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Hit a dark golden palm print with one hand, and cover the sky in the suspension of Sifang aura, and cover all the rolling magic clouds in it.

It is said that heaven and earth can crush big handprints, and the power is poor!
Fighting for the ribs and breaking Xia Qi’s desperate efforts to display it, it seems that the real world will collapse and return to chaos, making everyone look scared!
"Tie the dragon rope!"
That’s not just anger. Xia Qi is really desperate. Seeing my little girl injured, he is desperate for life and death at the moment! A horrible hand print hits day order’s magic weapon and binds the dragon rope like a dragon sweeping away from it towards Liu Chong!
"Booming …!"
The violent explosion eclipsed the heavens and the earth, and the magic cloud rolled and was smashed by the big handprint. Pieces of debris were broken and dissipated, and the magic gas heavy scale collapsed again and again!
This is really a big hand print, and even the sky is broken!
"Ah …! It’s impossible! It’s impossible! How did this happen? I’m going to kill you! "
The magic gas crumbles, the palm print dissipates, and there are still cracks in the sky, deep and dark, and I don’t know its end. Liu Chong vomited blood and turned pale and fell from it. He couldn’t believe the roar in his mouth, and the whole person was possessed!
"Hua …!"
But this time the dragon rope has swept from the horizon!
The dragon is tied and the dragon is generally swept from the horizon, and everything that passes by is unstoppable. The wall collapses, the boulder collapses, and the dragon is tied and the dragon is destroyed.
This scene shocked all monks!
Everyone didn’t expect Liu Chong to lose! More didn’t think Liu Chong was defeated after Xia Qi was merciless and wanted to kill him in this Aoki city!
This is crazy. Everyone knows that Liunan, the old duke of Aoki City, has done everything in Shou Yuan, but after all, it is close. Although the strength has weakened a lot with aging, it is still a strong baby!
Killing the son of a strong man in the Yuan infant period is like digging your own grave!
Everyone suspected that they were dazzled, but what happened in front of them was real, which made everyone stare big!
"Stop it for the old lady!"
Has been in the castellan mansion to note the battlefield LiuNa a horror at the moment!
He didn’t expect Xia Qi to be so tough that he would force Liu Chong to death. At this moment, he wanted to rescue him. Not only did he shout, but he hoped to subdue Xia Qi.
Roaring like Lei Zhen scattered clouds, it seems that the ground is shaking. All monks feel like thunder. Some weak monks have already shed blood from their ears!
The same is true of Xia Qi, who was seriously injured. There was a buzz in his ears, and more than blood flowed out. He temporarily became deaf!
"Yuan baby period strong!"
"The old Lord has appeared!"
In alarm, everyone knows that this roar is a horror in people’s hearts, and the monks in Yuan’s infancy are of the earth and exclaim in their mouths at the same time.
"Brother Xia Qi, stop."
Behind the white tiger, a little girl appeared. The little girl’s eyes were tearful and her lips were clenched. It was difficult for Xia Qidao
At this time, my little girl was seriously injured and just woke up to summon the strong in the family. She didn’t want Xia Qi to completely offend a yuan baby’s strong mouth at this moment.
"My girl doesn’t cry, no one can bully you, and he will die if you live in this world!"
Seeing that my little girl is weak with tears in her eyes is more painful and touching than moving with both hands. At the same time, she is even more interested in Liu Chong’s murder!
The iron chain swept through the smoke and everything was unstoppable! Liu Chong’s exhausted figure was directly swept into his mouth and screamed, and then his body was directly tied to the dragon rope and smashed into pieces, and blood was scattered all over the sky!
This scene shocked everyone and made everyone stunned. I can’t believe it!
"Did he really kill Liu Chong?"
"It’s a real corpse!"
"Too bold! Liu Nan is about to appear, and he dares to kill Liu Chong. This is to completely offend Liu Nan! "
"He’s dead, never lucky! Even though Liu Nan, the old duke, is dying, the fighting capacity has dropped sharply, but it is also the genius young monk of Yuanying period who is bound to fall today! "
Everyone is amazed and secretly regrets that such a genius is bound to fall here today.
"Brother …"
My little girl’s eyes were full of tears, and her voice choked. She knew that this was Xia Qi’s revenge on her.