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Yang Jian sat cross-legged in the snow alone, cold and resolute. The wind was biting and there was no movement. The sword and scabbard were inserted in front of him, and the sun was still tilted

As time goes by, the sun gradually climbs, and the shadow of the sword becomes shorter. Snow-browed eyebrows seem to be blown by the wind, and the bodhi old zu of Styx appears at the foot of the mountain. Shenguang locks the stalwart figure at the top of Sangshan Mountain, and slowly and firmly advances towards the peak step by step, leaving footprints with the same depth and distance.
When the bodhi old zu of Styx reached its peak, Yang Jian got up and his eyes flashed, and his opponent’s sharp eyes met in one place. At the same time, the fleeting sword shadow disappeared
The theory of the bodhi old zu of Styx is still negative for six years, and the dry and thin body leaps up with violent momentum. That is the breath of the ghost and blood. Asura’s ancestor Zixiao Palace heard that the great avatar has his own ancestor’s tolerance. Lang smiled. "Yang Jian Jin Xianxiu challenged Luo Xianshu’s unwise. If you abandon your sword and admit defeat now, you won’t care."
Yang Jian looked calm and cold, saying, "Styx, you’ve been living in a sea of blood for too long, and you’ve become ignorant. I once fled without fighting in Yang Jian."
The interrogative words are affirmative, showing courage to move forward.
Upon hearing this, the bodhi old zu of Styx was horribly gloomy and growled, "Since you are in a hurry to kill your ancestor, I will cross you back to the nether world."
At the same time, the bodhi old zu in Styx leaned out with his dry right hand and attacked Yang Jian with five foul and bloody odors. Moreover, some means can’t resist me. Yang Jian "Yang Jian chuckled and grabbed the sword inserted beside him and even the sheath to lift it at will and swing out a stream of water, which washed away the foul blood together with the stench.
"Hum!" The bodhi old zu of Styx hummed, and the more gloomy his face was, the more his right hand brushed away, revealing that the shape of a fleeting time was different by several swords-the difference between the fleeting time and the snub-nosed sword was that the fleeting time had a faint green glow, and the snub-nosed sword was full of lotus flower.
Yang Jian, the bodhi old zu of Styx, brandishing a nasal sword, fought into a ball, but the two swords intersected. With far better mana than Yang Jian, the bodhi old zu of Styx severely chopped him out and smashed a rock inch by inch.
Yang Jian’s strong sword is not in the Wu family. If Wu Ruo stands up, his time-honored sword hangs low and looks at his opponent ten feet away.
The carefree expression in the eyes of the bodhi old zu of Styx is suspected to be ridicule and death. He rushed to the bullfight and shot at it with his sword. He waved his nose sword and sprinkled a heavy red light and shadow mask to Yang Jian’s mouth and shouted, "I don’t know if I can spare you today!"
"The sword is not so …" Yang Jian sighed in a low voice, and the fleeting sword shot in one hand seemed to blend into the wind. Every time he hit the weak point of the A-nose sword, it would break straight and make the Styx bodhi old zu powerful.
The bodhi old zu of Styx is angry with the fleeting blue sword and shoots at him like a viper, reaching three inches in the eyebrows. He is shocked and withdraws, and Yang Jian keeps a three-inch distance behind him.
On Yang Jian’s ability from time to time is far less than that of the bodhi old zu of Styx. It is because Yang Jian is integrated into the wind and moves forward through the opponent’s retreat.
Yang Jian chased the original waiting place and stood still. When the bodhi old zu of Styx saw it, he also stopped retreating. There was still horror in the face, and the sword crossed his chest to alert his opponent to advance.
A smile flitted across the handsome face. After Yang Jian’s sword was negative, he slowly stepped forward and snowed. Two-step sprouting; Pull three feet in three steps; Four steps into saplings; Five-step branches and leaves are scattered; Six steps of red plum; Seven steps of dark fragrance; Step up the wind; Nine-step flowers fly
Yang Jian leisurely took nine steps by growing a plum blossom forest with green branches and thin films, elegant colors, beautiful flowers and delicate fragrance, and pleasant hands. The sword in his hand conjured up a red Mei Duo blossoming in the Styx, and the old Zuke endured the cold, and the proud frost and snow clanked with pride, hiding the aggressive murder.
In the cave of Qingqiu, I watched the war with my mind on my mind for six long days, and my mouth was full of admiration. I muttered, "It’s not snow but Dimfragrance … What a Yang Jian …"
The bodhi old zu of Styx blocked the firm but gentle like petals, and suddenly smelled a faint fragrance, knowing that it was not good, and hurriedly moved sideways to dodge and stopped, and a stabbing pain came to his cheek, and a blood stain was pulled out by the fleeting sword from the root of his nose and left ear.
At this time, look at what red flowers are flying all over the sky. Yang Jian gently throws the fleeting sword out, not the snow, but the blood stands still. Looking at the bodhi old zu of Styx, he secretly recovers and consumes mana sharply.
The bodhi old zu of Styx raised his left hand and wiped the wound, and it was full of deep red. Suddenly, he looked up and roared like a wounded beast. He stopped to look at Yang Jian. His eyes were full of red blood, like blood pouring into the wound.
"Damn you!" The low voice of the bodhi old zu of Styx is full of sen cold and murder.
At this time, the wound on his cheek has healed, and his left hand grabs the body of the nose sword and strokes the blood, dripping from his fingers and reddening more and more white snow.
The hoarse and desolate singing has brought the gloomy atmosphere of Jiuyoufu to fill this day. Gradually, the bodhi old zu of Styx has a high voice and can vaguely hear the rushing water.
With the end of singing, the dirty blood from Jiuyou Mansion spewed out from the deep red feet of the ancestors of Styx and spread rapidly, covering most of the top of the mountain, then slashing and slashing with swords, all of which wrapped up huge waves.
Yang Jian struggled to resist the shock of great magic and the great power of nine deep and remote blood seas, and he repeatedly retreated to watch Zhu Jiuyin’s surprise. Now his brother still doesn’t see the slightest discouragement and fear in such inferior eyes. There is a deep joy.
Gradually unable to withstand the Yang Jian face more excited eyebrows vertical eye shu zhang flowing milky brilliance enveloped the body instantly out of Styx bodhi old zu attack range can-plus.
The third eye of Yang Jian, the ancestor of Styx, was inexplicably frightened, and his thoughts went back to a few years ago. It seemed that he saw the horror again, and he still chopped off his arm with a three-foot starlight sword.
When the law appears, if the bodhi old zu of Styx is frightened, a faint shadow of blood will emerge behind his predecessors’ reserve and instantaneous mana, and the essence will be a statue of a huge blood god condensed into a whole with a sea of blood.
The incarnation of the blood god was practiced as a whole by the blood sea of the bodhi old zu of Styx. As soon as it appeared, it disappeared into the dirty blood. Every time it rose in an incredible way, it attacked its opponents with unparalleled strength.
Yang Jian’s forehead gradually brightened, and a huge virtual shadow emerged behind him. The zenith of mana operation was only able to evade the attack of the Styx bodhi old zu with the ability to add time to the fate.
Because there is too much difference between the two men’s mana, if Yang Jian is hit by the bodhi old zu of Styx, he will end up in a serious injury field even if he is lucky enough to die.
The bodhi old zu of Styx laughed proudly while attacking Yang Jian in the incarnation of the blood god. "Three-eyed children Jin Xian and Luo Xian are a watershed across the past, which is another day. Since Pangu’s creation, Jin Xian’s strength has challenged Luo Xian. No one has ever succeeded. Hahahaha …"
With laughter, the bodhi old zu of Styx’s mana climbed again, and he used it to crush Yang Jian’s resistance with overwhelming mana.
Watching from the sidelines, all six people looked worried. Others were worried about Yang Jian’s safety, while the old fox Jiang Sheng was worried about tian hu’s treasure.
The dumpling demon king gently poked his finger at Niu Mowang and Peng demon king and whispered to them, "If the situation is critical, the three of me will rob Yang Jian together, and then the eldest brother and I will resist the Styx old ghost and send him to the position and come back to support us."
Niu Mowang nodded heavily and said, "Let’s do it!"
Lord Peng looked at Yang Jian, who was still struggling to persist in his vision, and muttered to himself, "I wish Yang Jian could defeat the old ghost of Styx. For the first time in history, Jin Xian knocked Luo Xian down. What a great miracle this is, it will last forever."
Niu Mowang and Lord Peng stared blankly and nodded together. After hearing this conversation behind them, Fox’s eyes were full of stars. Jiang Sheng look much more expectation; Zhu Jiuyin’s eyes locked the situation in an instant, clenched his fist and shouted in his heart, "Third Brother beat him!" To be continued, if you want to know the funeral, please go to chapter 6 for more.