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Yuanyuan’s eyes lit up when she heard Chen Shao’s speech. "Will she have diarrhea?"

Chen Shao laughed at her words, of course not, but comforted Yuanyuan, who nodded.
"It’s not good to lie. If she lies, she will definitely be punished."
Yuanyuan thinks it’s too bad to have diarrhea. She hasn’t had diarrhea, but she knows that it’s too bad for Brother Chengcai to have diarrhea. That’s why she said so.
Li Hongyu cried for a long time until everyone around her came to comfort her.
Yes, when she just stopped crying, Li Hongyu felt particularly painful in her stomach and farted a little.
"Ah, my stomach hurts. I’ll go home first." Li Hongyu said that and ran home quickly.
I was shocked to leave his little friend. Is this going to have diarrhea? Just now Yuanyuan said who lies and who has diarrhea? So who should they trust?
Baijiacun began to kill the pigs and divide the pork after weighing them.
It’s almost noon before Chen led his family back with alacrity. After all, he got a kilo more than others. Although it’s all scraps, it’s not bad. Besides, he gave himself more fat when he divided the meat this time, so he could bake oil when he went home, and he had oil at home for a year after the Chinese New Year.
Yuanyuan is squatting next to the rabbit pen and feeding the rabbit while muttering that she is not lying.
Then I saw Chen get up as soon as he came back, and walked over with little short legs and hugged Chen’s thigh.
Chen is still thinking about himself, and he is cheerful. "Yuanyuan, be good, I’ll put the pork in the basin."
Yuanyuan let go of her arm and followed her to the kitchen.
When Chen put away his things and turned around, he saw Yuanyuan.
"What’s the matter?"
Yuanyuan upturned her face. "Grandma, I didn’t lie. Whoever lies has diarrhea."
Chen listened to the fog and didn’t understand what it meant. Another voice called Chen Shaozhi out.
Chen Shaozhi came out and explained everything again.
Chen’s anger is exhausted. It’s not easy to deal with Li’s accountant and her two families. At most, I met and said hello at ordinary times. At that time, I still said that Li Qiaoqiao wanted to marry the third child. As a result, the third child didn’t want to force her, but she wasn’t embarrassed about the Li family. But later, the wife of the Li family said something bad outside, and she took back all her guilt about the Li family.
"Yuanyuan said who lied to and who had diarrhea? She must have diarrhea. Let’s Yuanyuan not lie."
Yuanyuan was comforted in her heart, and it was not so uncomfortable. She remembered Li Hongyu’s words again.
"Grandma, how did she say I picked it up, just like I picked up rabbits?"
Chen was asked by Yuanyuan this question, how to say it? The explanation is deep, Yuanyuan can’t understand it, and it’s hard to say.
"Well, it’s just like picking up rabbits in Yuanyuan, but it’s different. Yuanyuan has several brothers and grandmothers to hurt you. Yuanyuan will be very happy."
Yuanyuan didn’t understand a little, but it’s also good that her forgetfulness is still relatively large, and she was forgotten by Chen Shaozhi for playing.
Chen looked at the end of school, and the second child had to work, so he quickly started cooking. At noon, he rolled noodles and cut some bacon as a dish
By noon, when Chen’s family was all packed up, the more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t sit still. She still couldn’t swallow this tone to bully her, but when she bullied Yuanyuan, she felt distressed. Yuanyuan was thrown away in the afterlife. How pitiful it was to be gossiped about. How could a child remember to say it if adults didn’t say it?
"Salt to your home to see yuan yuan, etc. She woke up and led her to play for a while. I’ll go out and come back in a minute."
Chen Shaozhi just woke up and took a nap. She told her to go out, turned left at the door and went to Li’s accountant’s house all the way west.
Li accountant is busy at home at the moment.
"Why is his great aunt here? Is there anything wrong? " Li accountant said that he couldn’t see the Chen family a few years ago, but now it’s not what it used to be, and he’s a lot more polite.
Chen looked at the door and there were people busy cooking herbs. She smelled it as soon as she smelled it. It was a treatment for diarrhea.
"I came to ask Redjade one thing. Where is she?" Although Chen asked out, she probably guessed it.
Li accountant oh with Chen into the yard.
"I don’t know what Redjade ate. It’s not diarrhea at home. My wife and daughter-in-law are busy cooking medicine."
Li Accountant entrusted him with the work in the commune.
Li Qiaoqiao is also at home. When I saw Chen coming, I didn’t know whether to be kind or distant, but I didn’t move later.
"Can I see Redjade?" Chen courtyard, said for a while irrelevant words and turn the words to Li Hongyu.
Accountant Li is bored, too. How come this is to find a child?
"His aunt is not Redjade’s fault, is it? This child is a bit solid and not like a girl …"
Chen smiled and hurriedly gave a hand, "it’s not a trivial matter."
Li accountant saw that there was nothing wrong with it, so he took the people there.
"What can I do for you?" Li Hongyu, her mother, Wu Hehua, is a well-known provocative kannika nimtragol in the village. She loves to gossip about her parents and gossip about her family.
Chen ignored her and walked directly to Li Hongyu.
Li Hongyu has diarrhea to face some sallow "Redjade grandma Chen asked you, what did you say to Yuan Yuan at noon? Don’t admit that you lied. Think about what you have diarrhea. If you admit it, it’s estimated that you have diarrhea. "
Li Hongyu, wow, she didn’t do anything when she cried. Isn’t it just a lie? What do you mean, you have diarrhea?
"I, I am. I said Chen Yuanyuan lied. She didn’t lie. It was me."
Li accountant looked confused next to him.
"It’s good that you admit it. It’s estimated that you won’t have diarrhea for a while. Don’t lie and be a good boy." Chen won’t blame the child.
Wu Hehua used to touch Li Hongyu’s head.
After waiting for a while, Li Hongyu’s stomach finally stopped hurting.
"I’m fine, mom. I don’t hurt anymore."
Wu Hehua almost cried, "Nothing is good, nothing is good."
Chen has already sat in their yard.
Wu Hehua also came out of the room and saw Chen’s embarrassment. Li accountant didn’t know what had happened. She was completely clear.
Chen will just sit there and wait for Wu Hehua to come over.
Wu Hehua’s mind is also wandering around. She is also strange and cruel. What is her daughter like? She is herself, but it is too strange to say that a little girl can become true by talking casually. She can regard it as a coincidence. It is a coincidence.
Think about these things with a smile on your face
"Thank you for your great aunt. My ruby is a little skinned," said Wu Hehua, sitting next to her.
Li Qiaoqiao also sat next to her, but she didn’t speak.