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Wen Leyang coughed so kindly that a young man also yelled, "Wen Shulin, you have rested all night and got up to work!" "

The forest opened its mouth with a full face of fear and was about to speak when the whole stone pagoda suddenly shook. Wenleyang’s heart stood back like a ghost and hit the soil instantly. The poison of life and death was in the wrong fist. Huo Ran circulated his fingers and he had hugged Xiaowu and retreated deeply into the deep soil.
The raccoon dog held his chest with his hands on his back and smiled coldly. "Do you want to die!" Immediately, a vigorous and vast pressure burst from her delicate body, and Huo Ran suddenly filled the whole pit!
The stone pagoda was supposed to be trying to use some magic to protect itself, but it was unable to move because of the demon force of the raccoon dog. After shaking for a moment, it gave a piercing scream like a baby crying!
Wen Leyang felt that a file with a handle plunged into his ear. The body roared and roared, and the poison of life and death was a mess. In the muffled sound, the protective dumpling armor appeared and wrapped him tightly. Xiao Wu also had a full face of pain and blocked his ears! Fortunately, the scream lasted for a few seconds and was abruptly cut off by the blooming demon force in the raccoon dog.
Wen Leyang turned pale and took Xiaowu back to the raccoon dog’s side and asked, "Yao … Yao’s fetus is anxious?"
The raccoon dog gnashed her teeth back. "What makes it impatient! I didn’t try so hard to dig all night … "
Chapter 30 Fire
Chapter 30 Fire
The raccoon replied that it was cute. Wen Leyang was really choked by her. While coughing, he suddenly asked the raccoon, "Who do you think it will be?"
Pointing at the jade knife is not polite at all. "I didn’t wronged you when I took you by mistake, and I didn’t know the problem!"
Wrapped in the ring by the raccoon dog, "I just don’t know what to take out and ask."
Made a bold expression "don’t know for a while! Now ask one thousand times also didn’t … "
Wen Leyang quickly interrupted the quarrel between two old monsters without coughing. "What’s going on?"
Don’t others answer Xiao Wu’s grandmother’s mouth. Lying in Wen Leyang’s ear, the novel "That monster is screaming for help. If that’s the case, this monster is kept."
The small five-tone is sweet and waxy with layers of childishness. It sounds like people can’t help but want to pinch her cheek. Wen Leyang was scared by her words, and 36,000 pores shrank in astonishment and asked, "Who will it be …"
After saying his word, Huo Ran laughed and said, "Look! Wen Xiao also asked like this! "
I also enjoyed the black eyes and turned over Wen Leyang hard. "Anyway, I didn’t wait for it, so I naturally knew it." Suddenly, I sipped a layer of evil lines at the corner of my mouth to wake Wen Leyang up. "Here it is!"
Then a voice full of panic came from far away from the ground. "You are desperate! Come on!"
Just as the sound started, an equally dismayed face came into Wen Leyang’s consciousness.
Slightly with a small five-temperature forest and Wenleyang jumping together and jumping back to the ground.
The man in front of me is a thin old man, and his eyebrows are kind and nice. At this moment, his face is surprised and angry, and he is a little worried. He is walking around anxiously to see them coming before he grows a sigh of relief. "Who are you? How dare you dig!" As he spoke, he stamped his feet angrily.
Little Five said to the old man with a full face of grievances, "Our friend was swallowed up by this monster and we dug a hole to save people!" "
When the old man saw the little darling’s face, his anger turned into love, as if he was afraid of scaring the little girl into a stuffy hum. Then he was not afraid of being attacked by others. He threw himself all over the pit and looked at the stone tower head in a strange place with distressed eyes and said, "My friend was swallowed by it?" It won’t hurt people if no one messes with it! You are lucky to be alive now! " Say that finish patted the earth to get up "run really yuan to see if there is anything in the body? It’s not an ordinary monster in your body. I’m afraid you don’t know it yourself! "
The old man kept sighing and trying to fill the big hole back, but it took him two turns to react. They called "Where’s the soil?" Damn it, don’t you dig a hole and pile up dirt beside it? " Wenleyang and others were too lazy to transport the soil out of the pit when they dug deep, and the soil was rammed into the surrounding soil layer by their magical power.
Wen Leyang was about to speak when suddenly the ground shook with a bang, and then a fat middle-aged man broke in in his mind. Every step he took when he fell to the ground would be a terrible shock! The middle-aged fat man hasn’t arrived yet, and the curse has already rolled in. "Where did the demons and ghosts hurt the fetus and tear you up!"
While swearing at the fat man, he ran wildly. It didn’t take too long to see the bare stone tower next to the pit. At first, he was angry to the extreme and roared. He raised his huge fist and wanted to hit people. But recently, he was first a raccoon dog, followed by a little darling Wenshulin. Just now, when the monster was screaming, he was stunned. The fat man was soft and collapsed on the ground. After hesitating for a moment, he first bypassed the raccoon dog and Xiaowu. He jumped up and was fierce and hit Wenleyang like a meteor with a fist.
Fat Han’s momentum is fiercer than that, but after leaping, he abruptly stopped himself from slamming, turned over and fell to one side, and his face was shaking with anger. "You are an ordinary person!" You can’t fight this or that! Hey! " It’s as if this evil spirit theory can’t be swallowed, and it’s like screaming and rushing to the’ turtle’ boulder, and then bam, bam, rumbling, and a big round of heavy punches are given to the boulder, and the stone chips are flying. Only then can I take a heavy breath and go back to the pit and stare at the bull’s eye and ask Wen Leyang, "Who are you? Why are you digging an old ghost?"
Wen Leyang, who will not talk at a side, repeated the words just now according to Xiaowu.
Only then did the fat man remember that it was impossible for mortals to dig the stone pagoda with demon tires, and his face became alert. "Who are you … monks?" As he spoke, he looked at Wenleyang several people repeatedly and finally fixed his eyes on the raccoon dog. When the raccoon dog greeted his eyes, the fat man actually smiled a few times with a red face.
The old man should be a fat Han elder who hates iron and does not produce. "No eye! Little darling is a demon, and she is much stronger than me! It’s natural for her to protect others! "
Fat Han’s eyes were full of disbelief. She looked at Xiao Wu for a moment before lowering her voice and asking the old man, "This little girl is stronger than you? That ….. "Said the heavily swallowed water" I don’t difficult them "
Wenleyang hung up his heart a little and made a good impression on them. They were always awake. They were careful to get hurt. Fat people would rather ram stones than hit women and children. Ordinary people should see that fat people’s boxing strength and posture should be equal to that of the rabbit demon. Just because he just swept away from Wenleyang’s consciousness, the speed should be worse than that of the old rabbit demon. Some old people can see whether Xiao Wu is a powerful monster or Xiao Wu protects others.
The old man is miserable. "If your companion is swallowed by the spirit fetus, he has been saved now and can admit that he is unlucky …"
Fat Han can’t tell whether it’s a chime or an arch fire, echoing the old man’s anger, saying, "Don’t say that even if you are a big fairy, his own father will be stunned by the spirit fetus!"
The old man nodded woebegone. "You can’t save anyone even the bones."
Wen Leyang shook his head and changed the subject. "Who are you and what is this demon tire?"
"What a demon tire! The root is the spiritual fetus! Ten thousand years ago, ghosts often fled to the ancient gods to plant spiritual seals. If you dig, be careful to dig through the ghosts! " The old man’s brow was anxious for fear that Wenleyang would not listen and insisted on digging "my ancestors have been practicing here for generations."
Protect the spirit fetus, you are quick to go … "
The old man has calmed down and looked at the little five, the little darling. His eyes are mixed with alert and fear. It seems that the demon power is too strong for the raccoon dog. The two monks didn’t find out that she was the king of the mountain.
Wenleyang looked at each other and said that the old man was serious, but this is too unreliable.