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However, all these normal cultivation paths have completely deviated from Sun Hao’s.

Before one hundred, Sun Hao forcefully rose directly to the Du Jie period.
Then Sun Hao also used the tired robbery solution together with the Du Jie Leijie and the soaring robbery to get tired.
It’s hard to predict what will happen to Sun Hao in this process of uniting the ancients and latecomers.
It’s another whole year to complete advanced Sun Hao’s sitting cross-legged and steady self-cultivation.
At the same time, some minds have carefully studied their own tired robbery solution.
Another effect of the cumulative robbery method is that it can trigger the subsequent robbery to form a one-tired, two-two, three-connected effect
Accumulate a lightning robbery, and naturally the lightning robbery will enter a state where the second robbery can be triggered at any time, and then the monks who practice Dafa can extend backward and pull the third robbery to erupt at the same time.
That is to say, Sun Hao, if he wants to, if he is sure, he can start the first three robberies of Du Jie at the same time.
But finally Sun Hao gave up this attractive idea.
The main reason is that Sun Hao’s peerless double sword bones are not formed, and the bones and spine are supported by the sword potential of the sea and the fighter potential.
Advanced Du Jie has almost reached the limit. If LeiJie is forced to move again, even if Sun Hao can cross it, it is estimated that refining gas repair will have to exceed the tolerance range of two sword potentials, and then it will really outweigh the benefits.
I seriously thought about my own cultivation path and felt that Sun Hao, a sword with five attributes, began to enter a stage of cultivation according to his plan.
After sitting cross-legged for almost two years, it was like a rock. Sun Hao finally opened his eyes and looked at it not far away.
Four women saw Sun Hao wake up surprised and inexplicably put the science of uniting together to congratulate Sun Hao and congratulate Sun Hao on his great progress.
Although I don’t know exactly what Sun Hao is doing, the four women can feel that Sun Hao is looking up at the mountains and facing the small sea, and it is probably not Sun Hao’s concerted efforts.
Besides admiring four women, I admire them more.
Sun Hao’s feat of refining five-attribute sword pills, but they can’t learn if they look at their eyes and remember their hearts.
Can look up
Sun Hao also spoke highly of the progress of the four women’s studies. Their progress is really good. It seems that they are all very happy.
After the four women finished their steady training and got the help of the silver sword soul, the four women finally saw the effect in fencing practice.
Ji Ruxue’s lightsaber meaning is perfect, and he is realizing that the light potential alone has driven her master, the King of Light.
Xiaoqing didn’t go through the killing, but she still developed her own benevolence sword. It is said that her sword was realized in the process of taking care of the white pear trees.
Ji Yuliu understood the meaning of the wind sword and Ji Yikou understood the meaning of the water sword.
Of course, the four women’s swords are relatively weak and are in the realm of small success that has just been realized.
However, this is quite difficult. If you go back to Lingtian Sword School, you can get a high ranking among ordinary sword kings.
And Ji Ruxue will have the qualification to participate in the sword meeting after returning home.
It’s hard to say when Yu Sunhao goes back. I think the expressions of the three bodhi old zu will be very wonderful when they come.
After a few days of communication, Sun Hao gave some guidance to several beautiful women, and asked again that Sun Hao had returned his agarwood sword from Ji Ruxue after learning that the wild snake still didn’t move at dusk.
To understand the meaning of the wind sword, Ji Yuliu confessed some information about the surroundings. Sun Hao once again sat back on the boulder and began to repair the agarwood sword, which is very important.
The five-attribute sword pill in Dantian became five golden balls floating on the top of Sumeru Condensing Tower.
With Sun Hao’s advanced Du Jie civil property sword pill, it is also advanced to gold as Sun Hao expected, which is slightly smaller than his three properties.
Now Sun Hao can turn the mature golden fetal pill into his own sword soul by the secret technique of Lingtian Sword School.
Compared with his sword repair Sun Hao, there is no doubt that he is a different kind.
When his sword is low-level, he strives for purity and tries his best to ensure that an attribute is condensed into his own special sword soul.
But Sun Hao came to the five golden fetal pills in one breath.
Even after his sword practice has reached an advanced stage, he will have a soul and an attribute that will never be mottled.
However, Sun Hao here intends to accumulate five attributes to the agarwood sword and only the nutrients and accessories of the agarwood sword.
There is no doubt that Sun Hao is a different kind.
God moved the agarwood sword and appeared in the abdomen, flying to the top of Sumeru condensate tower and hanging five gold pills in the middle of it, trembling gently.
Sun Hao drives Lingtian Sword Sect’s Mystery.
Five-attribute Golden Fetal Pills rushed to the center of the agarwood sword. After a few minutes, they were like leeches. Five-attribute Golden Fetal Pills attached to the agarwood sword and tried desperately to suck the agarwood sword into their golden fetus.
The normal sword repair club will drive the sword pill into the sea of knowledge, and the sword pill will take the initiative to choose a monk’s spiritual sword soul that suits him best.
But Sun Hao transferred his sword spirit directly to the abdomen here.
Five golden fetal pills have no choice but to rush to try to merge with agarwood sword to form a new sword soul.
Five air streams with different colors gushed out from five golden fetal pills and continuously penetrated into the agarwood sword, trying to change the agarwood, but the five golden fetal pills gradually became smaller and smaller with this penetration and integration, and finally five small points were inlaid with the agarwood sword.
The agarwood sword became a colorful strange sword at this time.
Like a flame, the red sword head is the fiercest and occupies the widest territory; Blue water attribute, golden metallic attribute, yellow soil attribute and cyan wood attribute in turn.
The five colors are intertwined, attacked and converted, and the agarwood sword is entangled.
The agarwood sword body slowly began to reshape in this entanglement.
The condensed method of swordsmen’s sword soul is a cultivation method of monks’ soul from the outside. When the sword pill is not refined, there will naturally be a chance to shape the sword body.
The agarwood sword, which represents Sun Haojian’s spirit, finally started his new life.
Slowly, the impact of five colors began to lengthen, and the irregular blade merged into the streamlined sword body and gradually formed.
The ugly sword agarwood gradually became smooth.
In the end, Sumi condensed the agarwood sword at the top of the tower and completed its own stereotypes with a gentle sword sound.
Sun Hao regarded the agarwood sword as a new sword with three feet long, two swords wide and half a palm, and the streamlined body set off the new sword spirit with five-color lines and red hilt.
Strictly speaking, after the changes, the agarwood sword is completely different from the agarwood sword originally owned by Sun Hao.
Looking at the new agarwood sword in his hand, Sun Hao felt that something was missing. After a little thought, he still drove the agarwood sword with blue grain and red hilt to outline two ancient seal characters "agarwood"
Chapter DiYiWu combative
God moved the agarwood sword and disappeared from the abdomen. Before Sun Hao, the blade gently vibrated and gave off bursts of light sounds.
Sun Hao stretched out his hand to touch the agarwood sword as if he were very excited to bloom with five colors of brilliance.
Ji Ruxue looked at Sun Haoliang for a long time and then said softly in his mouth, "Hill, you are a bit wrong with this sword spirit. Five colors, five lines and five colors Guanghua looks beautiful but it is actually mottled and complicated."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "Why don’t I slowly polish the five colors and finally melt them into one? Then this sword soul will really become a perfect sword soul with five elements."
Ji Ruxue Leng Leng’s cold face revealed a heartfelt smile and said, "It’s also a hill. Since you are ambitious and far-reaching, you have a plan to think about it. I still look at the hill from the perspective of ordinary people, but my position is wrong."
Corleone wrist gently shake aloes sword flew out, David tang fell Ji Ruxue back Ji Ruxue a clap sword box aloes familiar with drilling in.
Sun Hao smiled and said, "If the snow continues to help me recite for a while, your dirty heart can effectively calm the rage of the five elements of sword pills, and I will get twice the result with half the effort in the future."
Ji Ruxue pear tree’s white face and white pear flowers complement each other, which is sacred and noble. He said softly, "I will carry the hill as long as I need it."
Sun Hao smiled brightly with a warm face in his heart. "That’s good. If it’s like snow, you can help me carry the next generation."
Ji Ruxue face a slight red.
Xiaoqing emerged from the pear tree and said, "It’s natural for a natural mother to carry a sword. I said, Master, do you need a maid to help you wipe your sword every day?"
Sun Hao smiled and said, "Well, if Xiaoqing doesn’t bother, you really have to spare half an hour every day to help me wipe agarwood, but when you clean your sword, you must be kind and sword-minded, which is beneficial to agarwood and may also help your sword."
Xiaoqing’s face was pleasantly surprised. "Good girl finally found something to do. Come on, Snow Boss, give me the agarwood sword quickly. I want to wipe the sword for the first time …"
Ji Ruxue slightly smiled and a shock back sword box aloes sword flew out.
Xiaoqing floated up and caught the agarwood pear tree with one hand, floated down and crossed her legs, and sat down to concentrate on cleaning the sword.
Sun Hao smiled and looked in the other direction. Lang asked, "Is the situation outside the willow clear?"
Sun Hao’s process of repairing agarwood seems simple, but it has actually taken more than a month to cultivate the wind and sword. Ji Yuliu really found out a lot of information about Ranglin Island, especially near the lake here
Ji Liao Liu nodded
Sun Haozhong leaped into the lakeside mouth and said, "Come here and let’s discuss how to kill Ranglin Island."
Sun Hao’s main practice before coming to the virtual battlefield is still the three trends.