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The familiar sound made her light up with a slight shock, and made her eyes shut uncomfortably for a long time before she could vaguely see the candlelight reflected in the darkness.

Chu Yun’s deep quiver is you.
Candlelight man smiles. It’s me.
What is this? Chu Yun asked in horror.
Aren’t you white? Your martial arts have been drugged, and this is your cell. The man sighed and shook his head. You may be smart, but you have been protected in the boudoir court for too long. You may be good at martial arts, but you don’t know anything about the outside world and don’t know how to prevent it. It’s not white to catch you here without blowing off dust.
Chu Yun’s body shook suddenly. What kind of disaster did the faint chill in her heart produce? She was staring at the opposite person and asked what.
Today may be the last time we meet. The man in the flickering candlelight can see clearly. Let me tell you what will happen in front of you and let you know what is going on.
Chapter VII Lianchang Challenge
If you sleep until three poles a day, you will get up lazily and get sleepy. After washing with your eyes half closed, you will be awake again. When you look up, you will see Xiao Yao frowning and staring at him.
If you laugh, say, second brother, good second brother, have you eaten?
Come on, this guy Xiao Yao punched him on the shoulder to stop him. Hu said that luckily you can sleep peacefully at this time and don’t worry about those two little guys at all.
I’m very relieved about sex virtue. I won’t eat breakfast either. Let’s go and have a look first. Then I pushed the door and went straight to the front yard.
It was deserted all the way, and there was no one there.
Neither of them is surprised that there is still a long distance from the front yard and they have heard shouting and cheering far away.
Xiao Yao sighed and played very lively.
If we speed up the pace, let’s go and see it quickly
A large number of Jianghu people live in the front yard, and the dragons and snakes are in a mess. They often fight. Yesterday, making a wish by archery forced everyone to take a break. It is supposed that this morning should be like yesterday.
However, the front yard was in a surprisingly good order. The outlaw heroes of the three mountains and five mountains surrounded a neat circle. They didn’t bother to find any revenge and didn’t fight for any victory. They watched the two chapters applaud and sigh together.
If Xiao Yao can’t get in through all the hardships, he has to find another way to jump next to a big tree and see it more clearly.
If it’s just a tree, I feel a bad cold. I look across the wall with a feeling. Xiao Yuan’s eyes stare at myself coldly.
If you don’t seem to realize his hostility, smile and wave, third brother, you are as uncomfortable as I think, so don’t jump to the heights to see it, right
Xiao Yuan looked at him coldly. If he didn’t want to make something up, he suddenly heard a stuffy hum and bowed his head to see a middle-aged man stumbling back in the center of the chapter.
Su Liang smiled and accepted the sword.
That Han’s face was livid, and he wouldn’t stop looking back to squeeze the crowd and run straight to the gate.
At the same time, Zhao Yi drank a light sword, and the light soared. He fought a fierce sword, and the man took a few moves and even took seven steps back.
Zhao Yijian stepped back, but Chen Daxia will continue.
The man looked down at his chest and I didn’t know when he was cut and his skirt was cold-snorted. He was incompetent. I should keep my promise and stop competing and turn around and stand in the crowd.
Zhao Yi’s eyes swept away. It is said that these heroes are not afraid of falling off their heads. However, when Zhao Yi’s eyes were fixed, people retreated slightly, and people were afraid to look directly at them.
Zhao Yi decided that one person would quickly approach fuels and salute. I’ve heard for a long time that the blue wind and the double ring can embrace the sun and the moon. I wonder if my predecessors will give me a lesson or two.
Tall, thin, sallow, green and windy, Luo Lie’s face is even more horribly yellow. How can I devalue a famous pawn like you if I become famous for dozens?
Mr. Zhao Yi smiles as a backward guide, but if Mr. Zhao insists on refusing to know, he will still be a gentleman. Even a famous pawn like me dare not take up the battle.