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Tokyo is a first-class metropolis in East Asia. It’s already dinner time, and the road should be blocked. However, obviously Hideki Watanabe is not going to the city, but the car is gradually heading for the suburbs.

There are many cherry blossoms this season is just the time when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, but I have gradually seen many cherry blossoms of various colors along the way.
After a while, I finally saw an antique Japanese-style mountain villa in front of my eyes. On the contrary, Qu Yong talked a lot with this Watanabe Hideki.
Hideki Watanabe is knowledgeable and intends to cater to Qu Yong, who thinks that time passes quickly.
Until the front of the car, this villa is very retro. Its courtyard is the kind of short green fence wall. This wall is the most popular in the red lacquer gate courtyard of the Jiang Dynasty. A stone road is mottled with moss marks. The eaves of the ancient well turned out to be double-layered blue tiles in the ukiyo-e painting.
These Qu Yong don’t understand very well. After all, his Japanese culture comes from Japanese comics, but then there is something hanging under the eaves. He is very familiar. It is the white puppet in "Cong Yi Xiu". This puppet has a great scene. I believe that China will have a deep impression.
Suddenly Qu Yong’s impression of this yakuza changed a little. In his impression, gangs, especially Japanese gangs, were all tattooed and soaked in bathhouses all day, that is, waving their hands and running around with iron bars.
Thought of here, Qu Yong was ashamed. In fact, whether it was the four girls Jingtai or the Yamaguchi group, what they showed was not that they broke out on their own, but that they kept the culvert and the inside information tepid. They did mean biting, but it was not quite like the film "Young and Dangerous" in those years.
"Two Please" Hideki Watanabe is a gentleman who invites two people in. At this time, Ichir Watanabe, the leader of the Yamaguchi group, has been kneeling in the living room on the first floor, and there is a cup of green tea on both sides of a chess game.
Passing through this section of stone road, the living room on the first floor is to take off your shoes. Qu Yong followed Watanabe Hideki and took off his shoes. Only the copper-faced man lifted his feet unceremoniously, and Qu Yong specially peeked at Watanabe Hideki’s reaction. Who knew that the latter’s face was not happy?
Ichir Watanabe saw that the bronze man didn’t take off his shoes, but he was slightly stunned. However, his horse piled up a false smile in a row and stood up to welcome him. "Ha, ha, ha, finally invited two distinguished guests. It’s really splendid."
This Ichir Watanabe not only knows Chinese, but also knows some idioms. I don’t know if his son taught him.
"Well," replied the copper face man.
Qu Yong looked at the tea table chess game, which is Weiqi. He didn’t really understand it, but he could see that the surface of the chess game was white, which had occupied an absolute advantage. However, there were two black ones biting in the middle of the abdomen and one piece in the left corner was black, which was not a complete defeat.
Ichir Watanabe is also a little embarrassed. After all, he is the boss of tens of thousands of people. He has been so cold-faced, but this copper-faced man just can’t hold his breath if he doesn’t want to offend people as a last resort. "Come and sit down, please. Does Takei Jun also like Go?"
Qu Yong honestly said, "I don’t know much about Go."
Ichir Watanabe said, "Oh, Takei Jun is so modest."
Then Hideki Watanabe suddenly asked, "Excuse me, Takei Jun, who do you think will win this chess game?"
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Go Theory
"This" QuYong wants to refuse, but you can see two people on the opposite side. Think again that this Go is something from China. If you don’t say a few words, wouldn’t it be too humiliating for the Chinese people? But he really doesn’t know enough to walk around this chess game slowly for two times before saying, "On the surface, of course, Bai Da is dominant, but black occupies the left corner. In our China people, there is a saying that" The day is not chaotic, the day is not chaotic, and the day is not safe. "This left corner is Shu" He said that the opposite Watanabe
Qu Yong pointed to the two gangsters again. "And these two black ones are stuck in the deep belly of the Central Plains. At first glance, they are alone. They can be seen as the Northern Expedition of King Chen Yucheng of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. Although it is a sharp knife, it is a taboo for military strategists to go alone. However, these two can also be seen as the fish-intestines sword. Zhuan Zhu stabbed Wang Liao. What do you think of the so-called five steps of a man’s sword bleeding is a comet sweeping the moon?" In fact, Qu Yong still has something to say. He thinks that these two black situations are obviously like sharp knives and sharp knives.
"Well said," Hideki Watanabe applauded and then said, "I didn’t expect Takei to have such a high opinion. It’s really a big eye-opener, but the chess skills are profound. I’m confused. Why don’t we enjoy an interesting play together and talk while watching it?"
QuYong can’t make decisions, of course. He’s waiting for the copper face to talk. The copper face glanced at the chessboard and QuYong nodded.
"Then this way, please."
On the second floor, a room that is not too big pushes the wooden door, and a woman of about 16 or 17 years old kneels inside. When she sees the crowd coming in, she puts her hands on her forehead and kowtows respectfully.
"Well," said Ichir Watanabe, and then the woman quickly tiptoed to one side with her head down.
"Please sit down"
The right seat is for Ichir Watanabe, who is opposite the bronze face. Qu Yong also sits on the bronze face. He looks at it and finds that Hideki Watanabe is missing.
Ichir Watanabe also saw that Qu Yong was puzzled and explained, "The child went to change clothes for a while and the performance was his specialty."
"Come and have a drink" Put a bowl full of clear water in the short flat table, and put a piece of clean white gauze in front of everyone. Ichir Watanabe greeted him and rinsed his glass in clear water. Press the gauze to make the water droplets be sucked dry by the gauze, and then fill the wine with his hands and pass it to the copper face.
His technique is the etiquette of toasting all day. Qu Yong doesn’t know much about it, but the copper noodle man knows that the guest will also show the friendship and intimacy between the host and the guest after drinking it. However, he took the glass and threw it away as "bad wine" after drinking it.
"Oh" Ichir Watanabe couldn’t say how embarrassed his face was. Finally, he refrained from suddenly clapping his hands and saying, "Come in for China Maotai."
"Hi", there was a waitress outside, and soon she moved into a small jar.
The copper man added, "I’m not here to drink."
"Yes, yes, yes," Ichir Watanabe was embarrassed when Hideki Watanabe came in. He actually changed into a white suit and carried a big box with hemp rope behind him. This kind of hemp rope is thick and big, and it is a rough job to tie things in the countryside
"Hello, everyone" Ichir Watanabe first pulled out a hemp rope from the box and made a circle around the index finger, then wrapped a trap around the little finger, which was the symbol of their inheritance, and then bowed deeply to everyone.
"Is this a binding method?" QuYong was shocked by the monstrous waves in his heart, no less than a * * silk suddenly saw the teacher of Deyi Shuangxin Cang. In fact, QuYong could recognize that this was a day of binding, thanks to the tireless efforts of the bumblebee in the bedroom.
Bumblebee loves daybed culture, and is especially interested in their binding. He has read a lot of AV films, including binding, * * and other scenes, and Qu Yong has heard about them for a long time.
Qu Yong secretly said, "Generally speaking, the binding method now is a special rope to protect the model’s skin from wear, and the hemp rope, especially such a rough hemp rope, is a great challenge for rope division, because if rope division’s technique is not so rough, the hemp rope will mercilessly bruise the delicate skin of the model. It seems that this Watanabe Hideki is really versatile."
Previously, the girl who knelt in the room had already got up at this time, bowed to everyone first, and then she was naked. Look at her face. It’s not a big figure, but it’s good that the convex part is convex and the concave part is concave.
The female model obediently knelt on the floor. Hideki Watanabe first folded her left hand against her back all the way to the shoulder blade on the other side, and then raised her right arm with her elbow against her head and pressed her right palm against her left palm. Because she was kneeling, the model needed a lot of flexibility. I can see that this girl is not energetic and must have been specially trained.
After Hideki Watanabe was fixed, he tied and knotted a hemp rope, which made waves in his technique or shuttled or spun, and soon it was almost ready.
At this time, I went to see the female model struggling forward because her hands were tied behind her petite chest. It happened that the * * root made another circle to form an exaggerated bulge, and then the rope crossed at the navel and pulled to the buttocks at both sides. * * Just tied a few knots, which not only fixed the rough hemp rope, but also stimulated the female model. Finally, the thick rope crossed the perineum and met at the intersection of the hands.
Complete the model kneeling on the hard floor with two arms tied behind her back, as if carrying a long sword.
On the whole, it looks like a swordsman sitting on his knees with his sword on his back in ancient times, but it happened that the girl gradually reacted because of the stimulation of the thick rope. This little reaction started from a flame ignited by that wonderful knot and slowly burned, and finally her skin was flushed and she gasped, and fine sweat could be seen at the tip of her nose.
This is simply the first time that Qu Yong has experienced such a scene personally. Compared with the tying in porn, it is simply a cloud and a mud.
"Thank you." After the performance, Hideki Watanabe also breathed a sigh of relief, then took some scissors and cut off the rope, and then looked at the scars on the model’s body. This hemp rope was so rough that it was difficult to bind the model, but it didn’t hurt the model. It can be seen that Hideki Watanabe has great skills.
Chapter one hundred and seventy Su Qin back sword
"This style is called Su Qin’s back sword from China’s theory."
Although Qu Yong, a "Su Qin with a sword on his back", didn’t understand Japanese culture, he was very familiar with China culture, which came from Su Qin, a famous strategist in the Warring States Period.
The ancients in China always loved to wear swords, saying that during the Warring States period, when Su Qin lobbied the six countries to unite against Qin, he leaned across the sword in self-defense.
Su Qin single-handedly promoted the integration of the six countries in Shandong, even though Qiang Qin dared not go out of the valley of letters for fifteen years and matched the six countries, the future generations admired his achievements. In fencing, there was a trick that the opponent attacked "Su Qin’s back sword" from behind and named it for its vertical and horizontal integration.
However, today, Hideki Watanabe made this move on the binding method. The meaning is very obvious. It is to express the desire of the two sides to join hands and unite by means of the meaning of "Su Qin carrying a sword"
"How to Close" During the whole performance, the copper face people kept an eye on the nose and nose. Although they didn’t look directly, everyone here believed that nothing in this room could hide him.
"It’s very simple." Hideki Watanabe sat down in his father’s seat after the performance and then said, "Let’s help you find out this day. Taoist believes that in Japan, there is no better way to find someone than we eat black."