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Two people talking and laughing out of the room from the old lady’s face blink dignified.

In a black BMW at the entrance of Gu Zhai, Song Jing and Wang Yu were sitting in the front row just talking.
"No, I don’t believe what you said. I have a hunch that she is my Danfu. She is." Wang Yu is a little excited, but she hasn’t calmed down when she heard Gu Qing’s name Danfu.
Five years ago, her daughter Danfu was sentenced to five years in prison for driving with a license and killed a couple. As a result, it was only one month in prison. When she arrived at the prison, Danfu died, and the prison people said that her father-in-law and husband took the body away and went directly to the crematorium. When she arrived at the crematorium, she didn’t see Danfu’s last look was ashes.
For so many years, she refused to accept that Danfu was dead, but her father-in-law and husband said that it was Danfu, and she said nothing even if she didn’t believe it.
"She’s not" Song Jing holds his wife’s hand. "I said so many things that you would rather believe that a hunch is not true."
"Women have the most accurate hunch" Wang Yu growled.
There are too many things happening today, and Song Jing’s tone is very chaotic. Naturally, "You don’t believe what a living person like me says, but you just believe those illusory things."
"Jing Danfu is my daughter." Looking at her husband, Wang Yu couldn’t cry. "Don’t you know how painful I have been losing her these years?"
"I know, I know that she is my daughter, too." When my wife cried, Song Jing’s heart immediately softened. "I’m sorry Xiaoyu, you’re already in such pain, but you should know that I don’t want you to live in the pain of the past. It’s my fault that Danfu left us and I didn’t protect her, but I don’t want you to have anything else."
Song Jing comforted her with her arms. "Let’s not blame ourselves, okay? Danfu is watching her in the sky, and she must hope that we will all be well. We don’t want us to be heartbroken because of her departure."
"Well," Wang Yu nodded and cried in Song Jing’s arms.
Chapter 12 Do you really want me to die
Send someone to the car. Gu Yanchen said hello to Song Jing and Wang Yu. Song Jing drove his father’s door out of courtesy, and Wang Yu followed the car.
Gu Yanchen saw that Wang Yu’s eyes were red and he was suspected of crying. He pretended not to see it and exchanged a few pleasantries at will.
Song Laoche said to Gu Yanchen, "Don’t forget to take Xiao Yuling back to the Song family for dinner after three days."
Three days later, it’s Huimen Day, and he will naturally go to Gu Yanchen and nod "Father-in-law can rest assured that I will."
Song Lao nodded satisfactorily and got into the car. Song Jing and Wang Yu followed the car and car quickly.
Gu Yanchen looked up at the night and the day was finally over.
Birds get up early in the morning and enjoy the good morning air in the branches.
Song Danfu, a bedroom sofa, slept with clothes and a thin blanket.
Sitting on the sofa quietly watching her sleep, she woke up with a faint smile on her lips. The first thing she saw was that she didn’t know what her reaction was.
Song Danfu woke up in a peeping feeling, and her eyes were half lifted into her eyes, which was Gu Qing’s shallow and elegant face. A pair of purple eyes stared at her, and she sat up in an instant and stared back at him with a face of alert.
"Morning" eyes filled with gherardini Gu Qing shallow first said good morning.
"Early" holding the thin blanket Song Danfu mumbling response twisted neck some stiff pain.
She thought it must be because she slept on the sofa.
"No, I told you not to sleep on the sofa, but you wouldn’t listen." Gu Qing sat in the sofa and stretched out his hand to help Song Danfu rub it. Song Danfu was so scared that he quickly moved aside to avoid his talons.
"You didn’t give me your bed, didn’t you?" Stared at him. Song Danfu snorted. "No one is a gentleman here and said something sarcastic."
He is the worst man she has ever seen. Let a woman sleep on the sofa. He enjoys a big bed by himself. He came to Tao Kan early. Who is she?
She hid and let Gu Qingqian feel a little disappointed. She looked at her by herself.
"I’m a patient," Gu Qingyi said naturally and immediately added, "And I told you to sleep with me."
It means it’s none of your business to choose to sleep on the sofa.
Song Danfu gritted his teeth and cursed "whether you are a patient or terminally ill and die at any time."
"Then I hope I die." The purple eyes are half-bowed and the shallow look is full of loneliness.
"Of course, if you die, I can leave." Song Danfu herself was stuck when the words came out. She was not a mean person, but she repeatedly broke in front of Gu Qing.
Song Danfu himself said that Gu Qingyi must be even more depressed. Who knows that he suddenly looked up at her and his purple eyes were full of firmness. "It seems that I must work very hard to keep you from being so short-lived."
"What a lofty ideal!" Song Danfu gave a generous blessing at the corner of his mouth. "Although it is impossible, I wish you good luck."
His horrible cough seemed to kill him at any time, and she really didn’t believe it when she said he wouldn’t be short-lived
"It seems that you really want me to die. In this case, what do you want that day?" Save him. Stop when you are shallow.
I almost forgot that he deliberately dressed up like Gu Yanchen that night. Danfu didn’t know that she must have saved Gu Yanchen.
"What are you talking about?" Song Danfu asked with a frown. He always felt that he had something to say.
"Nothing," Gu Qing said lightly. "I woke up and went to the bathroom to freshen up and put my new clothes in the bathroom. It’s strange to remember to wear gifts at home."
"Inexplicable" is not puzzling. What is it? Song Danfu said thank you. Get up and go to the bathroom to freshen up.
Gu Qingyi said that the new dress is a light blue dress with a cute bow of the same color at the waist. The princess dress looks very princess. Song Danfu liked it five years ago. Now Song Danfu doesn’t like it very much. Unfortunately, she has no choice but to change it. When she gets dressed, Gu Qingyi is still sitting on the sofa, obviously waiting for her.
Seeing her come out, the corners of her mouth are full of smiles, and there is a light in her purple eyes. She is very suitable for wearing a light blue dress, which matches her temperament like a little princess.
Went up to her and pulled her hand in her arms. Song Danfu said a sentence to eat. He didn’t take back his hand and they walked out of the room together.
In the room, Mrs. Gu and Gu Yanchen were sitting on the sofa, and their expressions were dignified, and the atmosphere became dull and depressed.
"Grandma, what you said is true." Gu Yanchen asked, "I can’t believe that grandpa, who is so healthy and hale, died. It is strange that they didn’t get any news in advance.