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But I don’t know what surprise Chloe gave him today. They are really too busy these days, so they haven’t seen each other often and added a lot of things. He made Chloe angry. This should also be regarded as a gift for her to make amends. I hope she will like it then.

It turns out that today is Christmas, but Chloe didn’t tell Longyou that she knew that she was busy with work all day and spent all her thoughts on it. How could she remember Christmas?
So she wanted to just relax Longyou and take the opportunity to give her a gift. Two people can have a happy Christmas, and they are also’ fine’ at home, dressed up and made themselves’ flowery’.
Chloe, who looks very cute and petite, looks even more lovely when she is dressed up with such a fine heart. And today, she is wearing a small white cotton coat and a small red boots. Her hair is high and she has two hairy ear bags. She looks really cute as a fairy in white.
She also brought the Christmas gifts she had prepared in advance. Today, however, it is natural for them to give gifts to each other at Christmas. Besides, it has already started outside, and there are snowmen everywhere, which looks very atmospheric.
She thought that the place where they met for the first time would be very happy to see him coming here, so she waited for the arrival of Longyou with great expectation, and specially made a reservation for two people to have a quick dinner here later.
She was still enjoying the beautiful snow scene here, but she was surrounded by a sudden group of small’ mixed” mixed’ who didn’t know them. They were about ten men, with a bad smile on their faces and seemingly hostile, and slowly approached her.
"Isn’t it nice to spend Christmas alone, little girl? Do you need our company?" A man approached her slowly with a malicious smile as he spoke.
Chloe nature is not afraid of these people, even if they are more than one of their own, but she is not an ordinary’ female’. Besides, there are so many people in the street now, what can she do?
"Don’t blame your aunt for not warning you!" She let go of the gift for fear that she might accidentally hurt it later, and was ready to fight with several people.
It seems that they are up to no good. If she has been weak enough to back off, I’m afraid some people will do ridiculous things to her, for example, if she has to deal with these people for a while, she will delay.
"Oh, it’s really pungent!" A fat man pointed at her and showed great interest in her.
"You are so bold to speak alone now. You are not afraid that a few of us will take you back!"
"I’m not afraid of anything, though!" She has never been a timid person. How can she be afraid of these hooligans’ mixing’? The main reason is that she doesn’t know what the details of several people are, and she doesn’t know which gang they are. Some people are drunk and playing hooligans in the street.
Although she grabbed a wooden stick with her hands, those people will not be afraid to see that she is a’ female’. I am afraid they can also beat Chloe with their bare hands.
Suddenly, two men grabbed Chloe before they left quickly and insisted on dragging her out of here. "Come on, chick, let’s go for a walk!" " There was a terrible smell of wine in his mouth, mixed with some foul smell.
"Let me go! These people are really evil! " As she struggled, she swore that the stick in her hand had already been taken away. How can she deal with these men after all? Sex’ case is provocative again, but its ability is still limited.
"Let go of you for a while and you will definitely let go!" A person smiled and chased her forward, saying that there was no intention to let her go, and there were so many people in the street who didn’t dare to’ cut in’. It seems that some people recognized their identity and dared not mind this business.
However, when the shop owner saw this, it was very bad. Naturally, he didn’t dare to’ insert’ his hand. After all, there are many people now. He is only one person, but he quickly called the police.
It’s better to wait for the police to stop this. Besides, he knows Chloe and knows that she often comes to the store for dinner. A customer will naturally not ignore this matter.
As the police arrived here very close, they saw those people dragging Chloe and stopped them in a hurry.
When the police came, the group of people ran away in a hurry. They knew that what they were doing was illegal and were very worried that the store would run away.
By the time the police arrived, people had run away quickly, and she was a’ girl’. Naturally, she didn’t catch those people. It seems that they were so lucky to escape.
"Girl, you are all right!" The police didn’t seem too scared to see her, and they weren’t scared by those thugs just now.
"fortunately, nothing!"
It happened that Longyou arrived at the scene at this time and saw a police car. There were also several policemen around Chloe in front of him, so he hurried forward.
"What is this?" Seeing that Chloe’s clothes seem to have been dragged, he knew that Chloe must be in some trouble.
Because of Jin Dongxin, the police also knew Longyou and quickly greeted him, but Longyou didn’t know what had just happened until Chloe explained it.
"Do you know who those people were just now?" Asked the policeman.
"I don’t know if I’m waiting for him here, but then there are about ten people suddenly. They look like little’ mixed’ and’ mixed’. I don’t know if it’s a gang!"
Chloe doesn’t know them either, but it feels like these people have drunk some wine, maybe it’s Christmas, and everyone looks like a local ruffian and is not linked to any gang.
"We are relieved if you are all right!"
"Chloe, are you hurt?" Longyou quickly asked, after all, Chloe is an unarmed woman, afraid that she will get hurt because of this, and afraid that those people came to bother her because of Longyou.
"Nothing, fortunately, the boss just called the police, otherwise I am afraid that the consequences will be unimaginable!" Speaking of which, she was very grateful to nod to the shop owner. If he hadn’t called the police, I’m afraid they would have taken her away now. By the time Longyou arrived, she would have been out of sight.
"Mr. Long, since you two are all right, let us know if you think of anything!" The police said politely and briefly, and then they left in a hurry.
Although Chloe was not afraid, she was a little scared. How could she continue to play here after all this happened?
Chloe a person sitting next to a daze had already forgotten her longyou to prepare a gift. Longyou saw this and some distressed quickly patted her on the shoulder.
"I gave you a present today. Open it and have a look!" Although he doesn’t know if Chloe will like it, it’s also his heart.
I just remembered that today is Christmas and I wanted to have a wonderful Christmas for two people, but I didn’t expect to meet these people. Now she is not in the mood to continue this Christmas, so she also handed the gift to Longyou.
"this is a Christmas present for you. Merry Christmas!"
Christmas?’ Longyou seems to have forgotten that today turned out to be Christmas. If Chloe hadn’t woken up, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have known it. Besides, he thinks Christmas is a holiday for foreigners and Chinese people.
"You don’t know, don’t you? I guessed what I wanted to surprise you!"
He took Chloe’s gift and opened it. It turned out to be a tie. Although it looked ordinary, he knew it must be valuable.
Chloe also took his gift and opened it. Suddenly, I was surprised. I didn’t expect to buy her a skirt. You know, it’s winter and I gave her a summer dress.
However, the sample is still very beautiful. Besides, Longyou is a boy who can’t have such a delicate mind to give her a gift. He is already very happy. How can he be picky?
"Don’t you like it?"
Longyou looked at her surprised expression as if he didn’t like it very much. He thought he must have chosen something wrong.
"I don’t like it very much!" She looked at the skirt happily and put it back. Actually, she was not in the mood to continue Christmas today, so the two of them went back to the apartment.
I have been busy outside for so long and haven’t eaten yet. I think she must be hungry. So Longyou decided to cook one or several Chinese dishes by herself today and let her have a good taste of authentic Chinese food.
"Why don’t you just sit here and I’ll cook today!"
Chloe’s face was full of expectation that Longyou seldom made anything, so she was so excited that she sat on the’ bed’ and waited for him to cook.
Listening to the stir-fry sound and waves of fragrance floating in the kitchen, she couldn’t help but drool. "It smells delicious. I don’t know what to do?"
"You sit there and wait for me for a while!" The kitchen has been busy for quite a while. Although he doesn’t cook on weekdays, he is a good cook, and the smell can be regarded as a chef’s wrist.

Chapter 213 Investigation
In a short time, several dishes have been served. It looks really delicious. The new fast web page is refreshing, and there are few pop-up windows. I like this kind of web best. I must praise it. Chloe picked up chopsticks and tasted it. It was really delicious.
"How about it?" Longyou looked at her with a nervous face and was afraid of losing face in her cooking. I’m afraid Chloe will be disappointed if it’s not authentic and delicious.
"Mmm, it tastes good!" Chloe gave the thumbs-up sign appreciatively while tasting it carefully.
Although it is not authentic, the taste in the high-end restaurant is still very warm, and it is the most delicious with the taste of love.
"It’s good to be delicious. Today, you are also frightened. Make up for your injured little heart!" Then he put a chopstick in Chloe’s bowl and watched her eat with relish. He was also very happy.
This beautiful Christmas was spent in shock and surprise. Chloe fell asleep after eating, but Longyou was upset about it. He thought it was definitely not an accident, and he didn’t believe that any drunk would bully Chloe in front of so many people. It was definitely a’ sinister’ plan.
The next day, he sent someone to investigate the matter. He felt that if he didn’t find out, he would be very upset. Besides, all kinds of things have been happening in the factory all the time. Could he have something to do with the behind-the-scenes ambassador? Although he thought his idea might be unrealistic, it was also possible.
He thought that the owner would have a lot of information yesterday, so he came to the restaurant alone yesterday to ask if the owner could find out any clues, and if so, he could find out the true identity of the group so that he could continue to work in the factory with peace of mind.
"Uncle, can you describe to me the appearance of those people yesterday?" He said politely to the shopkeeper
It’s only natural that people will tell you if you want something from others. Besides, the shopkeeper is also very familiar with Longyou, knowing that he and Chloe are regular customers in the store, and they are not very impressed with him. I think he is a little indifferent, but he is also very sympathetic to what happened to Chloe yesterday.
"It seems that all those people had tattoos yesterday?" Although it was winter, he clearly remembered that his personal arm seemed to have the same tattoo, but he didn’t see what he asked specifically. Because everyone was always moving, he didn’t see it too clearly, but vaguely, it seemed that those people probably had the same position.
"Tattoos?" There are many gang members who have tattoos. Each of them has the same tattoo, including the same location.
If, according to the shopkeeper, these people are definitely not small’ mixed’ and’ mixed’ by chance in the street, they may be members of a certain gang, but he doesn’t know which gang he has a grudge against, even if he has a grudge against which gang, it should be impossible to extend his black hand to Chloe.
"Uncle, do you have any other characteristics?" It is impossible to find out who the other party is based on this clue alone. If there are more subtle clues, I am afraid that I will be able to find out who these people really are then.
The restaurant owner thought it over for a long time and didn’t come up with anything, but he remembered that there were two faces in it. "I remember that the fatter face had a very big mole and two of his teeth were very black!"