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How strong is a seriously injured person who actually blocked six people from attacking him together?

If you are forced to jump into the wall, you may be able to kill him, but you will have to pay a heavy price. It took decades to get all the repairs done today.
"Get her!"
The first man pointed to Zhou Mengmeng, who was scared out of her wits, staring at his pale face and drinking coldly, "Take it easy or you will see your little lover being abused alive!"
Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh
At this time, more breakdowns followed, and in a blink of an eye, more than a dozen men and women of different ages appeared at the scene.
More and more figures appear, and everyone’s face is full of anger and resentment.
Chen Han took the opportunity to pull Zhou Mengmeng to his side. When no one appeared again, he was surrounded by more than 200 angry people.
More than 200 skinner who wish to cramp him!
More than 200 strong men who have broken through the limit of budo!
More than 200 masters who have a blood feud with him!
The science of uniting the emperor is extremely shocking and not afraid of group fights. That’s because there is some gap in strength. His current physical condition is negligible, and the gap between the two sides’ personal strength has been seconds killed
"Chen Han kills the enemy, even if the water in the three rivers is exhausted, it will be eluted. Today, I will not smash your body and swear!"
"I’m going to cramp you and make you taste the most cruel punishment in the world!"
"Son, did you see it? Father will avenge you. You can finally be in print … "
There are angry people who drink and scold, and there are cries of grief. These elderly people who have lost their strength have the same purpose, that is, to make the cold miserable than death.
After looking at it, Zhou Mengmeng gradually recovered. He was full of apologies and sighed, "I’m sorry that my business has brought you into trouble."
Zhou Mengmeng didn’t speak, and his face looked terrible. An ordinary person can’t be calm when he sees this scene and faces death.
But she held on to Chen’s cold sleeves with one hand and shook her head with extreme fear.
"Kill him!"
I don’t know who issued a fairer initiative and shouted "Year in! Everyone who has enemies with him has a chance to take revenge and cut him into pieces! "
This discussion immediately attracted a lot of people’s response. After all, there was an enemy who was present and more than 200 people wanted to kill him. A penis can’t satisfy everyone’s expectations, so that everyone can take revenge. Watching the enemy be cut into pieces with a knife can better vent their hatred.
There is nothing wrong with killing those who are sent to the detention room and want to kill themselves from the standpoint of Chen Han, both legally and morally.
Similarly, in the position of these people, Chen Han killed their loved ones, and it was no problem for them to come for revenge. There was a man who caused this result-Ouyang Yinghong.
More than 200 people really put out the momentum like a rainbow, and all kinds of magic weapons that have been sacrificed and refined by inferior means are shining with breathtaking light.
Seeing that many people are about to attack, a powerful and incredible pressure falls from the sky, and the golden pike streamer is inserted into the ground more than ten meters, leaving less than two meters long and trapped outside.
The whole earth is trembling and flashing, and a palm-sized token is suspended in the virtual space about three inches away from your gun.
The token is covered with fine scaly protrusions. If you look closely, you will find that it is a dragon with a ferocious dragon head in the center of the token. On the back, there are two purple gems inlaid with Chinese characters-Tianlong.
Just excited to express more than two hundred master qi qi to draw air conditioning is not a step back.
If the dark dragon organization dealing with all kinds of matters and mutations is likened to monopolizing the underworld in Tianhua City, Tianlong is in control of the underworld forces in the country. Even these powerful second-tier forces have only heard the name of Tianlong. They don’t even have any information on what status and strength this organization is responsible for.
It’s always an extremely mysterious organization, and there is no contact between the dragon and the tail, which gives people a sense of unreality and illusion.
"Chen Han, you have been signed by Tianlong, and you will become a member of Tianlong from now on." I don’t know where it came from coldly.
"What if I don’t want to?" This compulsive way makes Chen Han very unhappy, even though he has heard the name of this mysterious organization
"You can refuse to be executed by these people in the year."
"It seems that I have no room for refusal."
Chen Hannai shrugged his shoulders. Although the tone of the other party was domineering, it solved the problem less. He was killed by his master and was born again. On the day of his birth, he came to the conclusion that living is more important than anything. Everything could die, and he didn’t even have the qualification to remind people.
Chapter 52 Tianlong to make
"Chen Han has sworn enemies with us, and the 37 sects are common enemies. Please ask Tianlong not to stop it."
"What if I want to stop it?" Virtual sound insipid said
"Thirty-seven sects have never been false in killing relatives and hating each other. It makes sense for me to kill Chen Han and take revenge on emotion. Is Tianlong an expert at covering the sky?" Someone shouted in an angry voice.
"reasonable? You are not qualified to say that a person’s words have always been determined by his ability. What did you do? "
"Although our 37 th and 17 th sects are better than the small sects and the four big families, have we sent a large number of brothers to join the Dark Dragon, Yanhuang and stability for many years and made less contributions?"
"Ha ha …"
The virtual sound suddenly burst into laughter and the sound suddenly became cold. "Why are you qualified to talk about contribution? Isn’t the so-called large number of brothers seeking a bigger trend? You will never know the real situation in this world. Without Tianlong, you don’t even have the qualifications to live in the world, and you dare to tell me what contribution! "
Without waiting for everyone to speak, the voice continued, "Tianlong majesty does not resist you ants who are lucky enough to live well!"
Just then, several figures suddenly appeared on the spot, and it was Ouyang Yinghong who was the first to be impressed.
He squinted at Chen Leng and smiled. "This man is guilty of indiscriminate killing. He is not qualified to join Tianlong’s enemies of life and death. Don’t you want revenge?"
"Ying hong …"
Before the uncle’s face changed around him to prevent Leng Liyin from coming from the void, "What qualifications do you have to decide if Chen Han is guilty?" It seems that Ouyang Qingyu hasn’t told you what Tianlong really means. For Ouyang’s sake, spare you the undead roll! "
"You just licentious I ouyang family is yanhuangzhu dragon and forget it …"