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"What happened to Shao Jie?" Lingfang saw that Qin Shaojie was wrong and pulled his clothes and asked

"She, she is …" Qin Shaojie is a little excited, but it’s not the excitement of seeing an old love, it’s the kind of anger.
"What are you looking at?" Man felt Qin Shaojie eyes looked at Zhang Lili didn’t good the spirit asked.
I managed to hook up with a beautiful woman from the Film Academy. How can I let others be happy?
Zhang Lili also looked just Qin Shaojie in the eye.
Is this ….. is this Qin Shaojie?
Many movies and novels encounter this situation, often the hero will smile, then he will be angry and sad, then he will smile, say "your uncle" and finally pull his female companion around him to leave smartly.
But in reality, this is not the case, Qin Shaojie. This is the case. Since it is not good and disgusting, you are sorry that you left me that year.
"Hey, isn’t this Zhang Lili? You were alongside that Kay? Divided? Is this new? " Qin Shaojie walked over and said sarcastically
"Who the hell are you talking about?" Before Zhang Lili could speak, the man next to him opened his mouth first.
"I’m telling you, Xiao, this is my woman. You should speak with respect. Some people are not to be taunted," the man said.
Look at this little stall. It’s estimated that each piece is no more than 200 yuan. Who are you? His father is the director of the Urban Construction Bureau, and a group of rich developers have to look at his father’s face. He has also known many wealthy businessmen over the years, and a poor man can just send them away.
"Not to be taunted? Are you awesome? " Qin Shaojie disdain said
"Of course, my dad is Zhang Xuebin, director of the Urban Construction Bureau." The man said with a bull.
Holy shit, is this a fight for dad? Qin Shaojie andao
"Qin Shaojie, what do you mean? What kind of boyfriend do I have with you?" Zhang Lili said angrily.
I have been thinking about being a star since I was a child because I saw Qin Shaojie’s honesty, but later I found that there is no way to live without money in society now, so I took the road of being a rich man
Qin Shaojie wanted revenge today and didn’t want to play dress up as pig and eat tiger again. He directly took out his words and called Li Yuanchao.
"Master, what can I do for you?" There comes the Li Yuanchao sound.
"Do you know Zhang Xuebin, director of the Urban Construction Bureau?" Qin Shaojie said coldly
"Huh?" Li Yuanchao one leng but listen to Qin Shaojie bad tone presumably someone out of the eye again.
"It’s just a shrimp to know this person," Li Yuanchao said
Yes, it is shrimp.
In some small businesses, he is a great god, but in the eyes of the Li family, he is still not on the table.
"Just let him know," Qin Shaojie said.
He’s not much better if he wants to come here.
Say that finish Qin Shaojie don’t take care of them anymore, and they are no longer ready to eat. They directly ordered the packing and then took Xue Dan and Ling Fang out of the restaurant car and left.
Looking at Zhang Lili, who was gradually leaving Maibakh, she was very surprised. She naturally knew the value of this car when she was in this circle. She couldn’t understand how she had such a good car when she was poor.
Chapter 73 New
Qin Shaojie’s mood now is as cool as eating an iced watermelon in summer.
Look at that expression on Zhang Lili’s face, he felt a sense of revenge.
It’s not that he’s stingy. In fact, most couples break up in the same way. If it’s because of personality disagreement and noisy every day, it’s not that we don’t meet each other and don’t necessarily say hello.
But Qin Shaojie was dumped because he had no money, because he was a loser, and because he was the first love, Qin Shaojie really looked down on such a woman even if she was the first love.
Qin Shaojie didn’t ask about the two women until he sent Xue Dan back to school. Qin Shaojie said to Ling Fang, "Don’t you have anything to ask?"
Lingfang shook her head and said, "No, it’s like you said to me that the past is the past."
Where can I find a good daughter-in-law like grandma? Qin Shaojie was touched in a big mess
"I’m a lonely bachelor, a miserable bachelor …" Qin Shaojie’s cell phone rang before he got home.
Who’s going to disturb my happy time? Don’t say that this bell needs to be changed. Now we are rich and well-off, and we have got rid of the two big hats of bachelor and virgin.
"Hello?" Qin Shaojie is reluctant to pick up the words.
Qin Shaojie hung up as soon as the two words came out.
Grandma is Qin He, the cargo. This smile is two kilometers away, and I know it’s him by accident.
Before Qin He could say anything, he was directly hung up and sat at his desk with his words in his hand. What’s wrong with this little heart? Why did I hang up before I spoke? I thought about it, maybe the signal was bad, and then I dialed again.
Words just du then Qin Shaojie sound.
"Laugh again and let your face fall first."
"This ….." Qin He was one leng and then said, "This embarrassed director told me to call you and let you come now."
"My day" Qin Shaojie left two words and hung up the words.
Alas? What’s wrong with this little girl today? What do these two words mean? Are you coming or not? Qin He thought for a long time and didn’t think about it. He just didn’t want to. He said it was the director who wanted to come and he didn’t dare not come.
"Fang Er Qin He asked me to go home by yourself."
Qin Shaojie changed her name to Fanger since they had another passion, and Lingfang was willing to accept that she was still flattered.
"Well, then I’ll go back. You come back early." Ling Fang said.
Qin Shaojie nodded and refused Wang Lei’s kindness to send him. He asked Chloe Wang to park his car on the side of the road and stopped a taxi to go straight to the women’s association.
After all, Chloe Wang is not one of our own. Let’s not expose it too much.
This time, instead of stopping him, the small armed police who came to the doorway again made a straight ceremony, and Qin Shaojie also made a decent ceremony.
Password fingerprint ladder Qin Shao Jie didn’t knock at the door in front of Qin He’s office. He pushed the door directly and didn’t pay any attention to Qin He, the director.
Don’t say that no matter which unit enters the leadership office now, how can it push the door without knocking? It is a trivial matter to affect the leadership’s office. In case the leadership studies some topics such as "art" and "life" with the secret, it will not be far from being fired.
Anyway, Qin Shaojie didn’t realize that he even dared to kick the director’s ass. Even if Qin He did something in it, I believe Qin Shaojie would take out his mobile phone and take some photos to go back and study it.
"I depend on you not knocking at the door." Qin He was looking down at the newspaper. Qin Shaojie suddenly came in and startled him. He didn’t good the spirit said.
"Bang" Qin He also wanted to say two more words. Suddenly, a ballpoint pen was directly tied to the newspaper surface, and the nib penetrated the solid wood desk and was directly nailed to the table.
"Er … joke, joke, you came so fast." Qin He quickly changed the subject when he saw that the wind was wrong.
"Let’s go, director, waiting for you for a while" Qin He hurriedly got up and went out first.