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Ji Xinghe can do and listen. He can’t help the blind and lame, can’t teach them peerless martial arts, and can’t always be with them to help them. Because they are blind and lame, they are not his granddaughter.

"Come on, we’re done talking. It’s a lot easier."
"Yes, Lao Ji, don’t take it to heart" said with a blind smile. "Are we shameless enough to force Lai Lai to tell you this for a long time and ask you not to take it to heart?"
Have completed the detection of mecha Ji Xinghe shook his head slightly and said, "You don’t worry that my mentality is definitely much better than you young people when I am old."
"That is, Lao Ji changed you into someone else’s age. Root can’t bear the pressure of alien stars."
"Speaking of which, we always call you Lao Ji instead of the captain. It always feels inappropriate, but at the sight of you, we still want to call you Lao Ji kind."
"It’s good to call Lao Ji." Ji Xinghe responded by looking at the mecha epee in his hand.
Blind and lame finally focused on this sword.
"Lao Ji, where is your knife?" Blind at this time to react and asked, "those are the two characteristic knives."
"It was cut off by this sword."
"ah? Then how did you win? "
Jackson broke it, not me.
"Then why do you have this sword?" Lame guessed. "Jackson’s gift?"
"I stole this sword from the earl’s mecha."
"Did you grab it?" Blindly shocked, "You mean you took the Earl Mecha and Jackson broke it without weapons?"
Ji Xinghe slightly thoughtfully, "That’s about it."
"That’s still for you to break. I dare to do it without weapons." Lame sighed with emotion and asked again and again, "Can you cut off your two knives with this sword? It must be very severe. If you change knives, you may lose money."
Is bound to lose money
Ji Xinghe knows this very well. "Will you change this mecha epee to make the material blue star without alien stars or imperial stars? You can’t change the same weapon."
"Is there an Imperial Star?"
"Well, at present, there are empires, which are called tungsten steel. Gold is a special hard alloy similar to tungsten steel. Because of the lack of enough samples, it is impossible to analyze the complete formula. I just checked the information and said that a mineral that is only available in empires has been added."
Blindness and limping are a little jealous. A good weapon is very important for the mecha. Their current weapon is Ji Xinghe. The level of the two knives is incomparable with this mecha epee.
"Old horse this epee must use both hands to make what you want and then shoot an earl-level mecha. If you get this weapon, you can’t hold a double sword. Can you …"
"Shut up!" Lamely interrupted the nonsense. In front of Ji Xinghe, "Lao Ji and I are the first to know each other. Pay attention to the first come, first served. Please give me this opportunity."
Ji Xinghe did not let the blind and lame argue again, and directly agreed to "I will give you one if I get it."
"What is one for each person?" Su Chuanyun’s people have already come before the sound comes. "Lao Ji is your apprentice, so don’t favor one over the other. I want something."
"There’s me!" Andre quickly passed Su Chuanyun and shouted at Ji Xinghe, "Master, I’m coming."
The scene of the team members of Xinghe made Ji Xinghe very worried because everyone was
"Good" Ji Xinghe agreed, "You live well and wait for me to grab a weapon for each of you, less a count-level imperial mecha weapon."
"That old horse, you are busy. There are seven of us. You have to break seven earl-level mecha."
"Seven earl class? It’s not like letting Lao Ji fight seven Lao Ji at the same time, and his strength is sure to win. "
"Yeah, it’s not that it’s almost impossible for an enemy and seven empires to form a team to fight one-on-one battles. Lao Ji can definitely fight, and we can help Lao Ji hack them to death together with more and less, and then grab their weapons and continue to hack them to death."
"Then it’s a deal. I’ll say I want it first." Blind stressed again.
"Then I’m the second one" limped and didn’t fight this time because this time is no joke.
"My third" Su Chuanyun glanced at Andre.
Andre some nai said, "bully me this bear state person again, then I am the fourth."
"I’m from Longzhou. How did I bully you the fifth time?" Deaf corrected a sentence
"All right, I’m the sixth." The lame stand hand looked at the left hand and laughed.
"The seventh is what the seventh will be afraid of sooner or later." The left hand has no opinion
That’s great
Ji Xinghe made a decision in his heart that he would do what he promised.
Chapter 161 Unless he cultivates immortality
No.5 living base
Su He took advantage of the Shen Mu toilet to find him.
"What’s wrong with you? I’m not so nervous even when I’m nervous."
"You are sick. Can’t I just come to the bathroom?"
"Okay, okay, camera, you can say whatever you want."
"Who will bring a camera when you are in the toilet? Will you?"
"I won’t"
After two sentences, Su He didn’t resist asking questions after all.
"Have you ever heard of neural link technology?"
"I’ve heard of it. Why?"
"If the neural link technology has made a breakthrough, is it impossible for the old man?"
"ah? Why do you ask? "
"Just say yes."
Su He’s question made Shen Mu meditate. A professional technical lieutenant mechanic, who grew up as a genius in others’ mouth, was recruited into the Mecha Research Institute of the Federal Academy of Sciences before he graduated. When he graduated, he just joined the army and got the rank of second lieutenant.
He is better than Ji Xinghe in the maintenance, research and development and manufacturing of the mecha by more than one level. Without him, Xingyue could not have succeeded.
"Theoretically, if it’s the neural link technology I know … it can’t be said that Lao Ji is dying. His driving mecha strength is no different from that now, and it won’t weaken, but all the mecha soldiers who can make this technology have been enhanced. It can be said that Lao Ji is dying."
Su He puzzled and asked, "What? Can’t Lao Ji use this technology? Can’t he be stronger? "
"Because the nervous system will deteriorate with age, the current level of science and technology is irreversible." After Shen Mu explained a sentence, he thought that Su He might not understand it and put it in a different way
"Old Sue, can you drive?"
"Comparing people’s mental will and thinking with those of a car driver, and people’s body is an old car, this car is aging and backward, but because he is a driver, that is, he has a strong mental will and attaches great importance to the maintenance of this car, he can still compete his old car track with a real professional racing driver. Can you understand me?"
Su He nodded, but Shen Mu couldn’t see them because they were in different places.