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Challenge Luvida away from home.

The opponent is a first-class and second-class B team, and Genfa poses a threat to winning Valencia.
Chang Sheng intends to give the main players a full rest this time.
He didn’t even ask some players to follow them to the away game.
For example, Ibrahimovic was left in Valencia.
The striker always wins with Villa and Salomon Kalou.
Villa will start this game, and Salomon Kalou is still a substitute.
Mendieta also got a rest. He was replaced by angulo.
Reyes replaced Vicente in the avant-garde position on the left.
Aimar was replaced by Romanian midfielder Serban.
Perhaps the only ones who can’t rest are albelda and Guardiola.
Central defender pellegrino was replaced by young Navarro right-back Curro Torres, while veteran Caboni was left behind.
The goalkeeper also replaced palop with canizares.
With such a set of arrays, you will always win in the away game 3.
Broke into the second round of the king’s cup
A round of the King’s Cup will be held on November 20th. Valencia’s opponent is also las palmas.
After coming back from the away game, he always wins and prepares for the game against Barcelona.
Although the game always wins, I don’t want to do anything, but I still have to make preparations.
Maybe it’s hard to win or you can’t win at all, but on the court, players have to go all out.
There are many objective factors, but there can be no subjective factors.
We couldn’t win the game because of injury, but we also lost because of lack of strength.
But if you want a game, eleven people have to play hard.
Changsheng’s headache now is that Ba Laha can’t Guardiola and how to arrange this midfield.
You can’t fight with your back waist.
Not playing double-breasted words will definitely have an impact on the team’s tactics
I have been practicing double-waist tactics because I have always won before.
This adjustment is not as simple as losing one person. Without one person in this position, the team needs to adapt again.
The ball can’t find anyone.
Have a particularly headache
If he still has a waist in his hand, he can push it.
But the problem is that he didn’t
The media has already fired the game before the game.
Especially the Barcelona media.
They all know how Guardiola went to Valencia because there was an agreement between Valencia and Barcelona that Guardiola was not allowed to play in Barcelona.
They are making a big fuss about it now just to stop Guardiola from playing.
Although Valencia won Real Madrid, the Barcelona media were very polite to Changsheng and Valencia, but that was because there was no direct conflict of interest between the two sides, and it was different when they really met.
At present, Valencia is on the top of the league with five consecutive victories, while Barcelona itself is not in a good situation. They lost to La Coruna 12 times in the first round of the league and suffered their first defeat.
This failure made them rank third and fourth.
Barcelona have realized that Valencia, led by Changsheng, will be a strong rival in their season.
In order to win, any means can be used to fight by public opinion, which is simply common.
They are so hyped that Valencia and Barcelona have a Guardiola agreement, so it is a heavy blow to Valencia now that Guardiola will not play.
Because they are in the back position, there is no one left.
Guardiola also recently saw media reports from Catalonia.
He also knows that the media are so interested in this topic.
On several occasions, he really impulsively went to Changsheng and said that he could actually play because the agreement stated that Valencia could not force himself to play if he didn’t want to.
On the other hand, what if you want to?
He hesitated and hesitated, but finally he didn’t go to Changsheng.
After all, it is a very difficult proposition to let him play against Barcelona. He doesn’t know what he will play even if he plays.
Maybe his appearance is not necessarily a good thing for the winning team.
Guardiola didn’t take the initiative to win, and he didn’t run to him for support. Since both parties had written in the contract, he naturally wouldn’t run to ask Guardiola for help.
In the end, Changsheng had to make adjustments to put mendieta in the back position and partner with albelda, and then put angulo on the right.