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Yesterday, we called the tribal Council to analyze the problems we faced and gave you four choices.

First, now we are going to join them. They are fighting against Warcraft together, but here I want to wake everyone up. They are now gathering that piece of grass to defend, and once they lose their retreat, they will become the ultimate hunting ground of Warcraft. Of course, they can defend it. That is, God has given our race a chance to turn over in Milla. After all, there are millions of people there. It is not so easy for Warcraft to swallow it in one gulp.
Second, we invited them here, and we refused to defend the natural barrier of Mar and resist Warcraft together. But their population is too large. Let’s say that we have absolutely not enough food, regardless of whether we can resettle them in base defense. The rations of the five tribes in this dense population will be put together in a few days, and I am afraid it will not be enough. Once the grain and grass are cut off, our end will come.
Third, we sent someone to send him a letter to tell them that the Kuroshio is coming and Warcraft is coming, and then they will live and die.
Fourth, simply don’t send letters to them to attract the attention of Warcraft, and then we hide here in a corner of peace, believing that Warcraft will disperse after eating enough and won’t bother us again, but I believe that you will never do this because it is the greatest insult to your personal dignity and life.
These are the four choices. Once they are selected, our elders will immediately implement everyone’s opinions.
Let’s face a referendum and choose your own destiny.
Mr. Bay announced the referendum with his staff, but the seemingly calm appearance was actually hard to hide his excitement
His heart is trembling and his blood is boiling. The big head of the Rum tribe, who never grows old and never gives up, is praying to him that the so-called god will give him a long-awaited answer.
Almost in an instant, the loudest platform sound was silent, and it was still a deep water.
People’s slightly depressed breathing shows that they are so nervous and excited.
Nervous emotional contagion touched the platform and then one platform after another dyed it.
So in less than half an hour, the heavens and the earth turned from a loud noise to silence, suppressing silence, not breaking out in silence, but dying in silence.
The referendum has finally come.
Thousands of temporary guest workers and soldiers walked slowly from various platforms holding public ballot boxes to accept people’s votes.
The atmosphere is solemn and solemn, and everyone talks about men, women and children with a kind of almost prostration, solemnity or urgency, or tearing pieces of unknown skins from the ground, and writing a simple horizontal or multi-horizontal on the surface represents their choice.
In the end, even the charcoal ash was not enough. When people were anxious, they directly bit their finger blood and wrote their most solemn choices in the skins.
The referendum has lasted for nearly two hours.
These two hours are so long and short, which is a contradictory concept, and people seem to suddenly realize it.
For two hours, no one spoke and heard the soldiers walking around with ballot boxes in their hands. When people voted, the boxes of animal skins rustled and there was no other sound, and the world was silent.
Moonlight rises a horizon and bathes it. Those tall trees show silvery reflection. If the fog is like a piece of floating snow, there are no swimming stars in the river, but it seems to be covered with a beautiful mother-of-pearl, and finally it is moving with luminous microwaves.
Qi is sweet, the wind is full of intoxicating spring fragrance, and a soft force passes gently and slowly in the earth’s sleep on a spring night, as if to appease people and let them sleep peacefully.
But people are not sleepy at all, but they are extremely nervous and excited.
After three hours, the referendum was finally over, and people were nervously and apprehensively waiting for an unknown outcome.
Everyone knows what they have written, what they have chosen, and they also know what the bloody compatriots choose to answer.
However, they are still so nervous, because human nature is always uncertain and unknown before the future, just like history can never be assumed.
People hold their breath and try their best to calm their emotions. Looking at the busy counting of votes at the end of the platform, people’s hearts are like boats in the sea, rising and falling with the waves, and I don’t know where to go.
Although the elders informed that the counting knot would be announced in the day, people were excited. No one moved. They were all waiting for an unknown knot in the cold of the Spring Festival Evening.
Minutes went by, hours went by, and even the moon couldn’t help but yawn and pull over. A cloud covered her face, and she was about to sleep.
But people are still waiting.
None of the 100 thousand people went back to the cave to sleep, even the youngest child
They are all waiting for a knot.
The billowing purple glow is half hidden behind the mountain, and it is about to explode. It is projecting colorful light to the awakening earth.
Dial the dazzling clouds, the sun appears like a fireball, and pours red light like fire to the trees, mountains and the earth.
The moon sets and the sun rises, and another beautiful morning comes.
People waited for a night and finally waited until the statistics of the votes were counted overnight.
Choose one hundred and seventy-nine thousand tickets.