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Tang Yuewen asked, "What do my dad and grandpa think of this?"

Tang Xuedao "eldest brother has promised that the cloud wants him to save you back to Tangmen and help Wan Jianzong. At this time, the moon is here and the eldest brother can’t break his word."
Tang Yuewen heard that "the moon always feels that the strangeness of the narcissus is not so simple."
Tang Xue laughed, "What did Moon see?"
Even if Tang Yue can’t do it later, her qualification is also the future pillar of Tang Door. Tang Xue has high expectations for her niece. At this time, she asked to see her if she answered.
Tang Yue wanted to think about it and said, "Although the narcissus is going to assassinate Yunyun, how does the moon look like she is acting in Yunyun? Now my dad seems to have fallen into Wanjianzong’s design at the request of Wanjianzong."
Tang Xue laughed. "Moon thinks it’s good, but you have to look deeper at one thing. Your father and I agree with it so much, but when we think about it later, we think it’s not that simple. Doesn’t Moon think the daffodil is too obvious?"
Tang Yue couldn’t understand "too obvious?"
Tang Yuedao said, "What the narcissus did seemed to want us to see that it was a bitter pill, so it was not normal."
Tang Yue suspected, "Isn’t it a bitter plan?"
Tang Xue laughed at his niece, saying, "At the sight of a bitter plan, it looks like it’s more like going off the hook."
Tang Yuewen said nothing in meditation.
Tang Xuejian Tang Yue explained with a smile, "If the narcissus is really playing risks, how can it be so flawed?"? Although her flaws are not obvious, it is still doubtful. It is not difficult to calculate after careful consideration. How can Wan Jianzong be so careless in forbearing for 200 years? And the walking cloud is not a pseudo-person. What do you think of him? He was quite embarrassed at that time. What he thought was that this daffodil deliberately left this gesture of risks, unless Wan Jianzong even hid the walking cloud from the patriarch. "
Tang Yuedao said, "My aunt said it was reasonable."
Tang Xuexiao said, "So it seems that the mysterious forces mentioned by the walking clouds are afraid and indeed true, otherwise the walking clouds will not be kept in the dark, let alone designed to attract the siege of his legacy."
The strength of Wan Jianzong’s coming out of the mountain this time is not diminished. In those years, it was also the help of the ethereal heavenly palace, and the attitude of the predecessors of the Kaiser was also vague. Plus, Qingcheng, which was saved by Wan Jianzong, was already very strong. At this time, Wulin was already troubled, and Shaolin Wudang was even more blocking me from the south foot of Tangmen. Compared with Wan Jianzong, it was necessary to do some transactions one year. "
Tang Yue was suspicious at this time. "I heard my father say that Wan Jianzong was wiped out by ten sects two hundred years ago. Are dad and grandpa so relieved of them?"
Don’t you think it’s a good thing for the moon to be the patriarch of Wan Jianzong? This character is gentle and kind. If he is the patriarch, it will be a good thing if he can suppress Wan Jianzong. Besides, Wan Jianzong has a grudge against us, but Shaolin Wudang has a bigger grudge. How can all Wan Jianzong go to revenge one by one? If Wan Jianzong were so reckless in Qingcheng Mountain, he would not have kept his hair and saved his strength for another two hundred years.
Therefore, we don’t want to help Wan Jianzong, but we should help Xingyun to hold the position of Wan Jianzong, which is more beneficial to us. "
Tang Xue made it so clear that Tang Yue was the best person among the younger generation in Tangmen. At this time, she heard it plainly, "Does Aunt mean to ask Wan Jianzong to compete with Shaolin and Wudang?"
Tang Xuexiao said, "It’s not what I mean, it’s what your father and your great grandfather mean. It’s been meaning since we got the news of Wan Jianzong’s help from the ethereal heavenly palace. There are frequent chaos in Wulin, and Wan Jianzong’s destiny has died. There is going to be a big change in this Jianghu. Tangmen is just choosing a party that is more in line with his own interests."
Tang Xue looked at Tang Yue and said, "Although Tangmen has gained a lot of benefits from closing the mountain in Qingcheng Mountain, it is still not enough in the long run, and these benefits will be returned to Qingcheng Mountain. In this way, Guizhou is even more important. Guizhou is a must-have interest choice for Tangmen. Even if we Tangmen can’t."
Tang Xue said that when he turned to see the people outside the door, he was busy again. He thought that the banquet was over, and he couldn’t help thinking, "I don’t know how big brother and uncle talked about it. After 200 years, it’s time to regroup. I don’t know what the result will be?"
Evening goes to the morning to show Fang Sheng (Chapter 391)
Evening goes to the morning to show Fang Sheng (Chapter 391)
Hangyun and Qin Baicheng left Tangmen after lunch, but it was not that Tangmen was unhappy. This banquet can be regarded as the least on the surface, so Hangyun didn’t drink much wine because of his shallow capacity for liquor, but it doesn’t matter if the result is satisfactory, and the result is that the deal is reached.
Hangyun was not only satisfied with the result of his trip, but it was a big surprise. Tangmen was the most uncertain of the three sects that Hangyun was going to visit this time, but he got the best result. Why did Hangyun leave Qin Baicheng in a hurry just after lunch? It was because he was too tight. There were two factions on this trip and the road was delayed. When Hangyun saw Tangmen, he immediately left.
"Is Wan Jianzong really in the hands of this teenager?" Tang leng thoughtfully to
After Hangyun left, Tang Leng and Tang Huai did not leave the banquet hall to exchange green tea. These two people are still here to calculate the gains and losses. As Tang Xue said, Tangmen made the best choice for this transaction, but they were not sure about Hangyun Tang Cooling, who was only ten years old.
Tang Huai didn’t pick up the old man at once, but his eyes were still closed. At this time, he was slowly blowing away floating tea and sipping his mouth as if enjoying the fragrance brought by the green tea.
Tang Leng knew that his uncle’s temper did not urge the hall to be quiet for a while.
"This young man is not suitable for being a faction leader, not because of his age and experience, but because of his personality. Although I like that personality very much," Tang Huai said leisurely, but he did not answer Tang Leng’s question directly.
Tang Lengwen said, "Uncle, do you think that Hangyun won’t be a patriarch for long?"
Tang Huai shook his head. "Inappropriate doesn’t mean that he can’t do it, and if he really can’t do it for a long time, we will help him."
As if feeling Tang Leng’s frown, Tang Huaixiao smiled and said, "Wan Jianzong chose the traveling cloud as the patriarch for the time being, but one thing is very obvious. That is the great advantage of this young man’s one-day Wan Jianzong to the patriarch. This character Wan Jianzong will not only become our enemy, but will become my help."
Will Wan Jianzong listen to him for the time being and not worry? "
Speaking of this, Tang Huai put his tea in his hand and asked with a smile, "Wan Jianzong didn’t take crazy revenge on the big factions that besieged them in the past, but he has been restraining himself. Why did his patriarch come to us to make this deal?"
Tang Leng frowned and mused, "What is the decent place name?"
Tang Huaixiao to "good! Wan Jianzong doesn’t want revenge as simple as that. They want to restore their status 200 years ago. Being strong in this Jianghu is one aspect. If you have strength, you won’t be a big climate. "
Tang Leng heard that "everything has rules, especially the famous ones. Now that they have served the young master, they will at least not disobey orders in the school or they will be out of order."
Tang Huaiwei laughed, "It’s not so simple. This young man has a good reputation in the Jianghu.
Wan Jianzong has been dormant for 200 years. In the minds of Jianghu people, Wan Jianzong is powerful and does not know right and wrong. "
Tang Lenglue pondered, "Wan Jianzong just needs this young patriarch’s chivalrous name to gain Wan Jianzong’s name. This young patriarch’s chivalrous name is also needed to win the favor of Jianghu people. He also needs this young patriarch to reassure the big party, at least some big factions. For example, before Wan Jianzong, where Dong is located, is firmly established, he doesn’t worry that Wan Jianzong will not listen to that young man’s orders."
Touching the cold ground tea, Tang Huaiwei smiled, "It’s true that this young man is not suitable for one faction, but it’s good for us that he is the patriarch of Wan Jianzong. Even if Wan Jianzong regains his footing in this Jianghu, we can’t let Wan Jianzong get out of his grasp. Today, Wan Jianzong does this transaction. In fact, we want to help the young patriarch instead of Wan Jianzong."
It’s no surprise that Tang Leng said, "It’s not so easy to be afraid."
Tang Huai shook his head and smiled, "It’s not our Tangmen family who have this idea."
Tang Lengwei woke up after a moment’s meditation, and his face looked better. Instead of continuing this topic, he said, "According to Xingyun, there are two factions, Emei and Tuodong, who are going to go to the Dong school on this trip. I wonder what attitude that Emei will be?"
Tang Huai laughed. "Baiyun, the old fox’s mind is so easy to guess. It’s better to wait a few days for the answer."
At the same time, Xingyun and Qin Baicheng left the Tangmen for the Emei, but the Jianghu people’s attention was on another thing.
"Wan Jianzong wants Songshan!"
As soon as the news came out, it spread all over the Jianghu! Where is Songshan? Shaolin Millennium is the painstaking place to operate! Why isn’t it surprising that Wan Jianzong should go so honestly?