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Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, should take immediate action after a while. He will take out the bones of Xuan Tian and shake them. The bones of Xuan Tian The Hunger will jump out of the complications. With him, he will shake the bones of Xuan Tian and shake them. A washbasin-sized blood cell will fly out of them and fall directly on the bones of Xuan Tian after a peristalsis. At that time, the flesh and blood were full and the fur looked no different from ordinary zombies, but it looked quite dull and spiritually poor.

At this moment, Lin Zhao, the son of the corpse demon, collected himself from the bones of Xuantian and the complications of Xuantian The Hunger, and suddenly the light in her eyes seemed to be clever.
Lin Zhaoyi, the corpse demon, said with his fist, "Please order the master!"
"Well, it’s very good!" Wei Ji also nodded after looking at it. "But the strength is too strong. You can just converge your breath and show what you just did!"
"Yes!" Resin magic Lin Zhao in this not many words should be directly.
Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, gathered his breath, and the guard avoided turning into a robe with seven turns and seven changes. The light flashed instantly, turning into a magic monk who often wore a black robe, followed by a crackling explosion, and his body became short and his face became another appearance.
At this time, it seems that Wei Ji-shen’s original rich fairy bearing has been swaying outside, and the master of magic is gloomy, indifferent and overbearing, with a little cruelty in his eyes from time to time.
"I really didn’t expect the master to be so knowledgeable and proficient in Wulin!" Lin Zhao, a corpse demon, has not seen the change of Wei Ji before, but this is the first time to see the process of change. Because Wei Ji did not show the true essence of the thirty-six changes of the highest day, he did not realize that this was an unparalleled feat and an ordinary martial arts technique.
"mortals are strength and wait for no one but monks. It’s not bad for wisdom! All mortal means can play a big role in the fight between monks! " Resin magic Lin Zhao misunderstanding who avoid nature also won’t give him an explanation, so it will follow his meaning to respond to the sentence.
"The host said that it seems that I should pay more attention to this aspect in the future!" Resin magic Lin Zhao added
"Well, let’s forget about this. Let’s go in now!" Said the who avoid lunch first came out from the stealth to the first fork resin magic Lin Zhao nature is to keep the zombie puppet points just follow and eyes out Zhan Zhan Guanghua pay attention to the surrounding movement.
A few steps later, there were three zombies and a spectre. Suddenly, from the ground, bones exploded and they raided towards two people.
But who avoid resin magic Lin Zhao are waiting for people where they will be this little camouflage trick to deceive? At this moment, Wei Ji put up the master’s style, and there was no intention to hand it over to the resin demon Lin Zhao.
Although these four sneak attackers are not new ghosts, they are not deep enough. Among them, the strongest spectre is just the middle of the preconditions, and the three zombies are even more in the early days of the preconditions. Where is this in the eyes of the resin demon Lin Zhao?
The body Xuan Yin blood flame spewed out at that time and kept jumping for joy. Just for a moment, the flesh and blood of the three zombie bodies were shattered and melted into the blood rain all over the sky. The bursting strength blew the bone body into pieces, and it was not like a root. Although there was still some vitality, it was no longer attacking.
At the same time, Lin Zhao, a corpse demon, played a few bullets … … and a big white Mars blaster came out and hit the spectre, which knocked the daylights out of him.
Chapter three hundred and sixteen The first place suspiciously
Chapter three hundred and sixteen The first place suspiciously
After several similar episodes, Lin Zhao, the demon who guards against resin, soon got the first suspected place.
Because this is Wei Ji’s own detection, Wei Ji is familiar with the person who owns the corpse here. A casual glance reveals that it is still there and almost motionless.
When Wei Ji walked past the man according to the established plan in his heart.
Who avoid this action nature is perceived by the man at that time will look up who avoid immediately smile so response is to let the man inexplicable zheng because he never thought that he met such a!
However, for a moment, his heart became alert, because he thought that in many trials, some people reached the end under the guise of climbing the name of a sudden killer. In the end, such people gained a lot, but they were all bones.
If his own strength is insufficient, he will naturally avoid it to ensure his safety. However, he is also a master of arts and daring, but he is fearless. He secretly got together and communicated with his own life. The heady rope can be blasted out at any time. After doing this, he also hung up a faint smile and looked at Weiji. He came over and wanted to see what tricks Weiji would play.
"This is Master Li. You’ve changed shifts!" Wei bogey knew that a post was a warning line for an unfamiliar monk, so he stopped at this distance and said casually, but although he spoke with a smile, his tone of voice was undoubtedly arrogant.
"This Taoist friend is mistaken. My surname is not Li but Wang!" For who avoid this attitude, the heart is naturally quite angry, but he has to endure the back and forth to find out the specific situation, but here he has also made a fool of the fact that his name is not Wang but Ma!
"What friend? I’m your brother!" Who avoid face look at that time, a change reveals a somewhat cold gas "why aren’t you our evil brother? So you want to be here? Did you kill my brother? " When it comes to this, Wei Ji’s face expression has not continued to change greatly, but his eyes are faintly bursting with substantial golden light, which means that if there is a word, he will fight before.
Seeing Wei Ji’s appearance, this brother Ma believes that Wei Ji is not the kind of sneak attack on people by that little trick. After all, that kind of strong and extremely pressure can’t be faked. At this time, he doesn’t want Wei Ji to have a conflict. At that time, his face was warm and he gave a lot of hands. "This brother Marvin, the magic brother in Little Asura, is here because three classmates have made an appointment to meet again. I have been here for quite a while and have never seen your Li Daoyou!"
Wei Ji’s face seemed to believe Marvin’s words after a while, and his expression eased. He once again said, "Did you ever find any strange fluctuations left here when you came here?"
"No, it’s because there is no me that I have an appointment with three classmates to wait here!" Marvin immediately replied.
"Do you know that this is a stronghold of the Dark Demon Sect? People will be sent to change shifts every five days!" Who avoid added
"I don’t know this!" Marvin replied.
"In that case, I won’t pursue your sin of occupying my dark magic stronghold at will!" Who avoid then added, "I hope you can do me a favor now? After the event, my demon Sect will definitely be grateful! "
"This depends!" Ma Wenwen’s face was a bit unhappy at that time, but it passed lightly and replied, "I’m here to wait for my classmates to meet me. They may arrive at any time. I can’t walk around at will now."
"Don’t worry, you don’t need to go somewhere else. You just need to guard this place from being occupied by others!" Wei Ji solemnly said, "I should be here to keep watch, but since the disappearance of Master Li has occurred, other strongholds in the door may also have encountered accidents. I have to go to explore it, but I can’t stay here."
"That’s true, but I have to wait here anyway!" Marvin felt that it was okay to come anyway, it was a white gain, not a white one! However, he didn’t want to be too submissive and lose his face in front of Wei Ji, so he added, "But I hope it won’t be too long, because once my brother and sister come over, we will go into the cave together to find Jiuyou grass!"
"Is it not nine deep and remote grass? There’s still a lot to accumulate. If you can hold on here for me and wait for me to come back, the Evil Sect will never spare a few plants of nine secluded grasses! It’s much easier to think about this than to search around in it! " Who avoid smell speech immediately answered the surface is full of proud shore color.
But this time Marvin didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and forced out a smile. "Thank you so much, brother. Please rest assured that I will never allow others to set foot in this place!"
"well! So good! " Who avoid nodded his head, and then his body flashed and he turned into a light and shot at the depths of the fork, and the resin demon Lin Zhao, a disguised zombie puppet, naturally did the same.
Turning a corner, I’m sure that Marvin will never see the two defenders again. Avoid immediately saying, "Disappear into shape at once. Let’s quietly cover up and observe whether Marvin is telling the truth!" Said who avoid should incarnate evil wind to reverse out.
"Yes!" As soon as the corpse demon Lin Zhao responded, he secretly lamented, "I knew it was like this. I, as a master, am more like a magic middleman than I am. I never trust people’s words, but it’s all right so that people can achieve great things and I can rest assured!"
Turning the mind in my heart, the resin demon Lin Zhaodong is not slow, but only a little slower, and then he chased it away.
Chapter three hundred and seventeen Yin devil brother
Chapter three hundred and seventeen Yin devil brother
Who avoid resin magic Lin Zhao qi qi rotating near the first place suspiciously hidden quietly waiting to watch Marvin to see if it has a strange move.
Peter said Marvin heard Wei Ji’s righteous words, and he had no doubt about his identity as the younger brother of the demon. Where did he know that Wei Ji was a fake? After winning the promise of generous benefits such as Wei Ji Jiu You Cao, he really stood there waiting for his brothers and sisters to meet. While paying attention to the movement of the quartet.
However, Marvin’s attention is not entirely due to Wei Ji’s promise, but from it, he hears that there may be something unusual in this place. How many clues do you want to find out to see if there are any more bargains to pick up? No, it’s just that he will naturally be honest and avoid seeing the nine secluded grass that the gatekeeper is anchored. If there is one, he won’t be polite and will definitely take the lead first!
Yu Yinmo Sect’s follow-up revenge on Marvin won’t care. Anyway, Xiao Asura’s magic religion is also a medium sect, and the six magic sects’ vassal strength doesn’t want him to get benefits. Asura’s magic religion will naturally protect him vigorously.
At the beginning, Marvin still watched with his eyes. After a while, he found that other monks nearby came here and there were some zombies and ghosts. After a sudden enlargement, he secretly released his mind and searched inch by inch, hoping to find clues.
Marvin was so naturally seen by Wei Ji and the corpse demon Lin Zhao. Seeing this, the corpse demon Lin Zhao secretly said, "Master, I really don’t know what Marvin looks like. Let’s hurry to the family!"
"Don’t wait!" Therefore, it is beneficial to do things in its own way, so Wei Ji strives to do it in case of loss. He did not agree with the corpse demon Lin Zhaoyi, but chose to wait and see for a period of childhood.
After a while, Marvin’s action was still guarded, and he suspected that he had ordered a "go!" Literally, Lin Zhao, a corpse demon, naturally follows closely.
In-depth turning around two small forks, the corpse demon Lin Zhao approached the second place, and the suspicious two people watched the four outer five people, and each of them showed their shapes and settled their emotions. They walked forward in accordance with the former method, but when they left, they found that there were more than ten ghosts and ghosts in this place, flying around here.
For this reason, it is not clear whether the original resident left on his own or was killed by these ghosts and spectres. If the former, there must be no trees of Yin and Yang growing near this place. If the latter, it will happen. After all, don’t say it’s a demon Sect, even if it’s a fairy Buddha, it’s impossible to calculate all accidents.
But there is a glimmer of hope that Wei Ji won’t face such a situation hastily. Wei Ji naturally has a choice to arrest and torture!
Wei Ji ordered "Lin Zhao to start work!"
Smell this resin magic Lin Zhao immediately flew in front of the bones and light spirit god net, and a white light smoke mist was thrown at that time towards the more than ten ghosts and spectres.
These ghosts and spectres are all monks or monster beasts, and they are mixed with mysterious yin and qi. When the corpse is formed, the soul and wisdom are all lost. If the special chance meets or the practice is restored to a certain level, they know that killing with one intention does not know the principle of seeking good fortune and avoiding evil. Therefore, they see that the bones and the light spirit network suddenly cover up, but they don’t panic. One by one, they all rushed over to tear up the bones and the light spirit network and have a meal.
However, the material of Bones Light Spirit God Net is stronger than Wei Ji’s, and it is only by the magic weapon of blood spirit hairpin that Wei will explode these ghosts and spectres. All of them are low-level spirits or even ordinary instruments. Where can they be damaged?
These ghosts and spectres have seen their own efforts, but they are getting more and more violent, screaming and screaming. At the same time, they have their own talents when they are forming, and they have bombarded the bones and light spirits. These abilities are flame, thunder, and shock wave.
All kinds of magical powers burst in the bones and light spirit network, but the bones and light spirit network is just like the blue sea dam, and there is not even the slightest sign of loosening.
Resin magic Lin Zhao bones light spirit god net trapped the ghosts and spectres, and then read the formula and reached a finger. Immediately, bones light spirit god net meditated with white light "before", and even the white bones were crisscrossed in the net, and some of them were corpses.
Bones firm but gentle which passes was then dismembered into several pieces. Ghosts and spectres were once again transported to the natural secret method and reassembled. However, it is obvious that every ghost and spectre has weakened a lot, and they dare not attack bones and light spirits again.