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Zhao Yucheng nodded

"No? I’m guarding Sichuan and Sichuan armies according to risks, and I can’t enter Jinghu, Yiling and Zigui, but both of them were taken by our department. Although our army was short, it was definitely not weak. "
"Having said that, the Sichuan-Sichuan army in the Southern Song Dynasty was very good at fighting."
Zhang Yuejing said, "This is the most elite army in the Southern Song Dynasty. Su Haisheng thinks highly of himself and has doubts about the Sichuan-Sichuan army in the Southern Song Dynasty. It is conceivable that the fighting capacity is quite strong.
The peasant army has a large number, but limited training can reduce casualties or reduce casualties. What’s worse, you don’t know how to cooperate with firearms, do you? "
"This …"
Zhao Yucheng is a loser, but some things are not something he can see without losing.
Although there are rumors about the establishment of Jiangxi Corps, it has not yet been established. At present, Zhang Yuejing is still the commander-in-chief of this military operation, and he will also obey Zhang Yuejing.
"By the way, I heard that the army has recently established the Jiangxi Corps?"
Zhao Yucheng tentatively inquired, "Do you have any news here?"
Zhang Yuejing touched the bar.
"I have heard of the wind before, but I still have to wait for the chairman’s order and the Privy Council’s writing. You can rest assured that you have made such a great contribution. You will be rewarded in this respect. According to my guess, the future destruction of the South Song Dynasty is estimated to be something for our two corps and the China Qilu Corps."
"That’s good. Although it’s good to be a literary worker, I’d rather be a military worker and lead an army to various places."
Zhao Yucheng said with a smile, "The Chairman has gone through hardships and hardships all the way, but he has worked hard before. After this period, the experience of the Southern Song Dynasty is considered to have a little feeling. As the old saying goes, reading thousands of books is not as good as going to Wan Li Road. I have read so much, and I always have to walk more to have a deeper understanding."
"What else do you want?"
Zhang Yuejing smiling at yu-cheng zhao.
Zhao Yucheng sighed.
"You may not know that I initiated the uprising. At the same time, there were many people who were also oppressed on Jiangnan West Road who rose up against the oppression of the Southern Song Dynasty. They once gathered in a huge crowd, and the scale was much larger than mine, but they failed.
Moreover, they failed not only in the Southern Song Dynasty, but also in their killing each other. After they occupied some places, they did not continue to fight. Instead, they began to enjoy themselves, talked about ostentation and extravagance, talked about rules and discussed who was older and who was younger.
Some people started killing each other. At this time, Song Jun came in and killed them. The original resistance was huge and soon failed. I told Zhang Xiaohu, the commander of the fourth division, that Zhang Xiaohu was the only lucky leader of the uprising.
So I thought, why did they fail so quickly? Why did they fall so quickly? It was resistance, but in a flash, the whole person began to crave enjoyment as if he had changed species.
In the same situation, when I was developing here, there were many comrades in our department who were eager to enjoy corruption and bribery, which made me very confused. "
"I see. You’ve been through this."
Zhang Yue scenic spots nodded and sighed slowly. "You can’t imagine the truth. I can’t imagine the fact that Chairman has disposed of many people over the years, and many of them are revival members.
They are all educated, and some of them are people we all know. At that time, they were so rational and eager to make progress. Some things should be white, but what could be wrong? "
"Well, I still have a lot of doubts about how to think about it."
Zhao Yucheng said, "But I had an idea while I was fighting, and I don’t know if it was right."
"What idea?"
"This may have something to do with the war."
Zhao Yucheng said, "During the war, we devoted ourselves to the war, won the war and succeeded. We didn’t have so much leisure to think about it, so there wouldn’t be so many problems."
But once you’re free, it’s different. Just like my uncles and relatives, you’re always cautious when you first start fighting, but once you’re safe, you can enjoy all kinds of demons and do anything.
So I think that war or something similar to war is the best way to maintain the purity of the Ministry, so that no one has the mind to think about how to enjoy exploitation and oppression in luxury, don’t you think? "
Zhang Yuejing listened to Zhao Yucheng’s remarks and wanted to think, then he shook his head slowly.
"The chairman said that war is the reconciliation of political contradictions, and initiating the final solution is not a conventional means. Do you think we will continue to stop waging war in the future?
I agree with the old saying that although the country is bellicose, it will die forever. I don’t know how much money and food will be lost together. How many people can’t go back to their homes and get together?
Before the war, the Privy Council calculated the account. I still remember the war clearly. It was really burning money. We saved up for three or four years, and there was no war.
Although liberation is important, it is also important to consider one’s own economic foundation. Have you read the second volume of Chairman’s Hongwu Political Theory? Fighting is logistics, fighting is money. "
Zhao Yucheng was silent for a while.
"But apart from war and things like war that require everyone’s devotion, such as land reform, for example, dealing with landlords and powerful men, what else can stop those people from corrupting?
The chairman’s talent and prestige can’t stop those bastards from putting away those bastards’ minds. One day, if the chairman dies, he doesn’t know what he will become.
This is still the case. In a few decades, are we going to watch the big country that we have worked so hard to build completely change its appearance? Become the same as the Southern Song Dynasty? "
Zhang Yuejing didn’t know what to say at the moment, but he always felt that Zhao Yucheng was wrong.
"You have a point, but Yucheng, you should always think about starting a war. Even if you don’t think about those losses and people’s war-weariness feelings, this day’s battle will always be over. What should we do when all the battles are over and the battle is over to the extreme?"
Zhao Yucheng nodded in recognition of this question.
"I also thought about this, but I think this battle is probably endless. In the early years, my chairman saw a map there, and I don’t know how many miles there are in Wan Li.
On the other side of the sea, there is a vast continent, and how many poor people are suffering? How many people are waiting for us to liberate?
As long as we don’t forget our original intention, stop fighting with others and liberate those oppressed people, our department will always maintain its enthusiasm for the cause and more outstanding comrades will emerge continuously.
In this way, even if some insects appear in our department and forget the original intention, it will be a minority. Most people will always maintain their enthusiasm for fighting and remember their mission. This is just like the comrades in the peasant army who have not had such problems for so many years. What do you think? "
Zhao Yucheng told Zhang Yuejing what he thought in combination with things around him.
Chapter 199 They are a group of people who should never stop to have a rest.
Hit the other side of the sea?
Hit the sky?
The idea of Zhao Yucheng surprised Zhang Yuejing quite a bit.
"Do you still want to play outside? I have also seen that map. Our land in China is just a part of all land. It is land to the south, land to the west and land to the east, but there are many places across the sea that are still a continent.
But it’s a long way to fight, and I don’t know how much time and money it will take. Even if the army hasn’t passed, we’ll have run out of money and food. How can we fight this battle? Didn’t have to fight. "
"That’s not important. What matters is determination and will."
Zhao Yucheng laughed. "Do you think about what we have experienced? I took more than 100 people to the south, and now it is a team of ten thousand people. People don’t need to go too much. Some people need oppression to pull up the resistance team.
When the time comes, we will struggle outside the home front and fight with others, constantly defeating them and liberating those who are oppressed. If there are still people who are oppressed, we will never stop fighting!
If the place is far away, let’s take it slowly. Ten years is not enough. Twenty years is not enough. Fifty years is not enough. One generation hasn’t finished. One generation can’t finish it. Then another generation will come!
In this way, not only will our career not stop and fail, but we can also continuously train enough outstanding successors to follow us to the ends of the earth. "
Zhang Yuejing looked at him and smiled.
"However, after the liquidation, Yucheng still needs to be managed, and the land needs to be cultivated to grow food, so it will not grow food for no reason."
"But if both production and management have definite goals, it will be different, and the distance problem, I remember I saw a drawing with a strange car called a train, which was said to be several times faster than the fastest horse!"
Zhao Yucheng is full of clothes. "Once that kind of car is successful, it won’t be a problem for us to hit it. It will be very fast and will reduce a lot of money and food loss, won’t it?"
"The train? Is it the same as an artillery musket? "
Zhang Yuejing thought about the terrible power of artillery shells from guns and muskets, and then simulated a train in his head
And artillery firing is such a super big iron pipe, and the explosive car behind the gunpowder swished out of the iron pipe and flew out from one end to the other, from Lin’ an to Zhongdu …
Maybe a day or two.
So …
It’s really possible to hit the ends of the earth
Zhang Yuejing was shocked.
"Darling, a shell needs so much powder as propellant, so how much powder and how long does it take for this train to fly so far if it has to hold so many people?"
"fly? I don’t know about this, but the chairman said that this car can definitely be made and its super-fast speed can completely change our war. The boss problem will make us feel relaxed for many times. "
Zhao Yucheng laughed. "So I don’t think everything is a problem. The future is still very promising."
Zhang Yuejing couldn’t help but nod his head and immediately realized something was wrong.