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Wen Leyang stopped. He didn’t run slowly, but compared with Jiao, the former was a silkworm baby and the latter was like a thunderhawk.

Jiao’s intelligence is not high. In extreme joy, he kept licking Wen Leyang’s face with his tongue greedily and didn’t swallow him in a hurry.
Liu Zheng this just prick the hand and prick the foot jump to follow two legs a soft fall to the ground mouth constantly blame WenLeYang.
Wen Leyang was dying this time, regardless of his tongue. He turned back and asked Liu Zheng, "Let’s go over the wall together. Will you tell me if you fall into the big cesspit?"
Liu Zheng kept holding the sword in his hand and summoning the head to be dark with a piece of Kunlun Excalibur’s face, but he was more affectionate than he wanted to and didn’t want to shake his head. "I’m sure I won’t say that we are in the same boat!"
WenLeYang laughed "that is you don’t complain! Besides, I really threw you a dumpling and swallowed you in one bite. Maybe now that we met, I’m sure I can’t run away from it to eat meat. "
Wenleyang smiled and made a sound of joy and goo goo, which made people feel creepy. Then the sky was full of Excalibur and the rain was bold and unrestrained, and the head covered the dumpling!
While drooling, Jiao was considerate and propped up his wings to protect his silvery white snake body above Wenleyang’s head, but it was exposed to the sword rain for a while. Although the sword of Kunlun Excalibur was sharper than that of Liu Zheng, the small head owner, could not command the root to hurt this Jiao! If the commander of the sword array is his master’s naive person, Jiao may still be afraid of three points.
Liu Zheng pointed to Jiao’s wings with a wry smile and said to Wen Leyang, "This monster doesn’t seem to like stuffing!"
Wen Leyang sighed, "I’m going to die. You must try to catch the three flavors!"
Liu Zheng bah. "I’d like to arrest me. Is that the case?" As he spoke, he took out a charm and carefully attached it to himself. Each charm ignited several layers of fire after an earthquake and then turned into ashes and fell to the ground.
Gu Jiaogen licked Wenleyang’s snake letter coldly from the left cheek to the right cheek regardless of the angry sword rain. Suddenly, a dark red arc suddenly exploded in front of Wenleyang, and mercilessly stung the thick snake letter. A surprised letter returned to my mouth. I stood on Wenleyang’s shoulder with my head held high and shouted angrily for two times. It fell flat after a deep sleep …
Of course, I won’t be afraid of it. It’s still a larval fire poison. After being frightened, Zun flew into a rage. His tongue snapped and he was falling off me. Then he sent Wen Leyang to his mouth. At the same time, he roared a pair of hands and flashed in the middle. He caught Jiao’s cold and greasy tongue. Immediately, he felt that the snake letter was shaking and his roots were shaking, so he could imagine more ways to resist the massive force crashing in his palm. It seemed that he was not grasping the snake letter but a pack of grenades.
When Jiao shook his tongue, Wen Leyang felt that the tide of life and death was scattered and screamed. Wow, all the fingers of his hands were cracked by Juli, and the whole person fell backwards!
Jiao Tong broke free from his tongue and shook me out at the same time. In anger, he never hesitated to stick out his head and bite Wen Leyang’s body like a flash. At this moment, the virulence of life and death is scattered into pieces, and he has no strength to dodge. He can watch Jiao Tong’s maw flash and I am so angry that I roar to the extreme that I drown out the sword rain all over the sky!
Suddenly neck collar a tight!
A huge force pulled Wenleyang abruptly out of the snake kiss. The small head Liu Zheng was really faster than a flash, so he took Wenleyang and flew back quickly.
The dumpling roared with anger, and its wings spread out, and it chased me from beginning to end. In the middle of the body, it curled up and slammed tightly in the mouth of the dumpling body. Suddenly, the anger has turned into a scream and the red color is getting brighter and brighter in the insect body. From a distance, it looks like a jump flame. I am about to roll up the burning flame!
Wenleyang and Jiao looked at me at a distance of only tens of meters, which angered me. I still couldn’t help but shake my head and sigh. Even if I broke the cocoon into a butterfly and turned it into a fire poison, I am afraid that the Buddha lamp is fragile in front of the poor Jiao, but it is finally a good thing for me to become a worm king. It’s not worth dying for myself … Don’t be angry with me for upgrading.
Liu Zheng pulled Wenleyang to pick me up at the front, followed by the Kunlun Excalibur, and finally passed by in a relatively flat valley like the wind!
Liu Zheng’s rush doesn’t prevent him from speaking. His achievement method is that Taoism is really supportive, but the sound is more nai and tired. "I’m afraid I can’t support it for long. Do you have anything to say now!"
Wen Leyang gave a wry smile. Everyone is not stupid. Liu Zheng’s meaning is white. Without his roots, it won’t take long to do it. It’s not to save Wen Leyang. It’s because he grabbed a last word and got a chance to say it before he died. Maybe it’s also a kind of happiness!
Parents? Four grandfathers? Uncle? Xiao Yimu Mu? Raccoon dog? Wen Leyang was dumbfounded and couldn’t say anything. Last words, like opportunities, are always reserved for those who are prepared.
Not long after, Liu Zheng suddenly fell to the ground. Before he fell, he suddenly threw Wenleyang far away with his arms. When Jiao saw that Liu Zheng had fallen off his huge wings, his figure was a little slow for a moment. It seemed that his meal was a conspiracy, and the Kunlun Excalibur was chasing all over the sky behind him, but he rushed to Jiao without mercy, but the root method lifted it even the smallest scale.
I still scream and scream like a sharp dagger, rowing hard towards the sky! Even the most knowledgeable and well-informed people in the world will never believe that it seems to break the heavens and the earth and it comes from a worm.
A drunk, furious, crazy bug!
No one noticed that the sky had turned into a dark, dark and crimson sky, as if a big fire was burning and several angry flames were rolling!
After a moment’s delay, Jiao picked up speed again, just like an arrow shot by Hou Yi, which jumped straight at Wenleyang with its maw open, and the red wind swept up in the excitement of the monster!
Wenleyang hates that he didn’t bring a dynamite bag with him. His eyes are cracked and he looks at the ferocious dumpling. Just as the teeth of the dumpling have wiped his scalp, the blood color suddenly explodes in Wenleyang’s pupil, and heaven and earth are full of fiery red! To be continued, if you want to know the funeral, please visit the chapter for more.
Chapter 26 Excalibur
Heaven and earth are red!
The washbasin is not big enough to swallow a person.
The dumpling has bitten Wen Leyang’s sharp fangs, but it has cut Wen Leyang’s scalp maw, but it has not been closed as maliciously as expected. It is so big that 246 fangs are embedded in his body with his mouth open, so he should bite the snake kiss, just like an unexploded shell swinging with great force and slamming into Wen Leyang’s arms.
Wenleyang pricked his hand and stuck his foot and hugged Jiao’s head. He fell back abruptly and was smashed for dozens of meters before he finally fell heavily to the ground. Whether it was a giant tree or a rock, he smashed the ground and left a mottled blood line …
Wenleyang bit the tip of his tongue and tried to keep himself from falling into a coma. Although the huge dumpling head in his arms was heavy, it was still gaping. Soon Wenleyang was surprised to find that the dumpling had a head left! It’s more than ten meters long, and it’s pounding in the distance, and a huge red sword several stories high is curling up and burning the sky, and it’s majestic and obliquely inserted in the ground!
The sword body is engraved with four simple and heavy Chinese characters, golden fire bells!
Several Excalibur handles in Kunlun Road are far away, and occasionally a low shock sounds as if I were a minister.
Wen Leyang could hardly believe everything in front of him, especially when he wanted to take out the powder for healing and took out a carrot …
Liu Zheng, the small head, just now a horse fell to the ground, and his face was almost flattened. He was looking at the giant sword, hey hey, smirking, unable to conceal his excitement.
The flaming fire bell quickly went out, and the red blade gradually dimmed, and it became the towering and stalwart appearance that Wenleyang had seen in the pin nest, but he was somewhat lonely and unwilling, not as arrogant as he had just swallowed the flaming fire.
Wenleyang almost tried his best to push the big snake head embedded in his arms while absentmindedly splashing powder on his belly and stumbling towards the giant sword and Liu Zheng
Even if he didn’t see what happened, he can now make a sudden arrival of the golden bell. The sword cut off the bronze and iron frame, and even the Wan Jian of Kunlun was able to kill the dumpling neck without delay, which saved his life.
Liu Zheng’s face was gray, but when he saw Wen Leyang coming, he still couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised. "I am successful in my magic!"
Wenleyang was afraid that he was crazy, so he quickly got a little pure heart to wake up and the powder bounced into his nostrils.
Liu Zhengyi stayed "What are you doing?"
Wen Leyang coughed but didn’t delay a bad smile on his face. "Are you successful?"
Liu Zheng immediately crossed to nod and reach a finger behind the golden fire bell "This Excalibur should curse me after the Wan Jian in Kunlun and the sword cut down the dumpling …"
Wen Leyang Bai Liu Zheng regards the golden bell as his own calling place, laughing and telling him that this sword is not buried in Kunlun Mountain at all, but hidden in the golden nest.
Liu Zheng is still holding a little bit of luck and playing the fool. "I even called the Excalibur in Qilian Mountain?"
Wen Leyang gave him an oblique look, and this time he was not polite at all. "Is it fun to fool yourself?"
Liu Zheng wry smile on her face "that this sword? You called the land? " He also knows that if this sword is really called by himself, it will be haunted, and it is not an ordinary ghost.
Wenleyang shook his head and didn’t speak. Suddenly, the golden fire bell sounded a burst of light, like a dragonfly shaking its wings and showing a heartfelt joy and comfort!
A large piece of Kunlun Excalibur immediately flew into the sky, as if the giant sword in front of it was a murderous sword with outstanding achievements. The king made them more admired and genuinely afraid.
Liu Zheng and Wenleyang brothers got a fright at the same time, stumbled back and immediately found me. I was curled up and climbed the sword with alacrity, and the vibration of the sword seemed to have killed the worm.
It’s not slow for me to climb, but I’ve been painting dragons all the way from time to time. It took me a long time to climb to the hilt. I stood tall and fat and shouted at Wenleyang desperately, as if calling him to look over quickly.
After attracting the audience’s attention, my body gave me a violent shock, and I suddenly trembled as fast as I did. The frequency can piss off the best belly dancer in the desert, but it looks clumsy and ridiculous.
Just as I was dancing belly dance in front of Wen Leyang, the golden bell suddenly gave out a huge sword with a bang, a bang and a crisp sound, and quickly trembled with me, dancing together with a worm and a sword!
The sky was quietly suspended, and when the Kunlun Excalibur blew up its nest, it seemed like a few stupid quails suddenly found the falcon not far away, flying around and screaming like begging for mercy!
Swordsman, celebrity, golden fire bell, head held high, the mountains and rivers of Kunlun Mountain, Wan Jian dare not compete!
The bug named me … just a drunken maniac who is belly dancing …
Wenleyang and Liu Zhengzheng, the small head, looked at the bug until it was so inebriated that the giant sword fell asleep from the hilt and stopped vibrating in a violent whistling!
At the moment, no one noticed that a lux crack was creeping quietly at the intersection of heaven and earth in the far distance. He turned his head and looked at each other. Liu Zheng stammered and pointed to the worm. "Sword … is it attracted?"
Wen Leyang wanted to nod and felt incredible. His head shook sideways for two times. "I seemed to get along well with the golden bell when I was selling the golden nest."
I didn’t follow Wen Leyang into the stone forest in the golden nest. When Wen Leyang came back, I was already intimate with the giant sword. No, when Wen Leyang and others left the ground, I turned around one step at a time, and the golden bell also sounded long …