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Although the other person’s face is wearing sunglasses,
Ho ho.
39 Ji Yuran Accompanying Wine
Cai Xinyan
What a coincidence that you can meet her when you come to Chinese medicine hospital.
Plain and clean little face passed with a faint surprise. Yanxi thought, Is this the so-called way to go?
I seem to have met Miss Cai Da.
Nothing good will happen every time. Please visit.
On the other hand, Cai Xinyan hastily picked up her own things quickly, and what she was whispering in her heart coincided with Yanxi.
How can I meet someone I know in a Chinese medicine hospital, and it’s still Yan Xi?
Caocao stuffed the medical records and prescription forms into his rhombic bag. Because Cai Xinyan was so rude, the whole paper was flat and messy.
She didn’t know if Yan Xi had read the medical record just now, because Cai Xinyan was visiting a Chinese medicine hospital for the first time, and even the medical record was turned over when she bought something now. The first face was the result of her visit today.
Did you see it or not?
Or how much you saw.
The heart is like a few lead bars tied to it. In general, Cai Xinyan’s face turned pale and she was almost unstable after shaking up.
Wearing bright red nail polish, the five fingers were glued to the white wall, and with her fingers, she accidentally caught some wall ash.
At this moment
Where can Cai Xinyan notice so much?
Even though she and Yanxi said they were not rivals, they were not the kind of people who needed to say hello when they met, so they turned around without saying a word. She left the Chinese medicine hospital in a hurry without taking Chinese medicine.
What can she say to Yanxi?
How are you?
Or ask
Did you just see
It is very dry and hot when the intense golden sunshine spreads all over the earth, but Cai Xinyan feels a cold breath through her soles to the top of her head by the red Audi.
Unconsciously shivering, she quickly hit the door and got into the cab.
Pa took off her face and threw her sunglasses behind the car. She lamented wearing this thing. Isn’t there anything that was recognized by Yanxi?
As far as I can determine, Yanxi recognized herself through the other person’s eyes. Because the two people’s eyes met too quickly, no one would hide half a point.
She really wants to rush back and ask questions.
But in case
If Yanxi didn’t see anything, wouldn’t she expose herself?
Knock down on the steering wheel and get upset. Use French language to describe Cai Xinyan. It didn’t take long time to knead her long hair into a horrible nest.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
A sharp ghost sounds like a broken string, and a sogeum is not the same as usual.
What on earth is she going to do?
We can’t let others know that she is pregnant with an evil seed, and we can’t let Yanzhe’s brother know that the father of the child is in Columbia with them but poor enough to be bbody Huang Yuhan in an off-campus restaurant.
She told her mother that Huang Yuhan’s life is too good to listen to. You know, foreign students are at least qualified to give guests to children, but bboy doesn’t even take benefits from others’ charity.
Can’t stay
Can’t stay
That Yanxi must not stay.
She is a scourge and will ruin her future life.
Brother Yanzhe doesn’t like himself. If he knows that he has played an unbearable one-night stand because he is drunk again, he still has to despise himself more.
The flat chest is like high tide and low tide, and the distance fluctuates. Cai Xinyan’s black pupil turns left and right, and the whites of his eyes are directly filled with blood.
Look like a snake with a lock on its prey is painting its scarlet letter and preparing to launch its own attack.
Who cares about the Zhou family?