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And at this time, it seems that the battlefield has suddenly changed the ratio of indecision.

The avatar method not only grabbed the cudgels in the hands of three large spiritual veins, but also slammed them down.
Xingtian war body has been waving a pair of big hands and dashed.
Two kinds of attacks appear so suddenly that they are already close at hand, and it seems that they have been waiting for Momota for a long time.
Even if Momosota is fit and powerful, there is not much reaction at all, and he barely propped up his defensive shield to meet Sun Hao’s day stick.
Bang a bucket of heavenly sticks and hit the top of Momsota’s head.
The defensive cover of Momosotian was instantly smashed and destroyed, and the rattan staff in his hand was hastily and reluctantly lifted to block a block. Cracks appeared in the rubbing and were destroyed by the bucket stick.
A cold heart, Momosotian was waiting to fly away, but he did not move after pulling out his body.
At the moment when Momosota was hit by a bucket stick, Xingtian’s body had rushed and his hands grabbed Momosota’s legs with one hand on each side, making him unable to move in rigidity.
How did it suddenly become like this?
Momosotian was puzzled and the monks were very surprised.
There was a dead dog at the whole scene who knew what was going on and muttered, "Boss Sun has made a bunker and inherited this trick to rely on evil tricks."
Sun Hao, the two deputy souls who know the sea, opened their eyes and looked at each other, seeing the horror in each other’s eyes.
They are all reincarnated with real power. They have unique fighting skills that are more powerful than their abilities and more proud of themselves.
Sun Hao can’t get their ability until he grows to a certain height. They think it is more appropriate for Sun Hao to grow up for a while by himself.
However, Sun Hao’s display of several combat skills today surprised them a little.
Destroyed gold silkworm Wei let them also tremble with fear. This method of insect may have reached its peak. If Sun Hao is determined to throw gold silkworm at the deputy soul for two people, it is estimated that two people can be eaten by insects in this state.
Sun Haoling is really weird.
If gold silkworm is still the ultimate crooked ways, then Sun Hao’s display of tricks will really astonish them.
It’s a big deal, and when it’s a top road, it’s a big deal.
Daoism is a cultivation process for monks to pursue immortality after they have reached the peak Mahayana period.
There are many types of avenue 3 thousand, and there are also strong and weak ones
Which avenue is more powerful? Opinions vary, that is, the ranking of the top ten avenues will change slightly according to the degree of understanding of monks in different periods
However, once someone understands that there are several avenues in which period, the ranking will definitely be in the top ten.
Among them is Sun Haoxian’s time avenue technique.
Of course, the accurate name of Time Avenue in 3,000 Avenue is Time Avenue, which is a component and needs to be supplemented before it can truly dominate 3,000 Avenue.
The reason why Tao cat and Luo Pengfei are proud is naturally because they have also practiced three thousand avenues, and it is also the kind that will automatically rank in the top ten after completion.
Luo Pengfei’s reincarnation avenue is the same as his ten avenues.
Now I didn’t expect Aquilaria sinensis, a small talent, to be thrown out at the beginning of the fit, and the fishing was forcibly changed.
Sun Hao was indeed forced to tamper with the changes after he threw Momosotian out of three large spiritual veins when he was caught by Tie Kun Peng.
After getting the soul of Dapeng golden-winged bird, after years of soul-turning, Sun Hao finally refined the iron-fishing, and the fishing has a certain ability to reverse the time.
However, at present, Sun Hao’s fishing times and every reversal are far less than those of Tie Kunpeng.
I remember that in those days, Tie Kun-peng was able to catch about three times a day, while Sun Haoxian was able to make about three times.
Every time it can be reversed, it is one or two interest rates.
However, the biggest difference between now and then is that there was a shepherd around me at that time, and I woke up abnormally. I was fully alert and always had an eyeliner around me.
Now it is estimated that his brother must be very strange except that the two deputy souls can perceive the change of filar silk.
Sun Hao’s failure to catch a two-rate reversal when he was practicing the Dharma and reaching the world was enough for Sun Hao to make many changes.
Reached out to three large spiritual veins with one hand and smashed the cudgel to send Xingtian’s body to Momosota.
Shi Sunhao, with three heads, six arms and many arms, quickly completed the preparation of these things.
It was only a moment before Momosotian returned to normal from fishing, but when he came to his senses, he was already in a desperate situation.
When fishing involves the rules of the avenue, it is also ranked in the top ten Daoism, which has gone beyond the understanding of the fit monk. If it weren’t for the special fit monk’s sword like the border shepherd, this strange attack really doesn’t know how to die
The tall avatar method shows a little pity in the big eyes.
Without hesitation, the golden cudgel fell violently.
Smashed the defensive cover of Momosotian, and the flying feather topped it, unable to resist it, rubbed it, broke it, and slapped Momosotian’s head with a golden stick.
Flesh and blood, bright red brains, overflowing and splashing
Fang Xingtian’s belly button mouth slammed his arms and tore them to both sides. Great power poured out of Momo Sotian’s powerful fit body, and it was torn in half by living.
Huge energy flow escapes from Momosuo field as it is torn, and one after another vibrant flowers keep blooming and wither instantly.