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So he’s …

Yero quickly turned his eyes back, just in time to see Ibrahimovic lift his right leg in the running, but not forward but backward!
Flying in the middle, the football was knocked to the rear by his heel!
Heel ball!
Heel ball in running!
There was an exclamation from the stands at the Bernabeu Stadium.
This exclamation is not only due to Ibrahimovic, an imaginative and difficult ball, but also because of what they saw in the stands
They saw aimar in the direction of Ibrahimovic’s ball!
Valencia, back in!
Many real Madrid fans who are very familiar with La Liga have this idea in their minds.
Valencia’s back attack was very famous in Cooper’s time, and many Real Madrid fans could not have been unaware of it.
Besides, didn’t their first goal in this game be a post-insertion?
All eyes were on Ibrahimovic. Who would have thought that Guardiola suddenly came?
Bosque also noticed this scene. He clenched his fist and his face was as calm as water.
He’s ready. Didn’t all those people who exclaimed see it?
There is also a helguera beside aimar!
Don’t make Makelele run to defend Reyes Middle Road.
And helguera!
Don’t underestimate the Royal Mudd … Huh? !
Aimar came to consider shooting, but helguera was always by his side. He was upset and didn’t know what to do when he suddenly heard a loud shout from his side, "Flash aimar! !”
He didn’t care to see who was shouting so quickly and flashed past the football.
Then he looked back and saw Ba Laha’s silhouette.
He rushed to the football landing point and swung his right leg.
The team’s hope of winning lies in his leg. He wants this leg to bring the champion heart to everyone!
Changsheng was quite nervous when he saw this scene on the sidelines, but when he saw Ba Laha swinging his right leg against the football, he couldn’t help but clench his fist.
Is it that simple for Real Madrid to insert itself?
Have you seen double back insertion?
This is the real killing!
Ba Laha won the football hard when no one was watching.
Helguera this just turned around …
The football roared to the goal of Real Madrid.
And Ba Laha rushed forward after the shot, but in the process, he still kept his head high and his eyes fixed on the football, and he wanted to see the result of the shot with his own eyes.
In fact, Ba Laha played the ball very well, but it was strong enough and very close, just in the restricted area.
Jump outward as far as possible to shorten the distance and compress the shooting angle of the shooter. Real Madrid goalkeeper Cesar raised his arm almost reflexively when he rushed forward … and then he touched the football!
"Ba Laha’s long shot-Cesar!" The commentator of Makatai shouted, and there was some relief in his tone.
"World-class fighting! !”
Changsheng’s eyes were wide open. When Cesar lifted the football with one hand, his body shook as if he had been hit!
But he clenched his fist tighter.
Valencia fans in the stands and in front of the camera couldn’t help sighing when they saw this scene.
Is there really no way to win?
Real Madrid fans cheered.
The football was lifted by Cesar, changed course, jumped up and flew on.
Then it hit the beam in front of everyone!
And then … instead of popping the bottom line, it bounced back!
The attack is not over yet!
He was disappointed to be rushing forward to Ba Laha, but when he saw that the football had bounced back, his eyes suddenly lit up and he rushed forward and went straight to the top with a diving!
No one is as quick as Ba Laha, whether it is goalkeeper Cesar, central defender Yero or Valencia center Ibrahimovic!
Lying on the ground because of fighting, Cesar saw a black shadow passing by his side like a low-flying fighter!
Boom passed, and he couldn’t trace each other anymore.
Ba Laha like a torpedo shot forehead firmly against the football!
"Here we go again! Ba Laha! Make up the shot! Fish jumps to the top! ! ! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! ! !”
Moon yelled.
"In the fifteenth minute, Valencia reversed the lead! !”
Chapter ninety-four Champion’s heart
When Ba Laha is the winner, everyone wins. This is to strengthen the defense. After all, Ba Laha is a midfielder with excellent defensive ability and running ability.
But who would have thought that Real Madrid would be such a defensive midfielder in the end?
When Ba Laha shot twice in a row before sending the football to the goal, the cheers in front of the Bernabeu stadium came to an abrupt end and fell into a brief silence.
In this silence, the cheers of Valencia players and coaches are particularly clear and … harsh!