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My Lord doesn’t worry about Bailing’s saying so, but it’s just a hypothesis. After all, before this, the descendants of the protoss had never been conceived in a mortal body, and Bailing didn’t know what would happen later.

You know it’s extremely difficult for God to inherit blood.
And it’s really not long when your wife and I are together. It’s never happened in our spiritual world that your wife can get pregnant so easily.
Tourmaline finished frowning brows.
Quickly walked to the bed and sat down.
Hold Chai Wanying’s hand, which is still asleep, and look at her face with some concern.
I didn’t look back to see Bai Lingxian, but I simply asked you if my sister’s body would be damaged by having this child.
After lark fairy was silent for a while, cautious tunnel should not at present.
I have carefully checked my wife’s health, and everything is fine. The fetal spirit will be stable in a little while at most. When the fetal spirit is stable, my wife will wake up with her.
Not at present, which means it may hurt her as she gets pregnant for a long time.
Bailing could feel a bad worry when tourmaline asked this.
I’m afraid that tourmaline will make a shocking decision and immediately it’s a big deal. Even ordinary human beings can’t be pregnant without risk.
What’s more, madam is pregnant with a descendant of God’s blood.
The young master can’t have any bad thoughts just because he is afraid of this little possible risk. You know, it’s very difficult for Nuwa people to inherit from generation to generation.
Bailing gushed and talked for a long time.
Tourmaline didn’t know that he didn’t listen. He looked at Chai Wanying’s face in a coma in silence.
For a long, long time, Bailing became less and less confident.
Tourmaline spoke instead. Don’t worry, this is my sister’s first child. Even if I am worried about my sister’s health, I will never sacrifice our child.
If I really do this, my sister will be the first to forgive me. She has been wanting this child for a long time.
The pure and mellow sound of tourmaline was clearly heard on this newly dark night.
Bailing suddenly breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. She was really worried that the little master was carried away by love. When she was nervous, she discussed taking off the fetus.
In that case, she must be desperate to stop it.
Fortunately, the little master didn’t do it.
Young master, since my wife is pregnant, is it not suitable for living here? Do you think you can take my wife and me to the spiritual world?
On the one hand, abundant aura will make your wife less tired when she is pregnant, and on the other hand, if the celestial world still wants to be bad for the young lady, you must go directly to the spiritual world.
I want to do this, and heaven is definitely afraid to look straight.
What do you think?
Tourmaline shook his head.
My sister won’t. She wants to live a quiet life, and the spiritual situation is worse. Don’t say that my sister is not familiar with it, even I am not familiar with your kindness. I just forget it.
If the young master doesn’t object, I must send some men from the spirit world. After all, the defense here is too weak today. In case the heaven really makes up its mind, the young master must at least guarantee your enemy’s safety.
Okay, you can arrange this.
I have no objection to this tourmaline
He’s scared, too, but it’s different now. His sister is going to be a parent and they’re having a baby.
He doesn’t want his children to be born in dangerous situations.
Since lark attaches so much importance to it, it would be better to arrange it for her.
Good little master
Wait for a sister. How soon will she wake up?
I don’t know, it depends on the stability of the fetal spirit. If it is short, the lady should be able to wake up every day.
Ok, I get it. Don’t worry too much about my sister’s pregnancy. I don’t want her to have any mental burden.
Little master, don’t worry.
Thank you for your hard work. Go to rest, too.
It’s the little master lark excusing himself.
Tourmaline was so happy that she didn’t sleep all night.
He just looked at Chai Wanying’s sleeping face with joy and never got tired of it again and again.
Xiaobai is also happy to swim over and over at the bedside.
It will also be happy for the little master.
Chai Wanying felt that she had had a long, long nightmare in which Lengqi Likov and a large group of white coats were holding thick needles to draw her blood.
Also a sleeping in a snow-white hospital bed looks a bit like a westerner, but his face shows a ferocious expression. kelvin Emilio.
Dreams are pouring in, and all kinds of terrible scenes are woven together
She felt that she was walking on thin ice in a sea of blood-red blood.