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Although Culver University is next door to Santa Barbara, isn’t it a late-night rhythm to rely on two legs?

Thought for a moment!
Skye shrugged his shoulders and gave up the plan here!
Strange towns are too risky!
This isn’t new york, NY. It’s not news to lose a car or even a hundred cars a day!
But Santa Barbara estimates that one second she lost a car, and the next she closed down!
No comparability!
This is also why Skye Cicada still hangs out in big cities in new york after getting rid of foster care institutions.
Small local people’s vision is narrow!
Fortunately, however, Skye met a kind female driver while walking along the country road leading to Culver University.
The two sides glances balance each other after a battle value.
The female driver happily invited Skye’s car, and Skye nodded happily, holding her head and eating without spitting bones. Cerberus smiled and got out of the car!
"Just Skye?"
"Just Skye!"
The female driver named Carol glanced at the Chihuahua Cerberus who was sitting in the co-pilot Skye’s eyes for two or three seconds, then withdrew her eyes and smiled and said, "A special kind of lux Chihuahua?"
Skye smiled and nodded!
When Skye just ran out of the window, she meant to go there alone, but Lilith insisted that Cerberus should follow her as a bodyguard.
Cerberus immediately agreed to Riley’s request!
For Cerberus, the more help you give Lailisi, the less effect it will have when adults do the general ledger in the future …
"… S Skye, what are you doing at Colford University?"
"Find someone. What about you?"
"Los Angeles Airport!"
"Almost new york!"
Carol, the female driver, gathered her drooping blonde hair, glanced at Skye and smiled and said, "What about you? Also from new york? "
Skye nodded and smiled and said, "I’ll go back after Thanksgiving. Maybe we can get together if you return to new york then."
"Really? Great!" Carol smiled and said, "An old friend invited me to Washington. I don’t like the weather in Washington. I plan to settle in new york."
"… new york is heaven!"
"Who knows, maybe it’s hell."
Said kroll and Skye glances at each other and then laughed!
In half an hour!
Skye hit the door and walked out of the co-pilot directly with Cerberus.
Turning to the driver’s seat, Carol said with some thanks, "Thank you and have a nice life in New York!"
"I will!" Carol smiled and waved to Skye casually and said in a faint tone, "I’ll come to you when I find my husband who hasn’t come home for many years and break his fifth limb!"
Skye "…"
The roadside froze for three seconds!
Then I shook my head and walked step by step along Dr. Ghana’s home location according to the navigation route displayed by the mobile phone!
"Hey, you two sleeping idiots, that woman just smelled like deja vu."
Consciousness is indomitable and smiling like a vicious dog. Cerberus directly swears at Bellows and Burroughs like a poem, "Ah, what’s that smell? Great Cerberus can’t remember it."
Has entered a state of semi-hibernation Bellows slightly narrowing her eyes and said, "Stupid dog, can you stop for two or three minutes? How many Creoles have you eaten? How can you forget their taste? "
"Ignore this stupid dog and let it wave," Burroughs said again. "It’s a miracle that this stupid dog will lick even excrement and hope he remembers the taste!"
"Shut up!" Cerberus saw two dogs with one left and one right, just like singing a duet, and immediately angered, "The great Cerberus doesn’t allow you to be so blasphemous …"
See Bellows and Burroughs didn’t pay attention to it. Cerberus was angry and angry, but it was scarlet eyes …
Chihuahua held in Skye’s arms could not help sticking out his tongue and licking his mouth.
It seems!
Miss a certain smell …
A long time!
After walking to a community, Skye looked at the houses on both sides of the road, directly fell his eyes on the Chihuahua and said, "Well, it’s time for you to work."
When Cerberus heard this, he walked with short legs and a short tail and directly opened his hands.
A wisp of white hair suddenly stood up!
Sniffing gently, Cerberus said to Skye, "The third building on the left!"
Skye nodded!
Cerberus, the avatar looking for the navigator, is once again stuffed back into the scarf arms to form a nest.
Go straight to the third white building on the left!
After a while!
Skye closed the door before looking at the door.
Knock, knock!
"honey, can you answer the door?"
"Of course, but you really need to adjust when you go to the toilet."
"Ha ha ha very funny!"