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"Li Lang! Li Lang? " The feeling of urgency poetry can no longer consider what will happen to Li He after hearing this name, and he cries around in the middle of the poem anxiously looking for Li He to fall.

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Chapter one hundred and eleven Flow incense
At this time, Li He has been taken to a hundred miles away by the fox demon cloud. One person and one demon are wrestling with the fox demon in the cloud, and there is injury. At this time, the injury and injury is to exert Kyubi no Youko’s mystery technique, and at the same time, he has exerted a teleport escape method. At this time, his spiritual strength is exhausted and he can fight with Li He, the prototype body of Kyubi no Youko and tian hu.
Li He felt that his strength had hit cotton, but he could not be wronged because he didn’t focus on soft play of fox tail.
One person and one demon turned out to be no one at the moment.
In the dogfight, the three kinds of mind have reached four centers of gravity, but Li He has gradually touched out some force laws of the fox’s tail. After several times of adjustment, the wind suddenly changed like a dragonfly flapping its wings, and the whole arm flapped quickly while punching.
"ah!" The fox demon screamed and one of the fox tails softened, but it was hit hard by Li He’s dragonfly wing fist.
"bang! Bang bang bang! " Li He repeatedly punched the East and hit the West, and a series of muffled sounds instantly abolished the six tails of the fox demon.
Tail is the strongest and weakest place in tian hu, Kyubi no Youko. Once it is injured, it will be like a human being’s fingers linked to one another. Seven tails are injured, and the bone marrow taste has made the fox demon tremble all over, and only one tail has been shaken in the middle because of great pain.
Li He punched the fox demon’s last tail again, but he didn’t want it to hit the last head. The fox demon turned out to be human again.
Li He, no matter whether she is a person or a fox, has to make up a punch before she takes a step.
"ah!" Almost at the same time, one person and one demon exclaimed that the fox demon body and cloud head suddenly disappeared in her human form, and one person and one demon fell from the middle at the same time.
Li He reacted very quickly, and at the same time, he grabbed the fox demon with one foot, only to see that the fox demon was frightened, screaming and dancing around scratching as if he had really lost his magic to fall from it.
At the beginning, Li He or the fox demon suddenly cheated. The cloud was actually that she took the initiative to remove it, and it was about to fall to the ground. Li He was afraid to gamble again at this moment, but he quickly gave up and took a deep breath. The whole belly suddenly swelled up and then suddenly exhaled.
"Whoo!" Heard a blare, a gust of wind was gushing out from Li He’s mouth, blowing the ground to raise a cloud of dust.
Li Heji, with this strong wind blowing to the ground, finally slowed down his falling body and rolled out from the hillside when he landed. This was the only way to unload the falling force. He was bruised but didn’t break his bone.
Li He got up without checking his injuries, and then he rushed to the top of the hill. Before he could see clearly that the fox demon was landing not far from him, and she was ill and wanted her to be killed. Li He’s dagger was drawn like a gust of wind, which scraped the low hill. Before I saw the figure, I heard the top of the hill swearing, "Little hoof dares to feed the old lady, but if you are dead, I will also detain your soul for constant tempering …"
"Are you in the mood to care about others when you are dying yourself?" Li He walked slowly to the fox demon and the dagger was lifted.
"You, you didn’t get killed?" The fox demon turned her head as if she saw a ghost with a frightened face.
"You can see it yourself!" Li He picked a straw from his hair and blew it gently.
"What do you want?" The fox demon is finally afraid.
"You can see it yourself!" Li He looked at the dagger in his palm.
"Look at me." The fox demon suddenly changed his attitude and looked up at Li He. "Am I beautiful?"
"Beautiful …" Li He gasped "a fox! It’s good to be a fur collar. "
You!’ The fox demon glared and knew that she was doomed this time. Just scold her before she died.
"You can’t wash the Tianhe water at the bottom of the pot. The old niang died in your hands this time, but it’s not as bad as your luck. It was only when the little hoof was taxiing in advance that it suddenly became human and lost its mana. You picked it up cheaply by this black fellow …"
This nine-tailed fox demon scolds and scolds but feels that he is so dead. It’s too wronged. "I’m an open Kyubi no Youko and tian hu. If you want to kill me, you always have to leave a name. It’s also convenient for me to go to Yan and sue you for being black."
"I can’t tell you the name before I remember it!" Li He told the truth.
"You" nine-tailed fox demon Li He is entertaining himself with anger and laughs. "Well, don’t tell me, I said that you listen to me. The Kyubi no Youko tian hu named Hu Lianer is the most noble pure blood in the sky. Kyubi no Youko tian hu was transformed into a three-tailed taxiing at the age of seven, and the whole tribe was shocked at the age of nine. At the age of nine, the thirteen elders lost in the battle of wits, and at the age of nine, they ascended to the position of the elder of Kyubi no Youko tribe. In the next three years, they commanded the size of the 21st World War without losing, and unified and split the Millennium fox tribe. This Metamorphosis is expected to reach Kyubi no Youko Metamorphosis before the age of 20. Before that, a genius, Kyubi no Youko tian hu, was thirty-one years old when he reached Kyubi no Youko Metamorphosis. My Hu Lianer would have become the last generation of Kyubi no Youko tribe if he hadn’t died in your sword today.
Li He didn’t take it to heart that the Nine-tailed Fox Demon recounted his genius. After hearing her name, his heart moved, "Is she also called pity?" The pity baby in the family comes to mind, and both of them are pure white in color.
In front of Li He in a trance, pity the baby in the family and gradually overlap
"Huh?" After a while, God Li He was stunned by the sudden treble in his ear.
I don’t know what the fox demon said, but suddenly she got excited and cried and shouted, "I’m not only the first beauty in my family, but now I haven’t even tasted the taste of being a woman. I’m not willing to die."
The injustice in my heart is unwilling, angry and crazy, and all kinds of emotions are mixed together, which makes Hu pity look crazy at this time. After a burst of crying and laughing, it turns out to be "hiss", pulling his robe one by one and revealing his chest.
"Be my man and then kill me. Come on, what are you waiting for? Am I not beautiful? You can’t wash the river clean this day. Even a black fellow wouldn’t dream of a beautiful woman like me, would he? Come on, be my man. I’m the first beautiful fox man. Come on, don’t make me laugh at you, coward … "
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Chapter one hundred and twelve Cherish jade
Hu pity son feel blackheads seem to be covered by something at the moment, but it is a cloak to stretch out his hand and dial quickly.
"Crazy!" Li He faintly spit out a word and turned to the slope. "Don’t let me see you again!"
Looking at Li He’s tall background, a little short on the hillside, I don’t know Hu Lian’s son felt a warm heart.
"Hello" Hu flow son called a see Li Heshen a puzzling heart turned out to be now a little xiyi issued a Jiao Jiao crunchy sound way "my leg is broken …"
Li He didn’t turn around and continue to walk to the slope. Looking at Li He, he went back a little short on the slope, and Hu Lian’s heart sank with him.
"The river can’t wash the pickled goods in a stinking black sky." Hu Lianer cried and sucked her nose while tightening Li He’s cloak into her arms. "Huh?" Hu flow son feel dark at the moment looked up and saw a tall figure in front of your face.
"…" Hu flow son a pair of cheng into almond eyes wide open to reveal a face of disbelief.
"Hua!" A pile of sticks fell from Li He’s hand to the ground.
"Which leg is broken?" Li he asked
"Right … it hurts!" Hu flow son yi tooth grin Li He hands have taken her right leg.
"Huh?" Li He’s brow wrinkled and his thigh was broken?
When Li He was in Wolong Village, he was an expert in treating falls because of local conditions. Li He learned this bonesetting reduction technique with one of the old hunters. At this time, although he lost his memory, he did not forget to practice bonesetting for a year.
Fingers in hu pity son leg a ride immediately feel that a right leg calf two thigh a total of three fractures.
The leg has been deformed in two fractures, which seems shocking, but it is actually easy to reset.
If the thigh fracture is to be reduced, it is not easy to set bones, but also to prevent the sharp stubble of the broken bone from puncturing the main blood vessel in the thigh. Once this blood vessel is punctured, it will be sprayed with blood, and the whole person will have to wait for the blood to drain and become a cold corpse.
After Li He was diagnosed with the injury, the sweat came to his hand. There was no anesthetic at hand. If you want to reset your calf first, Hu Lian’s pain is bound to move. This thigh bone stubble is likely to puncture the main blood vessel.
If you want to reduce the thigh fracture first, once you have finished the reduction, you can move the leg again. When you can reduce the calf, the pain is bound to hurt the leg position again. If you just reset the thigh fracture, it is very likely that new bone stubble will puncture the main blood vessel.
"It will hurt a lot later. Can you bear it?" Li He is casually asking him if he is ready to cut his hand and feel dizzy.
"Everyone knows that Kyubi no Youko gens is good at manipulating people’s hearts, but I don’t know that members of Kyubi no Youko gens will go to the clan’s secret land to experience a narrow escape before practicing this method. They can live less and reach the state of being like a rock. This will be granted to Kyubi no Youko. Do you want to know my achievements in the secret land? Hell doesn’t move’ is what I achieved when I was three years old. "
Roots don’t understand the terms in Hu Lier’s mouth corresponding to the strength level. Li He, a streetscape jack, asked, "It will hurt in a while. If you can’t help but want to move, you may be punctured by bone stubble and bleed to death from the main blood vessel in your thigh. Think clearly."
"Hum!" Hu pity son put his face up, but he showed a face of shame. What do you mean by saying that the "hell doesn’t move" state is white? Listen to the name and you will know that it is a little pain in hell and shake its heart state.
She forgot who was hurting when Li He touched her leg just now, or maybe Li He’s touch was not enough to make her hurt. It was a coquetry of a woman.
But women like to coquetry, but women with excellent brains are never included in Hu pity, and even more so.
See Hu flow son to hero Li He but also no longer nonsense a tear her trouser legs out of a cut leg.
Li Heheng repeatedly felt that it was better to reset the calf first and then cure the thigh. Of course, the former was Hu Lian, who could really hold back the pain.
Fingers to find out the location of the fracture after Li He first stuffed a handful of herbs into his mouth, while chewing, he reached out and put his hands to Hu Lian’s bonesetting.
"hmm!" Hu flow son a light hum the first bone stubble connected.