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I hate you! Yu Shishi fiercely raised his head and shouted from QuYong and turned around and rushed into the crowd.

Zong Qianqian grabbed Qu Yong and said, "Don’t worry about her. If she wants to leave, she will leave. What do you want?"
QuYong worry way "four girls give her to me to take care of her sample is not right in case she"
"What can happen to Thirteen Sisters of Hongxing?" Zong Qianqian sneered, "Don’t worry if she doesn’t provoke others, others have already burned incense, but she will burn her back if she doesn’t wash it."
Qu Yong took another look and found that Yu Shishi had disappeared and could not help but sigh "Ah"
"Let’s go," Zong Qianqian walked to the dormitory building arm in arm with Qu Yong. "Did you just push me without thinking about anything and put your body in front of me?"
"I didn’t think so much. I just couldn’t let you get hurt at that time. I don’t know where she got her sulfuric acid."
When Qu Yong changed Zong Qianqian and he customized the swallow-tailed building, the night was getting darker and darker, and the dance was coming soon.
There are exquisite tables on the vast lawn in front of the fountain area of Music Square. Each table has a dazzling Christmas tree with colorful lights connected to form a sea of lights. At night, there are all kinds of drinks and snacks on the desktop, which are run by the Student Union and some non-alcoholic fruit wine.
Pairs of well-dressed student partners gathered from all directions. Qu Yong probed for some time, but he didn’t see boss Cao and others, and he was a little worried.
A bunch of fireworks flew into the sky, and "Bang" exploded to light up the grass for half a night, and the Christmas dance was formal.
This dance is organized by the students themselves. There is no such thing as a leader "speaking a few words". Everyone can feel the pure love in this ivory tower in a romantic atmosphere.
"What are you looking at?" Zong Qianqian was elegant and beautiful in a sky-blue evening ceremony, especially the belt was the finishing touch. Even in such a dance, she stood out from the crowd. She put her hands on Qu Yong’s shoulder and said, "Do you know to look at your partner when dancing?"
"Oh," QuYong took a step back and bent down ten degrees. After his left hand was behind his waist, he stretched out his right palm and danced after this invitation. His eyes rested on Zong Qianqian’s shoes, which were bright crystal shoes.
"It’s too stiff to move," Zong Qianqian said. "I just taught you for a long time in the dormitory. It’s really unqualified for you to invite dancing so simply for martial arts talent."
Qu Yong looked up at Zong Qianqian Judo with bright eyes. "Miss Beauty, may I have the honor to invite you to dance?"
The white light from the acacia tree shone on her face as if the whole world were the center of her.
"I do"
Zong Qianqian gently pulled the skirt with her right hand and bent her knees slightly.
"This song is the Mayflower originated from the word" Mayflower "in the west, but the spring flower needs slow three step."
Waltz is known as the "queen" in the dance. It rotates mostly with other dance steps, and the dance moves are ups and downs and elegant and smooth.
Zong Qianqian gently draped QuYong shoulder QuYong also hold her fine waist, two people with the other hand holding together into the square.
Zong Qianqian stared at Qu Yong’s way: "Waltz is also called adagio in the 3/4 rhythm of slow three, with 2 ~ 3 bars per minute, three beats per bar, one set of dance steps, one step at a time, the first beat, three steps at a time, and one ups and downs cycle. I have already told you these points, so I want you to relax and follow my pace."
Qu Yong is a little nervous. He Duan Tianyang is not as nervous as Zong Qianqian dancing at the moment. He stares at the steps from time to time for fear of stepping on her glass shoes in the wrong step.
"Ayong waltz is a lover’s dialogue. You should believe in the tacit understanding of lovers."
"I" QuYong inadvertently raised his eyes and saw the eyes in front of him. His heart was inexplicably throbbing, and the pace of his feet followed her to become light and natural and unrestrained.
Graceful music and graceful dance steps are really intoxicating.
It’s just a song. QuYong finally saw boss Cao hug a tall girl. They looked at each other affectionately and couldn’t wait to eat each other.
"Ah, it seems that I won’t leave the door open for boss Cao tonight. He has already found his prey." Quyong tunnel is holding a girl on the other side, but his eyes look at one corner from time to time.
QuYong follow his eyes to the corner suddenly didn’t hold back laughing.
Zong Qianqian asked, "What are you laughing at?"
"over there"
There is a couple dancing together. The difference is that the girl puts her hand on the boy’s waist and dominates the dance steps, while the boy looks sad and reluctant.
"Is in poetry and bumblebee? How did they get together? "
Qu Yong saw them like that, and he knew that Yu Shishi forced Bumblebee to pity Bumblebee. Tonight, there was still a "heroic plan" to be put to use. Who thought that Cheng Yaojin was caught by Yu Shishi as a partner?
At this time, the two also found that after Qu Yong, the bumblebee would jump over on the spot and ask Qu Yong to save him. He could hold the bumblebee in his palm with a small hand in his waist and then kiss him and continue to dance.
"Help!" Bumblebee’s lips desperately shouted for help to Qu Yong.
"Bumblebee and poetry together can not only protect the girl from this animal’s humiliation, but also let poetry find a partner. It is really killing two birds with one stone." Qu Yong decided in his heart not to save him.
"You" Bumblebee saw QuYong shook his head at him and suddenly his mouth was flat and he almost cried. "God, what did I do wrong? Are you going to do this to me? "
"You seem to be very dissatisfied with your partner, a beautiful young girl?" Yu Shishi grimaced and stared at the bumblebee, just waiting for him to nod. The horse pain killer first pinched a piece of meat around his waist and then broke his incense root at the top of his knee.
"Miss Beauty is my pleasure to dance with you!" The bumblebee’s face becomes as affectionate as it is in a second, and the love in its eyes will overflow.
Chapter one hundred and two Invited performances
"Well, then, I still think this song is over and I want you to go back to your original partner. Now it seems that let’s dance again."
As soon as the music turns leisurely, another light dance music starts to waltz, which is the tango.
Lasangoinparis Paris Last Tango Paris is a lover’s paradise.
During this dance, boss Cao slowly leaned over to Qu Yong and praised Zong Qianqian, "You are so beautiful today."
Zong Qianqian smiled and said "thank you"
Boss Cao added, "I didn’t expect Brother Xiaoyong to dance so well?"
"I didn’t expect it either," Qu Yong said. "What’s going on with the bumblebee?"
Cao boss schadenfreude laughed "what else? Thirteen sisters of Hongxing killed the door and asked us to either hand over a man as her partner or chop off a part of each person’s body to make a man as her partner. "
"All bumblebees are betrayed."
Qu Yong smiled ha ha, and Boss Cao added, "I’ll go there to chat." He hugged his partner and jumped again.
Zong Qianqian suddenly said, "You and Cao Yi have a good relationship?"
QuYong took her around and naturally said, "Yes."
At this time, someone else crowded to the edge of Qu Yong to say hello and said, "Counter-attack brother?"
"ah? Call me? " Although Qu Yong is known as a one-minute counterattack in Quyi, it’s really not so called in person. This is the first time that "my name is Qu Yong"
"Well," the man smiled awkwardly. "The main reason is that this nickname is so famous that I forgot it."
"Are you?" Qu Yong looked at this person a little familiar. "Wushu team Liu Yan?"
"Exactly." Liu Yan’s partner is actually a kind of northeast sister. "I didn’t expect Brother Yong to remember me."
Qu Yong said, "Is Liu Duichang coming to dance?"