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"We …"

The crazy dragon gang boss Jin Chengwei swallowed his saliva and shook his head repeatedly. "No matter whether Qin Xiong said it was true or not, I can’t help anyone who is a master, so we can’t fight it."
The fat old man frowned and didn’t know what he was thinking for a while before saying, "Boss Qin, let’s not talk about this favor. Can we help you? What did you mean by helping us just now?"
There was no movement in the hall at once. Qin Yang and others no longer seemed to be waiting for someone.
At this moment, Chen Han, dressed in a sportswear, came over from the master bedroom and took over the conversation. "The four gangs are United, and the whole city of Tianhua is monolithic and looking for three people to help. It’s nothing more than coping with the secular power of the Nine Evil Doors. After all, the influence of the Nine Evil Doors to control the underworld is far wider than that of the JingYun Club. It won’t be long before you are no longer the leader of the small gang in Tianhua City but the strong one who controls several people’s life and death. Are you satisfied with this answer?"
"Bullshit! Who the hell are you? "
Behind the fat old man, the young man’s eyebrows flashed abruptly and rushed to Chen Han’s huge fist with a strong breeze.
It seems that the root didn’t see the other side attacking Chen Han and continued to walk down the hall. He said indifferently, "The four gangs set up eyeliner in Tianhua City, and the mafia forces will receive the news as soon as there is any change, and they will unite to give a heavy blow."
The fist accidentally fell on the chest, but it’s a pity that Chen Han didn’t even retreat half a step, but the young man screamed with his fist.
He is a fat old man. He has been a practitioner since he was a child, and he has the strength to rank among the three peaks of budo.
Although this fist has no power, it also has half a ton of attack power. However, it has not even hurt a hair of others. The true spirit of the fist has been forcibly removed, and it seems to hit a piece of fine steel.
The whole fist became red and swollen. In the astonished eyes of all people, Chen Han grabbed the screaming young man and threw it in front of the fat old man like a chicken. "As far as possible, remove the nine evil spirits door and protect the eldest brother’s family in our city’s eyeliner. These are the reasons for asking you to help. The other party sent experts to you, and you will ignore it. Ten days later, I will destroy the nine evil spirits door, and the territory and secular forces controlled by the nine evil spirits door will be us."
"Who are you?" Jin Chengwei suddenly got up and a desert eagle pointed to Chen’s cold head.
"Are you really going to kill me or prove that I have enough words?"
After a cursory look at him, Chen Han walked over to him step by step without waiting for the other party to reply. "Since you are a family, just get a handwritten letter. I promise I won’t kill you."
When a bomb exploded, it was shot from the muzzle and the target turned out to be the eyebrows!
Even Qin Yang, who has absolute confidence in Chen’s cold, secretly squeezed the sweat, but the answer was soon revealed. The result was that the three bosses and their confidants were almost surprised.
The bullet didn’t prevent it from hitting the target. The marble floor cracked on the spot, but he didn’t retreat half a step. The most terrible thing was that the bullet collided with the eyebrows and splashed fine sparks, and then it was gently caught by his two fingers before it was ejected.
The large-caliber bullet that penetrated three centimeters of steel plate failed to leave a scar between Chen Han’s eyebrows, and even the skin was not scratched at all.
Three meters away, even if the first-class master is hit between the eyebrows and has real armor, he won’t be hurt, but he will be repelled, right?
Bang! Bang! Bang!
I don’t know if Jin Chengwei is scared silly, but six bullets are continuously ejected, but how can they not stop Chen Han from moving forward?
When the distance between the two men was one foot, seven warheads fell from Chen Han’s palm and hit the marble floor, making a series of jingles. Then he took the desert eagle from Jin Chengwei’s hand and rubbed his hands to make a pistol in fine steel, which turned into an iron ball in an instant.
I threw the scrap iron on the ground, but the wind was light and the clouds were light, and my eyes suddenly became as sharp as eagles. I swept the three bosses present. "The Raptors, Panthers and Tiequan will be merged into Jingyun, and the three will be divided into three halls, that is, one hall, the main day and the back door will sweep the sky, and you are all people or else … die!"
Before the three bosses came here with a pale face, they had arranged a large number of gunmen to prevent Qin Yang from attacking. However, those arrangements became jokes in front of the super-class strong people.
Seeing that their psychological defense line almost collapsed, Qin Yang sighed with compassion, "Three people, my brother’s personality is too straightforward and stubborn. Once I make a decision, no one can stop it. It’s like three days ago that night, how dare I challenge the nine evil spirits?" Who knows that he killed dozens of people in one breath, and even the master was crippled with one punch? "
Nine evil doors have damaged the master and the strong?
One punch crippled the master?
Qin Yang’s words completely defeated their endurance. Even a master can easily kill a teenager. His words must not be disobeyed or he will die!
Chapter 21 Moonlit Assassination
As Su Yunfeng was taken away by the Nine Evil Men, he merged with the Raptors, the Panthers Hall and the Iron Fist to control the mafia in Tianhua City in just three days.
There are more than 1,000 formal members of the gang, and there are countless gangsters outside.
With the help of these people, eyeliner for monitoring has been inserted in all traffic arteries, streets, entertainment places and hotel clubs in the urban area, as if an impenetrable net were used to monitor the whole city of Tianhua, and it would be discovered if the mafia forces in other places entered the first place.