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For a long time, I didn’t answer. I smiled and said, "Time is a kind of will."

However, the saint still plays thank you. You helped the saint to understand some things, and I don’t know how to think about it in return. You have beheaded your head to thank you. "
Seeing that the situation suddenly turned right, people were happy and worried. It took six years to get rid of Vincent and Bibi, but they could continue to worry. It was too terrible for six years to show their strength. If there was no avenue to protect them, the Taoist would almost turn around and flee from here.
"I want to go, who can stop it? Don’t say that you are the creator for six years, and Vincent will leave when he starts to increase his ability.
"It seems that you are still not white." After six years of shaking your head and sighing, I whispered, "Time is still."
Vincent just leaps up and is set in place, screaming "What? ! What could be like this? ! What the hell is this? ! ! !”
At this time, for six years, I was slowly slashing Dibis’ head with a sword. There was no blood spatter, and my head never tumbled and my neck was strangely separated and hung in the air.
It seems as if I heard Vincent’s heart slowly stepping towards him for a long time. "Vicente … Chuanhan is an enemy when he is pregnant, but he has to build an ancient foundation. Your strength is far less than that of a saint. Can you not die?"
"Go with peace of mind." After 6 years, the sword was sent to the palm of your hand, and the immortal sword easily penetrated Vincent’s head from the mark between the eyebrows, and even the head with the mark of life was twisted and annihilated.
It happened that the prospective road flyover couldn’t move when watching it.
6 Long-term immortal sword floating to the prospective Taoist caught his eyes and looked surprised. "I didn’t expect you to know this Vincent’s heartache. It seems that he is very different from you."
The Taoist priest’s heart is weird. He is very heartbroken, but he is not. Vincent is dead. The Taoist priest wants to create Yu Lei. The nine gods are dead except himself. His heartache is the mark that dissipates life.
This point was miscalculated for a long time because he didn’t know that the Taoist priest could absorb the imprint of life, and that the sage was not in control of everything, especially the human heart was too unpredictable.
Stop at a height of three feet in front of the prospective Taoist for six long, and look down slightly. Indifferently, I said, "You must have a big road to protect yourself. A saint can’t take your life. I’ll give you a lesson today and don’t bother me again."
Bang! Bang! Bang!
6 Long-term tilting of the sword and the ridge of the sword were severely given to the quasi-Taoist III, leaving three red marks on his face.
For a long time to come, these three shames will accompany the prospective Taoist, and the shame will not fade with the scar on his face.
When I put away my ability, Vincent and Dibs’ bodies fell, but Dibs’ head was strangely hung in the middle. After a red light escaped, it seemed to have lost its support and fell straight.
The road flyover must have looked at it bitterly for six long times and chased the red light away.
"These plane gods really weird beheaded incredibly still can escape really flexible in the world it seems that the mark on their forehead is the source of life.
For 6 years, I didn’t care about the eyes of the road flyover. Instead, I watched curiously as the red light was far away from the main road. Today, the avatar wants to clean up.
Wen Zhong far saw his teacher or killed or forced to retreat from the prospective road flyover. Three people flew to the front for six years and looked up with deep admiration.
For six years, a few tricks were changed in one hand to ban the whole Mount Olympus, and then lightly ordered, "Wen Zhong, you go to send those western savage roads to pay homage to the spirit of twelve yuan."
"Brother" Wen Zhong should pounce on Olympus with a dragon golden whip in a combative way.
Glancing at the sword when it was quietly suspended in the middle, it took a long time to raise its hand, but now the sword still stays in its original place, and its body is full of brilliance.
"Huh?" After 6 years, a slight ash turned to release the spirit, and when the sword was explored, it was smoothly pulled to your side and held in your palm. It was amazing to play with it carefully and said, "It’s incredible that the will of the time was condensed into an illusory sword. No wonder Vincent was so confident to destroy the will of the saint."
Glancing at the square-headed corpse did Sarah laugh. "I really don’t know how long it took this white-headed fool to refine successfully, but now he has done a good thing by falling into the hands of a saint."
"Thank you"
After 6 years, he smiled and thanked Vincent’s body. When he put it away, the sword turned to pay attention to the situation of Mount Olympus and resumed the struggle. Although his ability was almost powerful, he consumed his mind, but it was also comparable to Wei Wei, especially when he imprisoned three saints with equal strength. The strong man has made a faint flush on his face for 6 years.
Wen Zhong strolled around the palaces on Mount Olympus, looking dignified, regardless of sex, regardless of age. He waved the Lei Guang snake around the dragon’s golden whip and hit it with a whip.
Zeus, Hera, Prometheus, God of War and Goddess of Destiny, the king of gods, went to Wen Zhong to find the door, and they took the initiative to besiege the western gods, except in the golden whip car of Xiaolong.
Half an hour later, Wen Zhong’s curtain came back to life six years ago. "My brother has eliminated the western savages in Olympus. Poseidon the sea king and Hades the hades are not in the mountain. Do you dare to ask the teacher if his brother has found a door to take care of them?"
"No need to go back to Penglai Island," said Liu Jiu, waving his hand. "Leave the two little fish that escaped the net to Ji Meng. I believe she should be very eager to finish them herself."
"Yes" Wen Zhong respectfully should follow behind Naishi.
When the master and the apprentice returned to Penglai Island, the pressure was already good, and they could hardly see the same except that their faces were still slightly pale.
Accompanied by six years, it seems that after Fusang Tree took a seat, he praised, "Jiu Ge is getting stronger and stronger now. One enemy and three faces are almost equal to three mixed saints, and their fighting power easily won."
"It’s not easy." Six years shook his head. "Brother’s static imprisonment for three people consumes a lot. If it weren’t for the poor static ability of the two different Yu Lei gods, it would be his turn to be beaten."
"Alien gods?" I heard this secret for the first time, and my eyes widened.
I asked for a long time, "Remember, when you helped Wen Zhong to crusade against the dog, Shimabu was a quiet dove."
6 pressure nodded and replied, "Nature remembers that old bark."
"Yes" has confirmed the 6-pressure conjecture for six years. "There are other worlds in the universe, which are called Pangu Universe by Pangu God. They claim to be from" Qilei, who created the universe, is also the creator of the universe, but his status is lower than that of Vincent and Debis. "
6 pressure worried sighed, "Vincent, forced than such as mixed yuan saints and gods that create the universe I don’t know how many?
"These gods are really powerful." Six years ago, they said with a slight jaw, "Not only are they all extraordinary in strength but also have special abilities. Even when they are in the same position as their brothers, the master can’t stand him if he meets his brothers before the world is completed."
6 overwhelmed and gasped, "Is that" creating the universe so powerful? Before the saints appear, just come out and a god can compete with our Pangu universe mixed saints? !”
"You are wrong, Xiao Shi." There should be no saints like Vincent and Dibis to create the universe, and the gods should be the creation gods, second only to the creation gods. In the mixed universe, saints just shouldn’t have monsters, fearing that only Pangu universe can be found. "After 6 years of talking, I muttered.
6 pressure asked in astonishment "?"
"You will know it in the future" for 6 years. "If" the creation of the universe also has mixed saints, the quasi-Taoist should be the only one. "
6 pressure frightened to disgrace suddenly got up and exclaimed "what? ! Is the quasi-Taoist creating the universe and doing fine things? ! ! !”
"Cheng Shi" smiled bitterly for six years. "According to my brother’s guess, the quasi-Taoist should have been a god who created the universe with similar status to Vincent and Dibs. He was secretly sent to Pangu Yulei by the creator to do it, and he should have taken a seat as a mixed sage."
I paused and sighed, "It’s a pity that we should have a creator in Pangu Universe who is not in harmony with the world." I don’t know why Pangu Great God unexpectedly fell, but fortunately, another Hongjun Daozu came out. However, from the fall of Pangu Great God to the confluence of Hongjun Daozu, the creator can do whatever he wants. It’s strange that the creator universe didn’t invade during this period. "
6 pressure gradually listened to God’s flashes in my mind along the train of thought of Brother Nai. "Jiu Ge, do you think it would be like this? When the ancient great god created the world, it alerted the creation of the gods. When the two sides fought, Pangu Great God fell and the creation of the gods was seriously injured. He returned to Chuangyulei to recuperate and left the chess of the quasi-Taoist."
"Yes, your inference is very reasonable and logical." Six years smiled and nodded. "The truth, such as the creation god and the dead Pangu God, only knows that I have been thinking too much.
6 pressure agreed to nod, and the two brothers each had their own thoughts and both were silent.
I don’t know how long it took, but I suddenly sighed and broke the silence, saying, Xiao Shi, one of the injuries you suffered this time was because the strength difference was too big, and there was no top treasure to protect you. Brother will give you one today. "
6 pressure repeatedly waved his hand and said, "It’s enough that Jiu Ge’s younger brother has three innate instruments in hand: blazing Yang Jian, flaming flag off the ground and flying knife to cut the fairy."
"Where are these three things called treasures?"
For a long time, the palm of your hand held out the Eastern Emperor Clock, and the Yuan God’s seal was put on the stone table and smiled, "This Eastern Emperor Clock is both offensive and defensive. If you can’t just inherit the demon emperor’s position, I will give you a call to the demon family."
6 pressure eyes flashed a heartbeat was immediately suppressed to shake head. "It is enough to order the demon family to have the demon emperor Rapier. The East Emperor Bell is the cornerstone of the world evolved by Jiu Ge. I can’t accept it."
"Xiao Shi doesn’t have to worry about the Seven Classics of Brother’s World, and he doesn’t need this treasure foundation any more." He smiled and stared at the 6-channel for a long time
"Still no" 6 pressure refused again. "In the future, Jiu Ge will meet many powerful enemies. Can you not protect yourself?"
After 6 years of persuasion, "Xiao Shi, you’d better accept it. The method is precious and refined, but not expensive. Jiu Ge’s attack has the power to kill the immortal sword array, which is the highest in the three realms; There is a world of defense, and it is enough to cope with the scene without touching me.
You can rest assured that you will sacrifice this Zhong Lishen brother. "
6 pressure slightly conation raised my hand and shrank back with a wry smile "Jiu Ge, you are not hurting me, are you? The younger brother’s strength, such a treasure as Dong Huang Zhong, can’t last long even if you hold it in your hand, but it will bring disaster.