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However, the hairy bear demon waved his hand and said, "I can’t be wrong. My talent is nose. I can smell even the slightest breath in the air. Go and look around the building!"

Although I was unhappy, I didn’t dare to disobey his orders and immediately spread out to search around the ship.
This hairy bear demon has ancient bear veins. Besides ribbed wings, his nose is a magical power. As soon as his heart smelled it, he immediately smelled an unusual smell.
"It’s impossible. I smell the smell of Terran. How can it suddenly disappear?"
Thought of here, he suddenly felt a shock and looked in the direction of the cabin. His body moved directly and disappeared in the same place. He came to the cabin door for a moment. He could not help but feel relieved when he saw the door banned. However, when he was slightly induced, he was immediately frightened to disgrace.
"Someone has entered the cabin!"
Thought of here, this bear demon immediately entered the cabin, but the picture in front of him almost made him faint directly!
Seeing that there is not even a hair on the whole cabin, the wealth of the ship on the first floor is like missing!
"Who is it? Who the hell is it! How dare you rob me of the wealth of hell! Ah ah ah "
He growled at the sky and suddenly thought, "That little thief will surely rob his building again. Ring the bell immediately! Don’t let master bear catch you or I’ll skin you and tear you apart! "
For a moment, he suddenly flew up and came to the ship. The thick arms of the ship slammed a dark clock, and the clock slammed and sent waves to the nearby ship. The clock suddenly rang the clock.
Dangdang dang!
One big bell after another rang all over the demon army, and all the demon departments stopped moving forward in an instant, and even Asoka, who was sleeping, was awakened.
In the ninetieth cabin, Su Ying didn’t know that his trip had attracted the attention of the helldemon. Before he entered the cabin, he was completely shocked by the sight.
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-nine Destroy the magic cannon of God
There are huge pillars in front of Su Ying!
Each of these columns is three or four thousand feet long and has a dark hole, and each column has a section.
The whole body exudes a horrible smell.
Sue should look at these dark round heart pillars and involuntarily roll her throat and swallow saliva for a moment before he muttered to himself, "Is it wrong to be old?" Isn’t this to say that the gods are destroying the guns? "
He still has some unbelievers, rubbed his eyes and reconfirmed that Su Ying was as excited as a tsunami!
The theory of destroying gods and guiding guns is a destructive magic weapon developed in ancient wars.
It is conceivable that this kind of gun name can destroy God. If it is completely stimulated, it is definitely a magic weapon that can destroy God.
During the war between the heavens and the earth in hell, this kind of huge God-destroying cannon was everywhere in the universe.
The magic light sweeps the maser, and a blow can even cut the planet. The ghosts and gods are all killed by a shelling.
Su Ying knows that this thing has been seen by Taikoo Demon.
It is said that the great demon once went into the hell alone when he made the ancient demon body the ninth weight. He swept the hell with one knife and counted the demon races.
Finally, it was necessary for a master of the infernal demons to sacrifice this kind of magic gun. Although the infernal demon played a magic weapon of 20% to 30% power, even so, it not only blew the demon out of hell, but also almost completely nullified him!
Later, there was a war in the heaven of hell, and the demons of hell sacrificed 1900 gates to destroy the gods, guide the guns and guide the magic light, and the demons were directly annihilated all over the sky. If it weren’t for the hand of the Emperor of Heaven at that time, the whole heaven would be pierced.
Such spectacular scenes are rarely seen nowadays.
Su Ying’s magic gun was not refined into a treasure, but it was powerful. It was easy to kill the Great Sage by shelling, even if it was a magic weapon, it wouldn’t help!
Sue should have a look at these cannons. In my heart, I can’t help but feel horror. Every gun that destroys ghosts and gods is as high as three or five thousand feet, like a mountain pillar.
The surface of the gun barrel is covered with all kinds of Taoist brands, but there are tens of thousands of mirrors in the gun barrel, and each mirror is extremely powerful, no less than the half-step holy soldier!
At the bottom of the barrel, however, there is a huge mirror shining between the sacred treasures and the sacred treasures!
The value of this cannon is no less than the treasure. Su Ying can’t help but be excited!
"When this cannon is excited, tens of thousands of mirrors in the barrel each shoot a mirror at the bottom of the mask, and the bottom mirror also has vast power. Adding tens of thousands of mirrors to the magic power can even cut a planet!"
Sue should think to herself, "If I carry this cannon, who can stop it?"? I want to rob whoever I want! "
"If I can suggesting this cannon still have to ransack the temple? Go directly to rob those ghosts and gods. "
However, there are ten statues of this kind of magic gun in this cabin, and Sue should charge all the magic light guns without saying anything.
He was about to go to a ship when he suddenly heard the big bell outside.
"It’s hard to be found."
However, he was in no hurry. When he was about to leave, he suddenly looked up and saw a big flag outside the high-hanging building ship. "If this treasure was not collected, wouldn’t I be damned?"
This flag is obviously a great magic weapon, too. He stepped forward and knocked on the flagpole, and the flagpole sounded, which should have been cast by the Chinese god Jin.
This flagpole is exquisitely forged and engraved with various animal patterns and gods. When he looks at it carefully, he sees a lot of animal patterns and gods in the Heavenly Palace and Heaven, which are the demon gods and gods in the Heavenly Palace and Heaven.
There are six big stars in heaven, and next to them is a star king.