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When you step on the Ganges River, Shuiyuanheng looks at each other faintly. The place where you step on it is its glorious place, that is, its territory, which eliminates the room for destiny to mobilize these forces-the glorious main position is not a decoration!

Back to the 100,000-foot fiend’s true body, the constant face is pale, and it can be seen that fate dominates the great skill of detachment-the desperate counterattack of great destiny is not a milli effect.
"Ha … ha ha …"
Fate master looked at Yuan Heng violently, and he was almost completely erased by Yuan Heng’s horrible blow just that moment. No one can imagine the terrible degree of this blow!
A pale face reveals an ugly smile. "It’s a brother, but it has grown to such a terrible level in a short period of time. I’m afraid that blow has also touched the threshold of detachment, which is very suitable for the magic weapon. If it is involved, its lethality will directly cross a whole level."
Fate master has to admit that Yuan Heng’s blow "Yuan Zheng Bi" is really powerful enough to be terrible. He accepted the fate of Heng Heyuan and was able to estimate the level …
Involved in it, he even held a semi-treasure-level destiny gun and evolved beyond the big skill level. The big destiny skill was simply suppressed!
Even if it’s not your own reaction, I’m afraid it’s not just a heavy blow!
I’m afraid this terrible power, this terrible avatar is rare outside the country …
And for some reason, fate is very clear and understanding. Although Yuan Zheng Bi is powerful, it is even more powerful with the help of that terrible giant blade, but it is by no means Yuan Heng’s most powerful and best at handling magical powers!
No one in the world can be more white than him about the terrible things of his brother.
"Let go of fate. I … I really don’t want to kill you!"
Fate is very different, chaotic, long black hair, and Yuan Heng looks at the opposite side, and there is a flash of nai in his eyes.
At this level of Yuan Heng, if you don’t be completely hit by the original injury, you will soon have recovered. Just that level of killing has been able to make moves again!
But the surging heart told Yuan Heng that this man …
I don’t think it’s really my brother!
"Ha ha, even if I give in, you can’t break this strongest barrier of fate. This barrier is not laid by me, but the source of fate can exert it. Unless you have the power to directly destroy the whole fate of the Ganges, it is impossible to break it!"
When I heard Yuan Heng’s words, my fate was silent for a moment. I looked at Yuan Heng and answered hoarsely.
"Since you are my brother, you should know that I really follow my feet."
Yuan Heng’s brow is full of poverty and domineering, and he has absolute confidence in the chilling tone of going deep into the source. "That barrier is really strong, not ordinary mixed yuan Luo Sheng can break it, but it is not impossible for me to do whatever it takes!"
"You should also know that it is absolutely impossible for me to watch the success of the Ganges project and the impact of the universe on the immortal opportunity to burst this …"
"I will do whatever it takes!" to be continued
Ps, alas, there seems to be no spirit during the day, and this inspiration comes only at night. Is it really a night cat?
Chapter one hundred and ninety Recall the direction
Gorgeous dazzling golden robes fluttered naturally, and Yuan Heng gently reached out and held a ladle of Ganges water as if to bring the memories of that day through such a fate …
As if the whole universe is concentrated, Fengqi Mountain is almost like four images of Yin and Yang, and so on. All natural phenomena have evolved quietly in this exquisite Dojo that brings together heaven and earth.
"Hehe, Yuan Heng, eldest brother, come and see your little sister, who has only recently created a new brewing technique."
With a natural quiet in dignity, Nu Wa’s mouth corners with a smile, pointing to the front and pointing to her brother’s heart in front of her eyes, said
After the mass robbery, the flood has entered a new round of development. After a mass robbery, all kinds of causal karma will be cleared up one day, and the huge benefits gained from the mass robbery will be increased. Therefore, almost all the living monks in the mass robbery, including many pre-gods, have entered a state of closed practice.
But for a small number of people, including Yuan Heng and Nu Wa, it is of little significance to enter the closed state at this time.
Yuan Heng’s words are not of great significance because he is already a saint who dominates the series and is strong.
Yu nuwa?
This is even more a blessing source so vast that even Yuanheng is ashamed to be inferior to a strongman-actually sitting on an accident land directly!
A statue of nature can have a place of nature, and the chemical reaction between the two is frightening even to Yuan Heng, a statue of figurine …
This is really terrible. Almost every day, every moment, Nu Wa’s road repair is jumping and jumping, and Nu Wa’s genial understanding is added. Now, even the barrier of Nature Road is looming to be detached by Nu Wa!
Yuan Heng casually sat on a plate of grass and looked at the busy Nu Wa in front.
The picturesque whole scene looks like the most beautiful picture scroll to Yuan Heng.
This is a piece of Nu Wa’s natural gas washing and practicing, and she is full of vitality.
The central place is the spirit pool, which is the core of brewing, but around it, along with these channels, there are running water with different smells, tastes, colors and so on.
A small river was born in the shape of Nu Wa, and it was filled with all kinds of …
Each of these small rivers has brought Yuan Heng a different feeling, not only the different materials of these rivers, but also the congenital glacial water, the flaming water and the extremely frozen water of ice and snow …
All these don’t care about Yuan Heng, which makes Yuan Heng quite shocked-
As enthusiastic as a river with fire.
There is a river filled with melancholy.
There is a river carrying heavy and peaceful.
All this seems to have its joys and sorrows, and it seems that Nu Wa has been endowed with unusual spirituality.
And the closer we get to the core spirit pool, the rivers merge. Yuan Heng saw a river full of sadness being merged into the mainstream of sorrow …
It’s like a warm spring river flows into the mainstream of happiness …
And all this eventually merged into the final spirit pool, which seems to have brewed all the warm and cold feelings and enmities in the world …
Yuan Hengzheng was carrying a teapot in one hand and turning over his own Genesis in the other. At this moment, his eyes rested on Nuwa’s side, and he split a heavenly dawn like a giant sword …
"Knocked …"
As if the heart was beating violently, Yuan Hengxin Lake seemed to be rolled into it by huge stones, and poor inspiration flooded in my heart.
"It turns out that I seem to have entered a misunderstanding."
Yuan Heng looked at all this, looked at all the tributaries and finally merged into the eyes of the Central Lingchi thoughtfully. "No wonder I always feel that I can’t seem to completely explode my own strength."
Yuan Heng’s eyes are faint with poverty and chaos, and a great power is brewing faintly.
In those days, Yuan Heng could feel that he could easily defeat the will of the world and directly blow up the monster, but the end result was …
Yuan Heng lost himself and was forced out of the small world where God hid himself.
In those days, Yuan Heng, the mighty man of the slave road in the celestial world, felt that even if he was just on his own, he would face it head-on, but the end result was that even if he was out in the past, he would unite many top powers in the celestial world, and in the end it would be just a risk and a risk.
And so on, everything makes Yuan Heng feel that although the realm has been high, it is difficult to explore the potential.
"Going …"