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"Li Heng" mocked and looked at Xiang Ye, who was almost furious. Now Xiang Ye is like losing his mind. He is desperately attacking this corpse king octopus, but there is no root.

"Waste want revenge? Now I tell you that I killed your family and all the people in Qingyuan Village. The Li family are now living comfortably in an safe place, and your mother and the Zhong family and all the Wangs have been killed by the old man. Haha, it’s so cool. See if there are any demons in my hands?"
"Li Heng" said that his face had already appeared a grimace at this time, and suddenly he threw away his black veil and said to Xiang Ye, "I just want to make you sad, to make your heart ache and let everyone around you die in front of your eyes."
"Roar …" A stuffy hum has come from Xiang Ye’s mouth.
Eyes are red with blood or an attack on the corpse king octopus. Although every time the science hammer falls on it, it can smash a big hole, but this corpse king octopus can return to normal in an instant, especially now that he is personally controlled by Li Heng, there is no problem, which actually blocks all attacks in Xiang Ye.
Just after Ye Xiang’s attack, a "smoke" and a "shade" wind and a "black" color "banner have appeared at the corner of Li Heng’s mouth.
After the appearance of this small banner, a black’ color’ flash was controlled by’ Li Heng’ and’ Fuck’. Suddenly, Xiang Ye attacked and came to the small banner. A ghost head as dark as ink had climbed out and opened its mouth to Xiang Ye’s neck.
Li Heng’s combat experience is extremely rich. Choosing this time is just the time when Ye Xiang tried his best to succeed. At this time, the tentacles of the ghost also increased the strength. Ye Xiang’s defense mask broke with a slight "crack".
Ghost head saw this scene face’ dew’ out of the people’ sex’ excited to Xiang Ye neck is a good bite.
This actually directly hit Xiang Ye’s neck, and Xiang Ye’s half neck has been bitten off. Blood gushed out toward the outside like a spring.
See here’ Li Heng’ first one leng, then a deep surprise. He didn’t think that this trick really worked. The other half of the neck was directly bitten off. The base was already * * destroyed, so there was only one soul left. Even if Xiang Ye’s soul body is level 9 now, he won’t be afraid.
In fact, after Ye Xiangcai entered the well,’ Li Heng’ had been discovered in the ancient well, especially when he saw Ye Xiang’s looming nine-level monk breath. He even had a chill, and he finally found an excellent restoration place. He didn’t expect the other party to chase after him like a tarsal maggot. He thought that he could rely on this corpse king octopus to stop the other party and then take the opportunity to escape.
But he didn’t expect that Xiang Ye, with amazing strength, could hardly solve this little corpse king octopus, who wanted to escape immediately. He turned around and came back. After he had octopus, Ji was in an invincible position. Wouldn’t it be better to find a chance to solve this annoying guy?
I didn’t expect his idea to come true now. At this time, Xiang Ye’s body has slowly fallen to the ground and I don’t know how much blood has flowed.
Reacting from great ecstasy,’ Li Heng’ suddenly thought of exterminating the other party’s’ flesh’ body and must not let go of the other party’s soul body, so his body movement has appeared beside Xiang Ye’s body and waved the evocation banner to seal this piece to prevent Xiang Ye’s soul body from escaping.
However, what makes him feel a little puzzled is that Xiang Ye’s soul body has not yet appeared, and the ground is still the body that is constantly’ pumping’.
"I’ve seen enough. My illusion can also put …"
A chilling sound sounded from behind’ Li Heng’, making a face of doubt’ confused’ and’ Li Heng’ surge of instantaneous source force to fly towards the corpse king octopus.
But it’s too late. A huge ancient copper’ color’ clock has appeared on his head, with its mouth pointed at his head.
"Hum …"
A wave of shape and soul force moved along the clock and directly got into his body, which made his body start Li Heng. At the same time, a pair of huge green palms appeared in the middle, which made Li Heng’s pupil limit enlarge.
Chapter six hundred and thirty-two Explosive
//"Damn it …" At this time, "Li Heng" had this idea in his heart.
After devouring Li Heng’s soul body, now this fusion body naturally knows what Xiang Ye’s move is. He has attacked his face with a panic. This soul force attack power has not been received less before, and now he has been caught again.
In my mind, the severe pain has just eased at that time.’ Li Heng’ body horse moved to escape behind this corpse king octopus.
But seize the opportunity, Xiang Ye will naturally not let him go. "Hum, don’t run away."
The huge palm with a strong force "wave" directly fell on his body and he was about to escape. "Li Heng" has been firmly grasped, and the power of Ye Xiang’s force hand is far greater than that of the octopus’s two tentacles, and he immediately launched a force when he fell on "Li Heng" 3.
See trapped Li Heng’s face has been flushed with suppression. This level of force attack is not something he can break free and add other repairs. It’s not over yet. Ye Xianggen has not recovered to the level 9 state.
Livid’ Li Heng’ gave an order to the sluggish corpse king octopus, and the octopus monster immediately moved towards him.
Xiang Ye has not been idle. He is still more concerned about the octopus monster. At this moment, when he sees Li Heng, he wants the octopus monster to come over and naturally intercept it.
A whisking dragon magic clock in the blink of an eye has been enlarged to the extreme, and the whole channel is also occupied by it. At this time, it is a delusion to want to come and rescue’ Li Heng’.
See’ Li Heng’ was blocked by the dragon magic clock behind and blocked by himself in front. Xiang Ye’s malicious’ color’ at the corner of his mouth is more and more important. Just now, when the other party spoke, his murder popped out directly from his eyes.
"In fact, I have already guessed Qingyuan Village and you have your trust that I will take revenge on them." Xiang Ye said calmly at the moment.
The broadsword has been flashing with a burst of dim light to fly to Li Heng, who is firmly tied up. At this moment, the face "color" is finally hard to see the pole.
"Straight …"
A sound has reached Xiang Ye’s ear. He looks up and the broadsword has disappeared into Li Hengti.
"Ah …"
The squeal screams also come from each other’s mouths at the same time. After all, Li Heng is not the head of the corpse. Wang Zhang’s waist knife can absorb his’ fine’ blood in his body. Ye Xiang wants to make him stunned.
"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
Seeing that’ sex’ is doomed,’ Li Heng’ is pleading again at this moment. However, Xiang Ye’s face is still not showing as if he doesn’t care about his appearance.
Sure enough, after seeing here, Li Heng’s eyes have been "exposed" to the madness of God. At the moment, a three-inch soul body haunted by black gas has appeared in the middle. Li Heng’s body trapped by Ye Xiang’s big hand has withered and collapsed to the ground like a pile of rotten meat.
Then the broadsword also slowly emerged.
Xiang Ye looked at the bitter soul in the face and was about to move when a taunt was about to move. The perfect black spirit soul had already held a small banner and fled to the distance in the blink of an eye and had disappeared into Xiang Ye’s field of vision. It was the life-saving skills of the monk soul that teleported.
But Xiang Ye didn’t regret a wave of his hand and put away the hammer, dragon and magic clock of science, ignoring that no one was accused of being a pile of rotten’ meat’, and the octopus shape of the corpse king also disappeared in situ in a flash.
Ye Xiangyin has appeared outside the wellhead in a few minutes, and his powerful soul force has been firmly locked in Li Heng’s soul body.
Seeing Xiang Ye also appeared outside the wellhead, Li Heng’s soul and body’ color’ malicious crime said, "Xiang Ye must retaliate for ruining my good deeds for three transgressions and five times."
Ye Xiangwei smiled when he looked at his soul not far away. At this time, the soul should have recognized the well and easily avoided Xiang Ye’s killing. "I’m afraid you didn’t have the chance to get revenge once and let you escape. Did I make the same mistake this time?" After saying this sentence, Xiang Ye didn’t try to attack in a hurry, but looked at each other with a leisurely face and tried to escape.
Adding it to the opposite Xiang Ye is like this. Li Heng’s soul body is despised. "It’s so rampant and small. If it weren’t for the restoration of the seat, it should be waiting for you to run for your life now …"
After that, he disappeared directly in the same place, and when he reappeared, it was already a hundred feet away, and then the soul body outside the hundred feet disappeared in the middle again
There, Xiang Ye watched the soul teleport, and a force flashed and disappeared into the original place. At this time, a gray’ color’ silk thread appeared in the shuttle and left a faint trace all the way, slowly dissipating from behind.
But after the second teleport appeared, the soul turned around and found that Xiang Ye had disappeared behind him. He was puzzled that his own degree was teleport. Can the other party teleport? Impossible unless this person is …
Just as Li Heng’s soul body was looking for Xiang Ye, the gray’ color’ silk thread had stayed beside the soul body, and then Xiang Ye’s body had slowly appeared.
"So much for teleportation …" Followed by Xiang Ye’s emotionless sound.
At this moment, the soul body finally couldn’t conceal its great fear. Looking at Xiang Ye’s pitiful eyes, the soul body figure once again disappeared in situ.
But in situ Xiang Ye also once again turned the gray’ color’ silk thread in the direction of the soul body.