liu er, an independent regiment mecha, went to war!
It didn’t even think that it was only a few months ago, when it was able to drive the mecha, it rose from the broken array level to the mountain armor and then drove the Duke armor today.
Is it really because the orangutan doesn’t need to modify the cockpit too much when driving Duke A himself, and does it need to modify the communication module and intelligent core?
Liu er recalled when Ji Xinghe accepted it, gave it a code name, gave it a gift, let it go to war, and made it drive a stronger and stronger mecha …
Expression face, so-called eyes
Is that contempt?
Maybe, but more importantly, Ji Xinghe is confident that the real strong will never put his mind on ants.
"I don’t run because I know I can’t kill Emperor Wu III, but Ji Xinghe will definitely kill Emperor Wu III."
Liu er finally understood its own mind.
"Ji Xinghe can’t die or die."
Liu er looked at the position of the imperial space battleship, which was still shrouded in strong dust, and no longer worried about the safety of Ji Xinghe.
How could that human die like this?
He’ll reappear, he’ll kill him, but.
"Ji Xinghe needs his independent group"
Liu er has made a decision that it speaks very standard dragon language in its communication channel. In the past few months, its own talents and gifts have brought strength, and the staff have patiently taught and successfully mastered Keelung language.
"Captain, I apply to leave the team."
The same small group of mecha were angry at liu er’s words.
Captain Jiang Yun asked calmly, "Do you want to die?"
Liu er sighed in his heart and explained, "I want to leave the army because I want to seduce the Third Reich Anti-Galaxy Corps today. You know they will kill me."
Mecha soldiers just angry instantly turned into consternation.
But no matter how their mood changes, their charge posture is the same as before.
"I know," Jiang Yun repeated his question just now in a calm tone. "Do you want to die?"
Liu er was silent, and it suddenly produced unspeakable guilt.
It turns out that Jiang Yun has always believed in it, and Jiang Yun must be ready to kill it at any time when he first received it and joined this mecha squad.
"I can die, but …"
Liu er’s tone hesitated. After all, he said that he had never dared before, but he always wanted to say it.
"The old man can’t have something!"
Jiang Yun team was silent in the communication channel. I don’t know whether to think or communicate with Qin Tong.
Liu er knows that there is not much time. If he encounters the second anti-Xinghe Corps in today’s sequence, he will not have much chance to leave the team.
"Captain, although you may not believe it, it seems to me that …"
Liu er paused and took a deep breath before he said, "The old man is also the head of our regiment, and this is also my independent regiment!"
Jiang Yun made a decision to "say a few words to you before you go."