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"Hello" Bai Yinting eyes staring at the window more than half a city.

"Xiao Bai, am I bothering you?" Yimo’s soft voice theory
"No.Why?" Bai yinting heard his heart sigh.
"Small white, can you come over now? I feel particularly scared alone. "Yimo broke into tears.
"Auntie, isn’t it?" Bai yinting specially found someone to take care of her.
"I’m not familiar with her and I have nothing to say, Xiaobai. I want to see you." Yimo suddenly coughed a few times and became more weak. "We really see each other less now."
"Still refused to go to the hospital?" Bai yinting still hopes that Yimo can do a unified inspection.
"I don’t want to die in the hospital," Yimo said even more sadly. "I know I shouldn’t come back to affect your life, but I just can’t let go. I love you."
Bai yinting didn’t speak. It doesn’t matter whether this love is true or not. He didn’t want to let himself love a woman. The last time was too miserable.
That’s all. He doesn’t love Yimo anymore. He doesn’t want to hurt him.
"Yimo, I’m married." Bai Yinting felt it was necessary to wake up.
"I know you don’t love her, and she has betrayed you, Xiao Bai, even if you can’t accept me again, can’t you come and see me?" Yimo’s tone is somewhat sad.
Bai yinting thought twice and heard Yimo coughing and breathing weakly, which made his heart instantly soft.
Half an hour later, Bai Yinting still appeared in Yimo’s residence. Yimo was glad to see him. She didn’t wear a mask and her face didn’t look well without makeup.
"Little White" Yimo got up from the sofa and walked to the front of Bai Yinting, and finally got a look in his eyes.
"You can’t go like this. I’ve connected Huang Yubo to go to the hospital." Bai Yinting spoke to persuade her.
"I don’t want to go to the hospital, I don’t want to do those tests and I don’t want to be treated again. No, and it’s still painful." Yimo spoiled.
It’s not good for Bai Yin to talk in court. What life is Yimo herself? She has the final say.
"Xiaobai, I had a nightmare last night. I was particularly afraid that you could spend more time with me." Yimo looked at him piteously.
"I’m busy and I have a wife at home." Bai Yinting’s attitude is a little cold.
Yimo pondered a little and began to weep again. "I know I have no chance. Can’t you do charity for the last three months?"
"Yimo, I am not a philanthropist." Bai Yinting felt that she had done her best.
"Xiaobai, you used to call me DOG." Yimo looked at him slightly disappointed and expecting.
"At that time, you were my girlfriend, and now we are friends." Bai Yinting made it clear.
Yimo gently coughed again and then sat down on the sofa and began to sob.
Bai yinting didn’t notice her crying at first, but went to the kitchen and looked at it. "aunt? Don’t you? "
"She’s gone." Yimo secretly wiped her tears. "Who wants to take care of me? She said it’s too bad luck."
"What?" Bai yinting some accident.
Yimo took the opportunity to cough again, and her face flushed. She looked up at the swinging house. "I might as well die if I were left alone here."
Bai yinting frowned a little upset. how to settle her down is appropriate?
"I have no family and friends, and now I have lost you and me. It’s also a relief for me to live and die." Yimo said with a smile on her lips.
"You don’t talk nonsense." Bai Yinting was worried when she saw her.
Even if there are still three months to live, wouldn’t it be more meaningful not to regret the rest of your life?
"Small white me …" Yimo looked ugly to Bai Yinting.
"What do you want? Although I can do it, I will satisfy you. "Bai Yinting knew that she must have something to ask herself.
"I want to live in your home, and I can feel at ease with you and me." Yimo asked.
"What?" Bai yinting suddenly one leng this I’m afraid not.
"I know I’m asking too much. Don’t worry. I’ll stay for a week. I’ll leave before I’m terminally ill. I’ll never let your house become a haunted house." Yimo quickly defended herself. "Besides, I won’t give you any trouble. Just give me a room so that I can see you every day. If your wife is unhappy, just say I’m the new servant at home, okay?"
Looking at the slightly humble Yimo Bai Yinting suddenly remembered her youthful vitality. At that time, she always liked to show off even a little progress in front of him. How could he refuse if she didn’t see her fall into the dust for several years?
Besides, her last sentence touched Bai Yinting. Would Xia Zhu really be unhappy if she was brought home?
I haven’t seen her jealous for a long time, and now he is beginning to miss that shirt with lipstick on it.
"If you can’t, forget it. Don’t force you to go." Yimo turned around and his shoulders kept shaking, obviously crying.
"Is there anything you need to pack? I’ll take you home "Bai yinting unexpectedly agreed.
"really?" Yimo blinked his eyes and smiled happily.
Bai Yinting waited for Yimo for nearly two hours and didn’t know what she was busy with. In this issue, he called Lin Hao. He wanted to know what had happened in the three years since Yimo disappeared.
"Xiao Bai kept you waiting." Yimo appeared again in front of Bai Yinting, wearing light makeup, and the whole popularity was better.
She is still as pure and lovely as before, but her eyes are a little more inferior and sad
"Let’s go." When Bai Yinting helped her with the luggage building, she also specially called Qiao Yi to ask her to prepare lunch for one more person.
When Xia Zhu came from the building, Qiao Yi just hung up and said to herself, "Gentleman seldom brings friends back."