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The soldiers’ morale is suddenly high, and they have to say that their minds have really changed during life and death exercises.

What are these people’s former soldiers or refugees? If there is an accident, a generation can’t be so imposing. But when they ride into wolves, they will challenge their lives. They have broken through themselves and become veritable wolves. When they ride on those who fail, they can finally grieve and be eaten by wolves.
The most terrible thing to say about the foot soldiers is, of course, that they are not afraid of death. When Xiang Yu, the overlord of the place of Xi, was preparing to land with 3,000 soldiers, he was suddenly robbed by more than 200,000 chi soldiers. The situation was in crisis, and Xiang Yu ordered all the foot soldiers to smash the bottom of the boat, so that they had no hope of escape. Despair always produced the greatest strength. This battle was 3,000 to more than 200,000 Xiang Yu’s victory in World War I and became famous.
As the saying goes, cross the rubicon. That’s how last stand came
The wolf rode with great momentum and rushed to kill. This time, there was a faint trend of breaking through the encirclement. Liu Biao was in a hurry and shouted at Cai Mao and others beside him, "Why don’t you hurry to help Huang Zu!"
"Master, don’t worry about me, trick or two."
Some people are confident to look at Liu Biao and look back. It turned out to be Kuai Yue. This Liu Biao is relieved to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-seven Water poison immersion
Cloud in Feng Xiao roar Li Qiang with all the people without pause to kill outside the city to block all dead, with an exception, even Huang Zu endured a blow from Li Qiang before jumping out of the war circle, or his life would be in danger.
Li Qiang fierce Wei Yan is also not to be outdone, taking advantage of Li Qiang’s arrogance to block the enemy’s limbs, his eyes are scarlet and the enemy can effectively avoid a passage along the way, and the wolf rides behind him to follow up.
"Hua …"
In the violent thunder, the heavy rain finally poured in, which was very abrupt and turbulent. The line of sight of the heavy rain was only 10 meters, which showed how fierce the rain was
Those enemy troops are protected by helmets and armored armor. Although the heavy rain is only a little hindrance to their actions, the wolves’ clothes are all tattered, and it is almost difficult to open their eyes when the heavy rain comes, which is extremely unfavorable to the wolves’ riders.
Of course, the downpour has little effect on the nature of the amazing military commanders. At this time, Wei Yanshen’s blood slowly flows to the earth with the rain washing, which is even more frightening. The uneven place where the bloodshot shredded pork hangs down is not washed away by the heavy rain, which looks particularly permeable.
It’s just that in a short moment, the whole land has been flushed and a piece of blood is floating.
Li Qiang drinks with faint excitement in his heart. It’s worthwhile for me to take a trip to the Three Kingdoms. Li Qiang will become famous!
Yi Ming’s sharp-eyed eyes found Huang Zu in the crowd and shouted, "The thief will take a shot at me!"
Huang Zu is angry, too. Are young people so fierce now? Some time ago, there was Jiangdong Sun Ce, and just now there was Tianmen Wolf Lord. Now, a famous teenager has emerged. I really don’t want to be angry when I am bullied by Howie. "With your dare to shout, I will behead you and wash your grievances today!"
Young-fly-Wang also has one’s fingers itch, but now Yi Ming has run away, and he can take care of Li’s family. If he gives it to his side, Huang Wudie Young-fly-Wang is really worried that he can surround Li’s family and worry about it.
"Aoki’s essence is endless!"
Hand-to-hand Yi Ming immediately launched a state skill, which is also the most common tonic state skill among the five elements of wood, but it surprised Huang Zu. "Are you a counselor?"
Yi Ming smiled and showed white and neat teeth. What if it’s not? "
Huang Zu’s surprise is not because Yi Ming’s skill can restore his strength and physical strength, but because Huang Zu has never seen a man who is both a military commander and a counselor. Because most of these people are mediocre people who take care of the final landing at both ends.
Of course, there are also some successes, not famous people, such as Sun Bin, the soldier saint, and Han Xin, the soldier god, Han Xin, who is the best among them. They can come and go freely on the battlefield and return to the barracks, and they can also plan. Such people are rare.
After the surprise, Huang Zu did not show contempt. "Hum people’s greed will eventually succeed."
"Don’t bother me, I naturally know that I choose. Now you should mind your own business!"
Yi Ming’s pike in his hand is running like a flying gas, with a sharp semi-permeable blade in the whirlwind. It looks soft but it is very sharp
Huang Zu did not hesitate to let the two men advance with knives and immediately scuffled in the storm.
"Brother Yi be careful!" Huang Wudie shouted anxiously in the crowd.
Li Qiang took a smoke look at the direction of Yi Ming, and Nai laughed. "I want to behead Huang Zu and become famous in World War I or give it to Yi Ming." Turning to the front, the enemy once again focused on the breakthrough battlefield and immediately turned up blood shed.
Niu Ba Gao Sheng in the Taoist temple walked out of the Taoist temple behind him and snored like thunder. Although the sound of thunder in heaven and earth was so shocking, the lame Taoist priest could not be suppressed from snoring.
The two men looked around at the sky with their heads held high, and they could hardly see anything except the heavy rain all over the sky. "What did Brother Niu find?"
Niu Ba said, "Today seems particularly unusual. General Gao doesn’t think it’s too intense to shout and kill today? Maybe it’s my master who killed me. It’s not necessarily. "
"It shouldn’t be possible. Cowboy, isn’t it that your master is currently in Nanyang? How also can’t kill so soon? "Some don’t believe it.
After thinking about it, it seems that Gao Sheng is right, and I think of my hometown being broken. I can’t help but feel sad. I sighed and was about to turn around and answer the question. My eyes suddenly stopped seeing a rain. Animals seem to walk slowly and stumble, feeling that they may fall at any time.
"Is this?" Niu Ba’s face lit up and he rushed into the rain and came to the front of the animal. It was indeed a wolf. The Nanlin wolves are the guardians of Tianmen City. They all have telepathy in their hearts. Wolves will not hurt Tianmen City people just as Tianmen City people know that the wolf is the wolf in Nanlin wolves.
"It’s the wolves in Nanlin who talk like this. The wolf master must have come. Well, Tianmen City has been saved!" Niu Ba couldn’t help but be very happy. I didn’t see a smile on my face for many days.
"Blare …"
In front of the wolf, it seems that he found his relatives and made a deep whine and snuggled up at the feet of Niu Ba. His hair was tightly attached to his body by the downpour and then he slowly closed his eyes.
"You really don’t recognize strangers, but you can’t sleep here. I’ll take you to sleep in the Taoist temple." The wolf at the foot of Niu Ba’s feet found the reaction dumbfounded and listened to Gao Sheng and said, "Don’t worry, he’s dead."
Niu Bagen didn’t believe it when he looked down, only to find that the wolf had a deep red blood on the ground, and there was a huge wound in his abdomen, which even exposed his dirty parts.
Niu Ba’s eyes are moist instantly, which makes him look inconspicuous in the violent storm. He crouched down and stroked the wolf’s hair close to his body. "You are good, and Niu Ba is very happy to meet you."
The picture of the Taoist temple is just an episode. Li Qiang people are still fighting bloody battles, so it’s not like Niu Ba said that Tianmen City has been saved. I’m afraid it remains to be verified. Because Li Qianggen is not sure that he can beat Liu Biao to break out, it’s possible, but as time goes on, Li Qiang senses a bit strange.
There is something wrong with the rain!
Li Qiang actually has a physical feeling that he is sore and numb, and he can’t wait to lie on the ground and have a good sleep. Is this still his ordinary wolf riding?
Li Qiang immediately broke out in a cold sweat.
And Kuai Yue, who is behind Liu Biao’s army, smiled at this time. "The enemy’s combat power has almost dropped by half, and they can’t escape." To be continued.