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Others are also illusory and human.

For them, they have long been used to this personal action, and the illusion of human form makes them feel more noble and more like the rule of the world. Unless there are special circumstances, they are not easy to present the same situation. It takes too much effort, but it is not worth it. They are used to being a human being, including human thinking and thinking.
The duke wants to
Looking at Lake, which were ga zi ng, rolled over and Bagu smiled knowingly.
That’s right. Now that he is a gladiator, let’s continue to be his gladiator, but he belongs to me. I believe he will surprise me, won’t he, Bagu?
Tully smiled, her eyes full of excitement and expectation.
But that will take a long time, and besides, this human being is very young, you have to wait at least five years to see him fight.
The ancient frowned and said
Training human gladiators is not an easy task, and the process is long.
If you want to be happy in the process of appreciating human gladiator, you can be a gladiator without just grabbing a strong human being. You don’t need to enhance the weak physical strength of human beings, but also need hard training in many aspects, such as strength and speed. A gladiator who is brutally trained and immortal is qualified to get a chance.
No, I can’t wait to see that this human has great potential. You must train him to be an invincible gladiator. In five years, I will dedicate him to our respected king and let him defeat the human gladiators of the other three countries and give us a bad mouth.
Tully’s fanatical tone is almost a worship of heaven and man.
comply with your wish
Bagu dragged Leike back with one leg.
When he woke up again, he dared not open his eyes for a long time for fear of seeing the terrible scene that he would never forget again.
There is no sound around.
The pain in the body has been relieved a lot. The broken ribs are covered with greasy ointment, which smells pungent, but the effect is very good, so that he can recover quickly from injuries and injuries in half a month.
I can’t tell how long he lay down, but at last he opened his eyes in fear.
No, the terrible scene in the hall was surrounded by darkness, and the difficulty almost suffocated him.
He struggled to get up and move forward aimlessly.
Less than ten steps later, he slammed his head into a hard rock wall and touched his eyes with stars.
Road Closed
Turn your head to the right and touch it again. After ten steps, you finally touch the cold rock wall again.
After turning a circle, he finally figured out in the dark that it was a square stone house with a length and width of about twenty paces. There was no way that knives could not enter the granite roots.
No way. How can you get me in?
Leike had just thought of this when his head slammed and a beam of strong sunlight stung his eyes.
He raised his hand to cover the top of his head and squinted at the place about ten meters square. A skylight surface and a small bamboo basket slowly hung and hovered there when it was about three and a half meters above his head.
It was another crack, and the slate was re-sealed, but fortunately, a small crack was finally left to allow some sunlight to penetrate, and Rick was no longer blind in this dungeon.
Let me go.
Suddenly Rick seemed to think of something, jumped up suddenly, roared with strong fear and humiliation, and made him furious with the beast trapped in the cage.
No one answered him, and his roar echoed in his eardrum. The man who pulled the slate just now was long gone.
Let me go. I want to go home.
Exhausted, Rick fell to the ground crying in despair.
Anyway, he is a 14-year-old boy who has suddenly suffered such a terrible change. He is not scared crazy, and his nerves are extremely strong.
No, I’m going. I have to go. I don’t want to die in this dungeon
Rick sat up and felt a burning desire to survive. He stopped crying. It is meaningless to cry in times of crisis. He can save his life and take practical action.