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That’s right. Up to now, Ye Tian is sidelined. How big is the power of God? With the help of the metal control ability, the godhead can actually push down the wall as thick as more than ten meters. But what exactly is the power of Ye Tian? Instead, it is more at a loss.

Click click to think. Suddenly there was a secret ring across the street. When I looked up in astonishment, I saw that the countless undead armies were coming in the direction of Yetian as the city walls collapsed.
Seeing this scene, Ye Tian shook his head and smiled. Since it still hasn’t been measured, then continue to test it. Think about it. Ye Tian gently raised his right foot and suddenly stepped on the war and trampled on it instantly.
In the godhead-driven Ye Tianke can obviously feel a huge and normal force gathering at his feet, and its power is far greater than Ye Tianke can imagine.
It must be a metaphor, then the energy of Ye Tianfa is equivalent to a match flame, while the energy brewed in the depths of the earth is equivalent to a burning fire. Ye Tianneng is just a kindling, which is more powerful than the kindling.
Rumbling and thinking, Ye Tian suddenly raised his head and everything around him shook violently in a muffled thunder. At first, he was confused, but soon Ye Tian came to his senses. This was an earthquake.
Looking at the world in Ye Tian, everything shook violently and shook violently. With the passing of time, the earth shook and shook more and more violently. With the violent shaking, the buildings in the city collapsed one after another, and the ground became wider and wider.
At last, when the shaking reached a limit, a white fog roared from the ground in a muffled thunder roar. All the building debris in the white fog was shaken into powder, and in an instant, tens of thousands of buildings in huge cities and millions of undead armies were turned into fly ash, and even a fist fragment could not be found.
Stunned, I looked at the dusty sky and looked at the Ma Pingchuan Pingyetian completely stunned. You know, just a few seconds ago, there was a city with a million troops wandering here, but after a few seconds, it became a flat and amazing place without a trace of protrusion. This is the power of war trampling. This is the power of God.
Chapter 24 1 protoss attack
The wind is blowing, the dust is flying, and the vast, flat and magnificent city has now turned into dust and the shadow of Ye Tian has disappeared.
At the peak of the same world, a mysterious road is sleeping, and the gods gradually wake up, and the eyes are open one by one in the limit.
Ye Tian’s war trampling is of course incredible to Yuzryha, but it is even more surprising than Ye Tian’s. What is even more incredible is that the power of the war trampling of the gods is far beyond Ye Tian’s imagination.
In fact, the divine power is powerful, but it is far from this abnormal condition. That war trampling is absolutely impossible. Everything is not so simple.
Ye Tian came to earth to inherit the evil god Cold Mo, and it is obvious that the evil god Cold Mo also came to earth to live, or rather to China.
According to the ancient myth, human beings were made by Nu Wa for nine days, while nine days’ fallow soil was the natural soil and the mother of all kinds of soil. Therefore, Ye Tian’s power to display the earth’s martial arts is far from as simple as Ye Tian imagined.
Although Ye Tian is just an early god at present, it is a fact that Ye Tian can easily defeat the early deity ichthyosaur when he is still in heaven. You know, God is not so easy to defeat a master in heaven, but it can be a dream to defeat God even if he is a junior god.
The fact is that Ye Tian, a master of heaven, has already possessed the strength of the first divine order, but even so, Ye Tian’s physical energy at that time did not belong to the avatar and did not disturb the gods. But now, when Ye Tian finally reaches the divine order, when he finally can display the avatar, everything can no longer be hidden.
With Ye Tian’s war trampling containing divine power or regular force, the gods woke up three years ago, and the power of that war trampling was far beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Even the mother earth, who holds the power of the earth, could not hold this strength of the earth.
Just as Ye Tian returned to the island in the middle of the lake, miracles came all over the world in the Vatican, and statues burst into the sky, and this holy light also contained colorful light, which was a sign of the arrival of the gods.
Every branch of the world’s 100,000 branches of the Holy See has a statue. At this moment, 100,000 statues in the world shine with colorful holy light at the same time. Miracles of this scale have never been recorded in history.
Seeing this scene, Nina was shocked, especially Nina, a girl who has witnessed everything, is familiar with the scene before her, and she knows very well that this is not a simple miracle, which indicates that the gods will come to this world.
However, Jeannine was puzzled by what made the gods suddenly wake up and what happened in this urgent arrival.
Although she couldn’t understand it, Nina didn’t dare to neglect it and hurried to the island in the middle of the lake. She found Ye Tian and told Ye Tian everything that was going to happen.
I got the news from Nina. Although many things are not ready yet, fortunately, it is not too hasty, and Ye Tian knows that many things are not what he wants. Since the gods are coming forward, Ye Tian can’t stop them.
After thinking for a long time, Ye Tian immediately reached the order to avoid accidents. Ye Tian’s forces and territorial corps immediately evacuated this world and returned to the new world to wait for the order. At the same time, Ye Tian’s industrial sector closed down and transferred to the new world to temporarily avoid everything, and everything should be considered after Ye Tian observed clearly.
As Ye Tian ordered the world to get busy quickly, 10 million elite troops quickly returned to the new world, and various industries also successively avoided accidental injuries.
Just three days after Ye Tian did everything, the statues that have been shining with colorful holy light have changed one after another. With the holy light, 100,000 statues have turned into gods, and the gods have spread 100,000 days in the human world overnight. This huge power is enough to sweep all forces in a short time.
Of course, the sky is not full of gods, but it is actually an approximate number, strictly speaking, it should be a little more than 110 thousand
Heaven has a strong fighting capacity, but it is not necessarily a god. Among them, the winged sky is actually a celestial level, accounting for the vast majority of the protoss legion, with a total of 100 thousand
100,000 days in day order, 10,000 days in the early days, and 100 top days in the thousand days. This is the power of the Protoss Coalition Forces.
This huge team can’t compete with ordinary people, even Ye Tian’s power can’t be the 100,000-day position. It’s all right. The 10,000-day god-order day is not afraid, but the 100-day top-level god-day is not Ye Tianke’s imagination.
With the arrival of the gods, Ye Tian’s forces withdrew from the human world, and finally the long-lost peace was restored. The wars in various places had stopped, and the protoss Coalition forces threatened the world and entered the track.
Ye Tian is still very satisfied with everything in this world. Although the disaster is still going on, although the war is still going on, the world has been finally protected. The human elite should not die in the war. It can be said that Ye Tianyi’s manpower will protect a human essence in the future, and even the monty invasion will not shake the human roots.
As time goes by, Ye Tian doesn’t have protoss contact, but silently waits for the invasion of monty outside the country, while practicing the army in the new world to save the world at the most critical moment when monty invades, and save the tragic fate of mankind in the fire and water.
Of course, neither the island in the middle of the lake nor Vegas can stay. Ye Tian led people to the new world and silently waited for Monty.
Sitting comfortably on the sofa, Ye Tian’s face is smiling slightly. He really wants to know what kind of expression it will be when the demons arrive and they struggle hard to find that the materials and materials of this world have been searched by someone and the human elite disappears.
So far, the total population of mankind has remained at about 400 million. The protoss main army has not been dissolved, but it is expanding. Is it true that the gods have realized that Monty is about to invade? But according to Nina, the gods should not have known it.
Since I guess Ye Tian took my mind and practiced hard with a thousand magic knights every day, at the same time, the puppet Longshan Valley was built for a moment without stopping to hold the power of the gods, and the puppet dragons were built one after another.
Ye Tian pays close attention to the time when Monty will invade sooner or later, and the longer Ye Tian grasps it, the more confident he will be. Therefore, Ye Tian did not interfere with everything the protoss did in the human world, but listened and then buried himself in the new world to develop his own forces.
Everything is afraid of being serious. In Yetian, the forces are working hard, and the strength of the elite army is high. Soon, the new world has also developed by leaps and bounds in Qiutesi.
Three years passed quickly, and the protoss troops in the human world were still around 100,000, but the human forces formed a full 100 million troops. It is counted that Ortiz has gradually increased the undead army, and so far the protoss army has reached more than 400 million, of which 100 million are human troops and the other 300 million are undead soldiers.
In this state, three years have passed, and the atmosphere in a new world has become tense. Ye Tianguang, Nina and other senior members of Ye Tian’s forces all know that this year is the time of the invasion of monty outside the territory.
As the top leaders of Ye Tian’s forces waited anxiously, they slowly passed away, but the arrival date of Monty was coming, but the world was still calm without a sign.
Finally, the arrival date of Monty arrived, and then a day, two days, a month and two months passed quickly, but the world was still calm. What the hell was going on?
The Secret Chamber Ye Tian sat quietly around him with his eyes closed, and thousands of scarabs merged into one magic armor knights. Look carefully, these scarabs constantly radiate sharp metallic light.
Magic armor knight is the owner of the magic beast, the auxiliary magic beast warrior, the combat form of the magic beast, and the current manpower is only the auxiliary, so now there are 1000 huge scarabs around Ye Tian.
After Ye Tiansan’s strengthening, this 1,000 scarab has become Ye Tian’s most ace strength, and its strength is high, even for puppet dragons.
Ye Tian once tried that there was no weapon to hurt the scarab except the halberd, and he couldn’t even leave a scratch. Even if he broke the halberd, he could forcibly tear this armor, and even if he broke the halberd, he couldn’t think of anything.
At this moment, the hardness of these scarabs is not the same as that of Yetian. This is the hard work of Yetian, and this is also the strength of Yetian.