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Especially Yu yat sen villa, is she a bit like a wife? Does she look happy that her husband is in prison? Have a little conscience! She didn’t even ask him when he came back! Talking and laughing with Gong Jintian is simply hateful!

"Why be silly? Go to the kitchen and get a chopstick and a bowl. "A pill swallowed over yat sen villa and rinsed a piece of mutton, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Zhuo Xuanyu still standing beside him and said stupidly.
"Yu yat sen villa!" Zhuo Xuanyu’s low drink and anger instantly lowered the air pressure in the whole room. Yu Yat Sen was shocked. Chopsticks and mutton fell into the pot without being clamped firmly. She looked up at Zhuo Xuanyu and saw his black face gnashing his teeth like a husband coming home and seeing his wife lying in a bed with another man.
Yu yat sen villa blinked. "What is this?" She looks rather kooky, comparing the psycho with him.
This makes ZhuoXuanYu more angry "yat sen villa I am going to jail! Even if you didn’t pick me up, you still eat and drink at home. When I come back, I don’t ask-are you being a wife? !”
Yu yat sen villa put chopsticks into the pot and fished for a long time, but he didn’t get the piece of mutton out. The mutton had been boiled into slag.
She looked at Zhuo Xuanyu again with a face of regret. "But you will be fine. Didn’t you say before? The man will leave a clue if he acts again. If Luo Jing is not stupid, he can track down the real murderer."
"So you can eat and drink at home with peace of mind?" Zhuo Xuanyu was so angry that his hair stood on end.
"I don’t feel at ease. I just eat when I’m hungry." Yu Yat-sen looked sorry. "Besides, didn’t A Ping already pick you up?"
"… Yu yat sen villa!" ZhuoXuanYu low drink yat sen villa immediately scampered up "okay, okay, don’t be angry, I’ll get you a bowl of chopsticks you sit you sit!" When she finished, she ran into the kitchen. Gong Jintian laughed so hard that she almost knocked over her chopsticks, but the cold ice continued to eat without changing color.
"Zhuo less you don’t difficult to yat sen villa, she also just got back soon, the company is a pile of disorderly stand, she is also a terrible that Fang Yao is really impolite and put up with yat sen villa" Gong Jintian laughed enough to see yat sen villa like a doormat kannika nimtragol holding chopsticks to serve Zhuo Xuanyu could not help but say.
"Isn’t there Xue Qiaoxin? He still can’t handle this? " ZhuoXuanYu anger slightly reduced "what about you? Did you investigate and report me to the director? "
"Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to eat hot pot here easily." Gong Jintian smiled proudly. "You’ll never think who this person is."
"What can make the police chief care so much about putting pressure on Luo Jing? Naturally, it is a lover, either an official or a close person with the police chief." Zhuo Xuanyu was satisfied with the bite of Yu Yat sen villa and calmly analyzed the meat in his bowl.
"It’s the mayor of officialdom, Zhuang Gai. He called the police chief yesterday afternoon, saying that the cloud is looking forward to this case," Gong Jintian said.
"Zhuang Gai?" Zhuo Xuanyu is a little puzzled that he thinks that the former mayor of Zhuang is not bad. If necessary, he has cooperated with Chase, the mayor of S city who pays taxes, and he is also kind to him. Even if he is not a Chase eo Zhuang Gai now, there is no need to suppress him in such a hurry, right?
"If I can’t think of the reason, I’ll wake you up." Gong Jintian smiled strangely. He glanced at Yu Yat Sen before slowly continuing. "Zhuang Gai had an only daughter named Zhuang Yingying who had a party a year ago. She wanted to be your date and you refused."
"…" Zhuo Xuanyu finally remembered the woman with a face of makeup. He wanted to sneeze when he was near, so how could he want her to be a date? The woman seemed to have said that she wanted to be his girlfriend at that time, and he sternly refused …
Sitting beside Zhuo Xuanyu, Yu Yat-sen also realized that "the mayor’s daughter’s courtship was rejected and she took advantage of this opportunity with resentment?"
"Yes, but ZhuangYingying naturally won’t remind me of hatred a year ago. Naturally, someone ordered her." Gong Jintian added.
"That man" Zhuo Xuanyu sneered. "Who is it that finally gives the clues?"
"Zhuang Yingying went to Min Anxun’s law office in the afternoon. I guess Min Anxun is the man," Gong Jintian affirmed.
Yu yat sen villa frowned. "But it is also possible that Lawyer Min has it with that person, right?"
"I investigated Min Anxun’s life experience. He was not adopted by the Min family. The Min family and his wife picked him up in the suburb of S 20 years ago. At that time, Min Anxun was five or six years old and covered in injuries, which was exactly the same as the disappearance of Xu Caixia’s son." Gong Jintian looked at Zhuo Xuanyu. "At that time, Min Anxun was not young. He should have remembered what happened in that year and had been thinking about revenge."
"Over the years, he has been planning the cloud. It is also his intention to enter the Chase Company. My younger brother is really not simple." Zhuo Xuanyu looked at Yu Yat Sen in a chill. "So he approached you on purpose. You always think that he is a good man and was almost chewed into bones by others."
Yu yat sen villa hard didn’t speak.
"Min Anxun is very capable. He should have investigated Zhuo Qinghe very early, so you also know Zhuo Jiahe’s grievances. At the same time, you also know that Yu Yat Sen is planning revenge. He intends to benefit Yu Yat Sen." Gong Jintian looked at Yu Yat Sen’s face with some doubts. "But I don’t know that Yu Yat Sen has been in the United States. How did he know that Yu Yat Sen did everything?"
"I met Min Anxun once in the United States when I was in college. He said that he was traveling. Later, Min Tianya told me that Min Anxun came to see me on purpose, and he had my photo when I was still in high school 12 years ago, and Min Anxun explained that he was infatuated with me." Yu Yat-sen said the secret in his heart.
ZhuoXuanYu face black again "when you were in high school, he stared at you? This pervert! How dare he! " Zhuo Xuanyu was furious. "He stared at you twelve years ago?"
"Ahem, Zhuo Shao, don’t get excited. It seems that Min Anxun has been planning this for more than ten years. When he was looking for Yu Yat Sen, maybe he didn’t know about Zhuo Jia and Yu Jia’s grievances. I think that’s because Yu Yat Sen and Zhuo Shao were engaged at that time. Min Anxun would deliberately note that everyone around you, Mr. Zhuo sent someone to kill him, but you lived a glamorous life, which made him have a terrible hatred for you." Gong Jintian continued to analyze and the situation became more and more lang.
"He told me that Zhuo Jiasuo soon found out about Zhuo Jiasuo and Yu Jiasuo. At that time, I was also investigating the grievances of the two families abroad, and he just followed suit and helped me find out everything, which gave me the motivation for revenge. At this time, he and I were allies," Yu Yat-sen went on to Gong Jintian.
"Later, when you married Zhuo Shao, he asked Yun Panpan to find a way to separate you because he wanted Zhuo Shao to marry Yun Panpan for a painful life. At this time, he hasn’t thought about targeting you, perhaps because you saved his sister Min Tianya or because he has some feelings for you." Gong Jintian said while looking at Zhuo Xuanyu.
Sure enough, he sipped his lips and took a murderous look.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two See you are a pervert
Yu yat sen villa also felt her ha ha a smile "ha I’m not his enemy, how could he want to deal with me? You think too much about Gong Jintian! " Yu yat sen villa is even more afraid to say that Min Anxun once called anonymous words to ask her for a divorce, otherwise Zhuo Xuanyu can rush out and blow Min Anxun’s head off now.
"It is true that he regards you as an ally, but after the feud between the two families disappears, you and Zhuo Shao are quite a family. Min Anxun also regards you as a target at this time, or like Zhuo Shao’s previous analysis, his goal is Datong Group because of his Zhuo family’s natural recognition that Datong should be him." After this analysis, everyone can understand Min Anxun’s continuous visit.
"Want to get chase? I’m afraid he will be disappointed. "Zhuo Xuanyu took a sip of juice and his face glowed with cold light. He didn’t hate that man as his brother, but now the thought of that man staring at Yu Yat sen villa more than ten years ago makes him feel scared and wants to gouge out his eyes.
"According to my investigation, there are Feng Shaojie, Fang Yao and Zhuang Yingying who are helping him to buy stocks. I don’t know the specific shares now, but I’m afraid there are also many Zhuo Shao who are ready to deal with them." Gong Jintian couldn’t help but wake up.
"Hum something" Zhuo Xuanyu didn’t care about the contempt look as if he was going to face a small ant.
"Boiled," Lengbing poked the leaves in the hot pot and said with a frown while the three men were discussing it.
"… eat first and then talk." Yu yat sen villa quickly said that she didn’t want to continue Min Anxun’s topic, which made her feel depressed. He had been benefiting her.
After dinner, Jin Tianhe in the harem washed the dishes and washed the pots with cold ice, while Yu Yat Sen was carried upstairs by Zhuo Xuanyu. He threw her into the bed and stared at her sharply while pulling his tie at the bedside.
Yu yat sen villa squatting in bed was staring all over the hair "ZhuoXuanYu what are you doing? Well, it’s a bit wrong for you to stay in prison and I didn’t pick you up for hot pot at home. Apologize to me, okay? "
"I am angry is this? What did you and Min Anxun not tell me before? " ZhuoXuanYu Yin face seems to be torture.
Section 59
"What’s there to say about this? It’s just that I didn’t tell the story of a boy who secretly loved me since childhood." Yu Yat sen villa shrank her neck and felt something was wrong.
"Ha ha young has a crush on you since childhood? You believe it? Don’t you feel creepy that he stared at you and photographed you when you were a child and followed you to America? He can chase you to America but he doesn’t have the courage to confess. You believe that, too Are you filming a TV play? " Zhuo Xuanyu said more and more, the water in the air outlet was sprayed out and sprayed on Yu Yat sen villa’s face.
Yu yat sen villa carefully touched his face. "Hehe, where did I think so much and Min Anxun doesn’t look like a pervert at ordinary times?"
"How do I look like? Do you cling to you when you have nothing to do all day? Sticking to you when others are fine? Who wants you but me? With this, Min Anxun has a problem! " Zhuo Xuanyu continued to curse.
Yu yat sen villa turned black. "I don’t like to hear this. What do you mean, nobody wants me except you? You mean everyone is a pervert except you?" What logic is this!
"Otherwise?" Zhuo Xuanyu snorted, "You are ugly and have a bad temper. Of course, you are rich now. If you are not a pervert, you are a gigolo."