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It is obvious that Chengtian Empire has treated Beishan County as a place to extract elite soldiers, but rarely sent capable officials to manage and recuperate.

In addition, the local characteristics of Beishan County’s poor management have led to the annual famine in Beishan County. Officials here are all perfunctory, with their eyes on money and potential, and they don’t want to do anything practical in Beishan County.
Because it is too difficult to show kindness, we have adopted a policy of repression for thousands of years?
How can the people not rebel when they can’t eat enough?
What a pity!
Even this Chengtian empire has long forgotten the dusty history of two thousand years ago!
For thousands of years, Beishan County has been struggling to regain its glory.
"Gongye, we are almost in Heishi County. Shall we land the airship now?"
At this time, the knocking at the door in southern Jiangsu interrupted Su Yu’s train of thought
"Keep driving! I want to land in Blackstone County! "
Su Yu’s eyes glistened.
Now that he’s here, let’s take the strongest stance, arrival
This Blackstone county is his Su Yu’s coiled pipe, and his great emperor must take the strongest stance to destroy Su Yu’s cause!
Chapter 36 Blackstone County People Misunderstanding
"It’s a young master!"
Sunan door sink said then turned to leave.
Vaguely, he was yelling at the door. "The clerk listened to your grandfather and told the airship to continue to Blackstone County! We want Blackstone County to stop and land. You all cheer up. Don’t lose the face of Su Wangfu and don’t lose the face of Gongye! "
The roar of the soldiers is frightening
"Let’s go and see what my territory looks like with me."
Su Yu smiled and took Linganer’s little hand straight out of the door and came to the deck.
Su Yu’s 7,000 soldiers are already ready to queue up one by one, with long knives across the waist and big shields in their hands. The soldiers are determined and all infantry.
In front of the intellectual soldiers, behind the two thousand ordinary soldiers.
Sunan, Lingyu and Yang Mingwei have already worn their armor in front of the team.
When Su Yu came out, all the soldiers shouted, "I’ve seen Gongye!"
The soldiers stood up and wanted to show their bravest courage before the Lord.
"Very good, very energetic!"
Su Yu smiled and praised with a wave.
Hear Su Yu praise the soldiers chest more pretty else army against the whole.
Su Yu came to the front of the team and leaned over to look at the airship.
The airship in red has arrived at Blackstone County, and Fangzheng slowly landed from high.
Burning the strength of the gods and blessing Su Yu’s extremely sharp eyes, the airship can also clearly see that the streets of Blackstone County are vaguely rushing to the fields. Farmers, both men and women, even children, are mostly holding farm tools and behind their parents.
Farmers are in a hurry. Although people are naturally tall, they are in rags, and their faces are full of sadness.
It can be seen that people in Blackstone County are not living a satisfactory life.
"Shout ~! Boom! "
The wind roared, and the airship in red slowed down steadily and soon, and its huge body appeared in Blackstone Town.
The airship in red suddenly appeared like a big red cloud in Blackstone County.
The oppressive feeling of covering the sun is overwhelming, and the huge airship in red attracts everyone’s attention in Blackstone Town.
"my god, what is that!"
People’s faces are shocking to the extreme.
Suddenly, a huge monster appeared, and the feeling of fear and panic above everyone’s head was hard to shape.
However, people’s panic came and disappeared quickly, and the airship in red was quickly recognized.
"It’s an airship. That’s an airship in red!"
"Is Sue ares? Is the Soviet God of War coming to save us? "
"Only the army of the Soviet God of War will drive a red airship to Beishan!"
"It must be that Su Zhanshen personally came to Beishan County to recruit soldiers. Oh, my God, this is a great opportunity!"
"The year before last, I was not chosen. This time, I must successfully enter the army of the Soviet God of War, and my children will fight for that hot meal!"
"yes! Join the army with a bitch and a child! "
"It is really good for us Beishan people to have the army of the Soviet God of War!"
People in Blackstone County were shocked, then cheered wildly, threw away their farm tools and shouted excitedly.
Throughout the Chengtian Empire, Su Long’s armed forces will recruit new recruits to hike to the front and travel long distances directly to the northern Xinjiang by airship, and every family will send money and food when recruiting!
The reputation and suspicion of Beishan County, a benevolent general, is enormous!
It can be said that if the emperor Beishan County may make people feel afraid, but if General Su Long comes, people will be ecstatic and respectful!
Su Yu on the airship deck frowned slightly and looked at the weeping faces with great joy, which made me feel blocked.
He had been prepared before he came, but I didn’t expect people in Blackstone to live in such a difficult situation!
People in other counties can’t hide if they hear about joining the army, but people in Blackstone county regard joining the army as the only chance to eat!
This place is his Su Yu territory!
People here are all after him, Su Yumin!