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Never reason with a man when you meet him. Mino Hayou feels a headache.

When the big hammer comes to Lei Guang and the hammer gathers, the lich sends out a series of attacks behind him, which can also slow down the hammer slightly.
Thunder rumbled and Mino Hayou’s head rang, and Mino Hayou shouted angrily, "How dare you?"
Sun Hao moved the hammer and the snake flew, and thunder fell from the sky.
Mino Hayou andao can’t care so much if he’s unlucky. Since he’s going out, let’s all go out with both hands. His staff fits at one stroke, and he thunders at Sun Hao. Her body has rushed to Sun Hao with a slight flash.
Chapter DiYiQi defeated cemetery three
Sun Hao, Mino Hayou’s staff, felt the energy of condensation and extreme yin and cold.
Instant Sun Haobai, if you really don’t let the road witch be realistic, it is possible to detonate this energy and destroy it with yourself. The mirror image will be shaken back from the bucket world.
However, Sun Hao is ready to lean sideways and let accidents happen in the past.
The yin-yang combination method of body operation automatically displays the yin-cold property of your opponent, which is of great benefit to you. It is best to incorporate it into your body.
Sun Hao’s body yin and yang gradually began to balance since he cultivated Yin rabbit’s cold and jade strength, but it is really not so easy to be completely neutralized because he did not know how much blood bath he had soaked and how much violent yang gas he had absorbed.
Sun Hao’s physique has not been able to return to normal.
At this time, since it is found that it is helpful for one’s own practice, the yin and cold attribute energy can’t be let go naturally.
Mino Hayou saw it and was quite ready to make him feel a little proud. Even if he was pretty, he knew that he couldn’t play hardball. Hum, since you are afraid of death, you can’t keep your mother.
That’s what I’m thinking in my heart. Suddenly, my eyes are wide open. Mino Hayou’s mouth is full of drink. "You don’t want to die. I really don’t want to quit fighting at this time …"
Sun Haocai doesn’t care if she has so many left hands, a square shield and a folded body. The hill bounces into the sky and opens its arms. A big hand holds a bear hug and tightly hoops it to Mino Hayou.
Mino Hayou was hugged by Sun Haoyi with his staff in his hands, and Mino Hayou felt dizzy with strong masculinity.
Swinging his head Mino Hayou instantly realized that his state had a bad time, and he really had a bad time, so he met a rude man who was so powerful and pretty.
I want to blow myself up, and I really want to hold myself red-handed. It’s hard to explode. The strong masculinity and great strength make Mino Hayou instantly feel completely melted. If you don’t explode, you can’t really explode.
My heart is very unwilling. Mino Hayou screams hysterically, "You forced me …"
The hands shook and the body, the staff in hand and the skull head at the top of the staff exploded.
Booming Sun Hao exploded in his chest and abdomen.
Pure Yin energy raged wildly.
Mino Hayou’s body was blown away, but a little distraction did not dissipate instantly. At the same time, he was unwilling and gloated. Although I was forcibly expelled, I guess you are not much better.
But the instant surprised her more than what happened.
A huge explosion sounded for a moment, and Sun Hao felt as if he had hugged a huge bomb. Thick feminine and extremely pure energy rushed in to his body.
The mirror image of a huge body was instantly splashed with flesh and blood.
Huge potholes appeared in the chest and abdomen.
Willy-nilly, don’t let the pure Yin cold attribute energy spill out and be blown up. Sun Hao’s mouth roared with a tiger, and his arms suddenly exploded. The physical strength and the true yuan were stronger than the earth, and the Yin cold attribute energy broke out around him, including the fact that Mino Hayou was distracted and forced to snap a hoop.
After the sudden outbreak of Yin cold attribute energy by Mino Hayou, Sun Hao was strapped into his blown chest and abdomen like a bottle stopper.
Boom, boom, boom. Sun Hao’s body exploded
Tough and fierce, the flesh shows its magic and strength at this time.
The explosion impacted Sun Hao’s arms and kept rushing outward, but the energy was forced to be limited by Sun Hao.
Although the powerful explosion was enough to destroy Sun Hao’s chest and abdomen, the mirror image judged by strength that the explosion could not destroy Sun Hao’s bones.
Sun Hao forced himself to drive his wild and vigorous mirror image to judge that it has a powerful repair function. Mu Dan drove the mirror image to judge that it has a powerful repair function again.
The magical scene Mino Hayou didn’t finish dissipating and distracted.
Mino Hayou feels like he is in a soft embrace. He has never had masculinity or vitality, which makes him feel like he is in a hot spring. His explosive destructive power and physical rebirth magical self-healing power are intertwined.
I ended up in the same place as I intended, but my distraction is gradually dissipating. Unfortunately, the other party is safe and sick, which makes me even more embarrassed. It seems that the income from the separation of gods has accumulated some yin attributes, and it seems that it has been firmly strangled and the body can’t run out.
With a loss-making mentality, Minoha You was distracted and finally unwilling to escape.
Holding the explosion, Sun Hao’s body was not completely defeated in the tumbling, but gradually solidified and gradually recovered.
After rushing into the mirror body, the yin and cold energy was swallowed up, and Sun Hao felt that he was distracted, especially the ghost spirit was distracted. At this moment, he got huge benefits, and the Yin and Yang combination solution also worked on its own.
In the end, Sun Hao stood upright and roared.
Mino Hayou brought a few remaining witches and some vampire soldiers, and they crashed and scattered in the undead plain with fear, and they completely became stragglers.
Sun Hao’s face showed a faint smile and his mind moved to Bian Ande and said, "You lead the team to advance quickly to the cemetery to see if you can get in."
Ender knees to Sun Haolai a spiritual fluctuation "Ender listen to order"
Ender stood up and commanded his undead soldiers to make rapid progress in the direction of the cemetery.
Sun Hao stands in the chest and abdomen, and from time to time bursts of roaring yin attribute energy occasionally explodes unwillingly, but it is also a matter of time before the digestion is finished.
A dark city in a distant unknown, a white bedroom, a young woman sitting cross-legged and repairing her eyes suddenly opened her mouth and blurted out, "Damn it, I’m not finished with you …"
Mino Hayou felt that he really lost a lot.
It’s good to be distracted into the bucket world, and the gains are not small. You can make a good time at first sight, as if you were immortal and met a brute like a nemesis. As a result, you stopped your distraction. You just ran back to be distracted in the bucket world. If you don’t mirror the strange rules to protect yourself, you can’t be distracted and run back.
Damn it, it’s a lot of pieces
Flapping his crystal jade bed angrily, Mino Hayou roared, "Man, I’m not done with you."
Roaring for a while, a little bit stunned and pale, but the extremely delicate facial features actually flushed for the first time. There shouldn’t be a blush on the face of the undead hero. I feel that I have escaped back. This distraction seems to have changed a little bit.
Immortality must be combined with cathode and yang.
Only the slightest trace of true yang can make the immortal monk go further. Mino Hayou has been practicing for a long time, but there is still a long way to go before the birth of true yang.
But now for the first time, Mino Hayou feels distracted with a little bit of yang, a kind of yang that has been forcibly injected.
Mino Hayou’s pale face was flushed with filar silk, and he remembered that he was held by Sun Hao at the last moment. He felt that his body was warm for no reason. An immortal monk never felt the heat coming from a cold heart.
In my heart, I came to myself in an instant, and this trace of true yang may be from pretty.
Think about the feeling of being held in your arms. Think again about the undead. Make a statement. Mino Hayou can’t help but growl at the sky again. "Damn it, pretty old Niang is not finished with you …"
But after shouting, she found that it seemed that the tone was a little wrong. Shut up and look around quickly. I didn’t see anyone peeping. I took a long breath and muttered, "Although it’s a little difficult, this time I really made a big profit. I didn’t expect this wonderful opportunity …"
Sun Hao waited for half a day