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Also in this castle, somewhere in the execution room, Lengqi has been awakened by cold water.

In front of him, the clothes are clean, the K is bathed, and the high-definition camera is in front of him.
And the wall opposite the Leng Qi Man is also embedded with a screen.
On the screen, a handsome man with blond hair and green looks weak but disdainful sitting in a hospital bed.
Look at Lengqi in front of the camera with a smug and happy smile.
JACK, my dear bastard brother, we finally meet again.
Lengqi looked at the screen with consternation. kelvin looked like you were ill.
Haha, how did you see that I was ill? Are you proud or surprised?
In the camera, kelvin looked at Lengqi with a look of scorn that she was not familiar with.
Let him not react for a while, and then Lengqi’s eyes gradually revealed how much they had never been really deep before.
You are also fake when kelvin comes.
How much fatigue does Lengqi have in this sentence? K heard it before the camera, and kelvin heard it even more.
But his heart is not ashamed at all.
Instead, I smile coldly. You’re not still missing me. I used to pretend to be you, okay
Haha, you’re ridiculous, JACK. Why do you come in the door and share your property with me for my things? Who takes you seriously in this family except that dead old thing?
Kelvin, you disappoint me.
Lengqi suddenly looked up at the camera with a proud and inviolable smile
I’ve always supported you, and you, including your mother, are not friendly to me. At least your brother is sincere to me.
Now I know that I was all wet. The most hypocritical person in the past is you.
Kelvin, you never thought I was your real brother, so you can call the word bastard so smooth today.
Kelvin, I might as well tell you today that I never wanted you to fight for your father’s inheritance from the beginning. I don’t care for the slightest bit.
If you want to tell me, even if you sincerely call me brother, I will definitely say nothing to you.
And you haha, it’s ridiculous. I’m so blind that I still think that an Emilio family is vicious and belongs to you. kelvin still has a conscience
Now it seems that I am stupid, so it is no wonder that I am in this situation.
Lengqi’s laughing face upwards seems to have touched a great embarrassment somewhere in Kelvin’s heart.
He suddenly screamed, shut up, don’t laugh, don’t laugh, do you hear me
K, fan him and shut him up.
K suddenly slammed the left and right sides of Lengqi and slapped him in the face for seven times. His nose and mouth were bleeding before he stopped.
At this time, kelvin’s excitement seems to have calmed down.
Slowly picked up the respirator next to it and took a deep breath before continuing to viciously blunt Lengqi, whose face was covered with blood, and said, Give it to me. Who wants you to give it?
It’s all me, me and you. Are you white?
You’re just a bastard. You’re an old man who’s greedy for talent. What makes you think I’m smarter than I was when I was a kid? I do my best. The old man always doesn’t think I don’t look like him.
I didn’t know what he didn’t love me until I led you through the door. Do you know that it’s because of you that you don’t love me so much because of your old man? How do you know?
It’s ridiculous that you still have your brother behind me. It’s ironic that I’m nice to you.
Lengqi looked at him piteously.
Then he looked at it again. K couldn’t help but shake his head and suddenly smiled again.
And at the sight of him laughing at kelvin, it’s like being poked in the heart by something. What are you laughing at?
It’s so pathetic and ridiculous to laugh at us. What kind of struggle is this? People are dying after fighting, only to find that the most precious thing has been consumed in our struggle.
Lengqi suddenly suddenly became bright.
Others are dying. Who is right and who is wrong? What is the need to make it clear?
K, his mother, including kelvin, has done a lot of things that are sorry for him, but so what?
Kelvin, isn’t his happy life suddenly filled with hatred because of his mother’s intervention?
No matter who is big-minded or small-minded, what has happened can never be changed.
His only regret today is that he didn’t even see his mother for the last time.
If you can, let hate end in your own death.
Lengqi gave up and was willing to let everything go.
But kelvin can’t let his heart go so easily. His hatred has long corroded him.
Seeing Lengqi so light and light, he smiled at everything, and he felt dazzling even more.
Without even thinking about it, he sneered, the most precious thing. What do you mean by life?